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    GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and the affects on driver health

    in Health

    The onward movement towards improving health within the trucking industry continues. The Mid America Truck Show was the most recent example of the healthy awareness campaign as many within the industry came together to become educated and join forces to encourage others regarding solutions for healthier lifestyles.

    Our continued series of health shows will include tonight the topic of GMO's ( genetically modified organisms). This is a topic which is causing concern as well as confusion.  On this episode we want to cover the definitions of GMO, what constitutes a GMO, what are the health affects of GMO's, and how can we avoid them. 
    The term "eat organic" is many times associated when discussing eating healthy, including avoiding the harmful affects of genetically modified food, but often the term organic is also confusing. What constitutes "organic"?

    Call in tonight 4/2/15 6PM ET and become a part of the show.
    Dial  # 347-826-9170 and then press "1" on your keypad to notify us that you want to join in the conversation.


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    Hidden Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

    in Health

    We hear a lot about Genetically Modified foods, or Genetically Modified Organisms – GMOs. But what exactly are they, and why should we bother worrying about them?

    We would like to review what GMOs are with our listening audience, about how they are changing our relationship to food, and what we can do to take control of the types of foods we eat.

    First, let’s answer the question; ‘what are genetically-modified foods?’

    When you hear someone use the term, “Frankenfoods”, there’s a good reason. Genetically-modified foods take genetic material from one organism and put it into another. This gives the organism – plant or animal – characteristics that it didn’t have before, which your body will not recognize and to that end, will create a disease state.

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    Genetically Modified Organisms and How They Effect You

    in Politics

    Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are a broad group of plants, animals, and bacteria that are engineered for a wide variety of applications ranging from agricultural production to scientific research. The types of potential hazards posed by GMO’s vary according to the type of organism being modified and its intended application. Most of the concern surrounding GMO’s relates to their potential for negative effects on the environment and human health. Because GMO’s that could directly effect human health are primarily products that can enter the human food supply, this website focuses on genetically modified food. To date, the only types of products that have been approved for human consumption in the U.S. are genetically modified plants (FDA website).

    All genetically modified foods that have been approved are considered by the government to be as safe as their traditional counterparts and are generally unregulated (FDA website). However, there are several types of potential health effects that could result from the insertion of a novel gene into an organism. Health effects of primary concern to safety assessors are production of new allergens, increased toxicity, decreased nutrition, and antibiotic resistance (Bernstein et al., 2003). Read more about the effects of these foods here:  Studentsforabetterfuture.com

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    in Current Events

    Something to look forward to.

    A. Luke 13:1-5King James Version (KJV)

    13 There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.

    2 And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things?

    3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

    4 Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?

    5 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

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    Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s presentation host by Ramisous

    in Self Help

    If You’ve Ever Heard Racists Say Black People Are Genetically Inferior, Watch This Doctor Explain How That’s Impossible


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    Consciousness Caffeine: Staying Healthy in an Era of Biowarfare & Geoengineering

    in Spirituality

    Show is live Tues. & Thurs. 10 pm -12 am EST...6/11/15:  Sit back, relax, and join Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa for a Rocksome dose of Consciousness Caffeine and Conscious Community with topics regarding Re-Education, Healing, Empowerment, Inspiration, Dominion, & Conscious Co-Creation.  On today's show Lisa hosts special guest Ken Rohla, Natural Health Educator and Inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science.  He will discuss living food nutrition, detoxification,threats to our health, including nuclear radiation, chemtrails, genetically modified foods and micro-organisms, electromagnetic pollution, nanotechnology, biowarfare agents, depleted food, and other issues.  Come join the Big Picture Party to listen, learn, be Inspired, facilitate Remembrance, and share your soul where all are honored in our Rainbow Warrior Circle. Please call in and join our Rainbow Warrior Circle to ask questions and share if you are so Inspired.  This show was created with the intention to gather other Rainbow Warriors together to Co-Create from Unity Consciousness so...Let's Get This Party Started!!!

    For more from Ken visit his websites: http://www.freshandalive.com/



    For more from Rainbow Warrior GodDess Lisa visit her website:  http://www.transcendance.us/

    To donate to support the show and Random Acts of Love & Kindness go to:   https://wesharecrowdfunding.com/RainbowGodDess

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    The Empty Nesters Welcome Dr. Rita!

    in Lifestyle

    The Nesters welcome Dr. Rita Eichenstein,Phd., and authior of the new book, "Not What I Expected: Help and Hope for Parents of Atypical Children.  With compassion, clarity, and an emphasis on practical solutions, Dr. Rita Eichenstein's Not What I Expected: Help and Hope for Parents of Atypical Children walks readers through the five stages of acceptance (similar to the stages of grief, but modified for parents of special-needs kids). She helps readers understand their own emotional experience, nurture themselves in addition to their kids, identify and address relationship wounds including tension in a marriage and struggles with children (special-needs and neurotypical), and embrace their child with acceptance, compassion and joy.

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    The Bad Seed - Health Risks & Side Effects of GMO’s

    in Nutrition

    Genetically Modified Organisms are a HOT topic all over the world and with an estimated 2 million people joining the international March Against Monsanto a couple of weeks ago, the spotlight is on genetic engineering of crops more than ever!

    With the "Big 6" pesticide and GMO corporations  BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto, and Syngenta pumping billions of dollars into lobbying anti labelling laws, suing small organic farmers because their proprietary GMO crops have “migrated” onto their fields (more like contaminated) and prohibiting independent research and gagging independent researchers from speaking out about the finds they are making with respect to health issues, it is no wonder that people are more concerned than ever. What are they trying to hide anyway? If GMOs are so good for us and the environment then why not be transparent about it?

    Even though the topic of GMO’s and glyphosate is huge and could never be covered adequately in a mere 30 minutes, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will discuss the reasons why we at Weiser Living are completely and totally against the growing and consumption of GMO’s and the use of the glyphosate pesticide known as RoundUp.

    He will be discussing the following points:

    What Are GMOs?
    Glyphosate –Far More Toxic Than They Said
    10 Studies That Show GMO’s Are Harmful
    Why GMO’s Can Never Be Safe
    Can GMO’s REALLY Feed The World?
    GMO Labelling
    Top 10 GMO Foods & How To Avoid Them

    all this & much much more!

    Meanwhile, SUBSCRIBE at www.WeiserLiving.com for articles, videos recipes and more!

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    The Quest for Fabulous: Why I Am Your Leader

    in Self Help

    The Quest for Fabulous: Why I Am Your Leader


    “Be the Person you were meant to be” by Dr. Jerry Greenwald

    Living a nourishing life is an ongoing process of recognizing and responding to our changing needs and the changing reality of ourselves.

    Being obsessed with the past does nothing but waste the present. Regrets are an exercise in futility which can go on forever.

    As long as a person continues to postpone living his own life, or waiting for the stamp of approval from others, he continues to poison himself.

    Tension and frustration are in inevitable part of being alive. To refuse to tolerate such experiences is to deny this reality. Overcoming this toxic attitude often means letting go of the fantasy that life SHOULD be easy and that frustration is unfair.

    To refuse to reach out for the joys and excitements of life is frequently a refusal to face the pain of possible disappointments and rejections.

    To refuse to let go of the past is to deny the natural process of change that is a function of every living organism.

    Nourishing attitudes are the foundation for a nourishing relationship as well as for effective antidotes to existing toxic relationships.

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    Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

    in Self Help

    Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs, altered by genetic modification of the seeds, can render consumers infertile and undermine their health. Genetic engineering develops seeds compatible with their brand of herbicide and/or for other traits. GMOs may cause deterioration of DNA, the immune system, the colon and other organs.


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    Growing Better, Stronger, Brigher, and Faster! Taking Control of your Destiny

    in Entertainment

    Hey there Tea Sippers! Today is going to be a day of self discovery and growth as we learn how to assess the principles and qualities it takes to become a better person both inside and out so that we can attract the right situations, opportunities and people in and to our lives. Our guest today will be explaining the tools it takes to stand firm on your convictions and how to learn how to apply the the resources available to catapult you to the next level of existence.

    Dr. Renaldo Epps will be joining us today and give us some insight into his platform of personal development and growth as he prepares for the Black Men for Relationship Unity Conference that will be held Juneteenth Weekend in Atlanta. We will get some inside information on what to expect and he will divulge a few secrets that can jumpstart our renaissance right now.  

    Also, we will have representatives from Legal Shield Pitching Tea with us about what they are all about and how YOU can obtain legal services for the fraction of the cost!  Remember Pre-Paid Legal Services?  Well, they have revamped and modified the concept to make it even more affordable and easy for anyone to say "I have a lawyer on retainer"...   Let's find out how we can utilize these services and keep ourselves on the Right Side of the Law.

    Plus, we will take a glimpse into celebrating JUNETEENTH... the Americans of African Descent Independence Day

    Why is this so important to me and How can WE make this a staple in our celebratory rituals and traditions.

    This is going to be a deliciously HOT POT of tea, my darlings so make sure you bring plenty of crumpets!