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    What's going on everybody?

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    HI and welcome to my Blog talk Radio "What's going ON? My Name is Mayra Rivera AND this is my first time doing this radio yes People I will do my best so bare with me every who is listen here.... well I am so excited to bring you my lovely guess... Well this 
    lovely lady that I know her for many years from my college years don’t know how long but it’s a long time….and she is very created with her spiritual life styles.. Well She had made her webpage for about five years which it is called “Let’s Talk and Pray” which her page is www.letstalkandpray.com 
    She also is doing her conference calls every Sunday nights from 7:00 central time till 8:00 p.m. central time.. 
    I just want to WELCOME to my guess Mrs Marlyin Vasquez-Phares
    So tell me How did you start doing this web site or page…
    What made you do(start) that webpage? and why? 
    How many people support that website?
    What do you for a free time?
    So tell me what is conference call number?
    1-712-775-7031 PIN:1114303184#
    So I see you want to do this Blog talk radio which I tell you that is a best idea I just want to help you Marliyn so you can have a better support for everybody.. I know your hands are tight right now.. but only the Angels will guide you!
    ***so tell me you where involve in a drumming group so tell a little bit more about it!

    So tell me are you going to start a radio show for “Let’s talk and pray”?

    Motivation positive thinking meditation prayers talking about God building up self esteems 

    that is what I like the best I love to read the bible and I like to pray to all my friends and family 


    This girl I met in class she was in a hot mess when she was suffering in life she call her mom for prayer but she was feeling better I mean better in spirit You should thank 


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    We Switch it Up a Bit: Claudia Interviews Tony About His Recent Trip to Haiti

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday November 19th, Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca gets to be the guest as cohost Claudia Scimeca takes the reins and interviews Tony about his recent and memorable mission trip to Haiti.  Tony will share his experience from the moment he was asked to participate in this adventure to the time he arrived and all of the experiences he enjoyed throughout his week stay.  Tony is a great story teller and so, you just KNOW that this is going to be a fabulous show.  You can find out more about the place that Tony stayed in Haiti, HAFF (Haitian American Friendship Foundation) by going to their website.  Meanwhile enjoy this show!  

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    Melody Fletcher Talks About Law of Attraction and Vibrational Pull

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday November 12th, Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca and cohost Claudia Scimeca welcome Law of Attraction expert Melody Fletcher back to the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio.  Melody Fletcher will join Tony and Claudia as a regular guest on the show on the second Thursday of every month to share her expertise in LOA, energy, vibrational pull, channeling and more.  This week, Melody will talk about everything from learning how to "let go" and "clear yourself" to dealing with the stress of family gatherings over the holidays.  Melody is the author of the fabulous book Deliberate Receiving: Finally the Universe Makes Some Freakin' Sense.  You can find out more about Melody Fletcher on her website as well as on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    Get ready for an enlightening and motivational show!



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    Open Conversation: What Is Going On In America

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are going  to discuss what is going on in America.  We are going to discuss the cop that killed himself and the new information we found out about that.  We are going to discuss when you should talk to your children about racism.  We are going to talk about a few video's we have seen lately.  And we are going to talk about celebrity new.  Tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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    The Tufts Get Going!

    in Entertainment

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    Rosanna has just moved to a new airtime, and now is in process of moving house too -- so today's show is a replay of "Catch Your Match," with Dave Elliott calling all the way from Australia!


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    The Tufts Get Going! "Making the Most of Meals"

    in Food

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Making the Most of Meals." Thanksgiving and other holiday meals are upon us -- the bane of every dieter! Lisa Karasek, a Certified Eating and Psychology Coach, joins me this morning to talk about why stressing out about what you eat, may actually make you gain MORE weight. And why does eating while multi-tasking (like having lunch at your desk) store most of your food as fat, instead of fuel? Tune in to find out how to really ENJOY the feast, without getting scale-shock in January! 

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    Ghostly Encounters with WPI Hunts the Truth

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    On Thursday October 29th, Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca and cohost Claudia Scimeca welcome guest Jay Bachocin founder and president of WPI Hunts the Truth an organization dedicated and passionate about investigating ghostly occurrences and unusual phenomenon.  Jay and his team have investigated unusual phenomenon at such places as Rhode Opera House in Kenosha Wisconsin, Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River Wisconsin and the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Jay will share his story as well as the stories that will make you stop and think....

    You can find out more about Jay and his team at WPI Hunts the Truth by checking out their website as well as following them on Facebook and Twitter. 

    Enjoy this spooktacular show! 

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    The Tufts Get Going! "Natural Products Expo"

    in Food

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Natural Products Expo." Join Rosanna every week to hear interviews with people who are making their dreams come true -- or have tools to help YOU do the same! This week, it's the latter, as Rosanna takes you onto the trade show floor at the Natural Products Expo East, to learn about the latest and greatest in optimal health and wellness products! 

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    The Tufts Get Going! "Kirtan: Not a Window Dressing!"

    in Spirituality

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    REPLAY -- "Kirtan: Not a Window Dressing!" In honor of the Hindu new year of Diwali next week, David Newman introduces us to the music of Kirtan, an ancient call-and-response form that has found favor with modern spiritual seekers. 

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    The Tufts Get Going! "Talking Skulls"

    in Spirituality

    Thursdays, 9 am Eastern, 8 am Central, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    NEW DAY! Now airing on Thursdays, Rosanna interviews people who are making their dreams come true! 

    Today, a very special kind of "intuitive" is the guest: Dr. Joseph Mancini Jr. Some people read Tarot cards, some read palms, some direct-channel. Joe has a special relationship with crystals carved into a skull shape. They are his link to the non-physical plane, and the answers to people's questions come through them. If that sounds really woo-woo to you, bear in mind that he's also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Executive Coach, so even scientifically-minded skeptics will vouch for him. Tune in to find out how he does it! 

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    The Season Of Rewards

    in Religion

    You are invited to join in on our show today at 10:30 am... "What's Really Going on Around Here"...Pastor Wanda Phelps will be our speaker. You are invited to come In Person at 10:30 Today Sunday November 22, 2015. 
    Topic: The Season Of Rewards
    We are located at :
    2538 West Washington St. Indianapolis, In 46222, (on the lower level) 
    There Is A Way Out Ministries