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    "Baddest Man Alive" Aaron Williams on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!!

    in Sports

    Tonight's guest is "The Baddest Man Alive" Aaron Williams!!

    Topics include:

    -Recovering from knee surgery

    -Earliest memories as a wrestling fan

    --Who were his favorites back then?

    -What triggered him to want to be a wrestler?

    -Finding training in Ohio

    -Early 'gimmick'

    -Memories of HWA

    -Feud with the Crists (Jake and Dave)

    -Winning the IPW Super Junior tournament

    -Role of Jon Moxley in his development

    -Thoughts on Ricochet; Drake Younger; Ron Mathis

    -What are his views on DeathMatch wrestling?

    -Memories of his first 'impression' in CZW

    --Meeting DJ Hyde

    --Making it to "Best of the Best"

    -His chronic knee problems

    -How did he become the "Baddest Man Alive"?

    -Does he prefer to wrestle as heel or babyface?

    -Toughest opponents

    -What would he include on a 3-Match "Best of Aaron Williams" DVD?

    -The Miz stops Aaron Williams from watching WWE?!?!

    -What are some of his dream opponents?

    -Thoughts on Low Ki

    -Future goals


    Other topics:

    -New tattoo

    -Season finale of "Gotham"

    --Spoiler alert: Go f**k yourself!

    -Mayweather hate

    --Thoughts on the Pacquiao fight

    -It's Pepper Growing Time!!

    -JC Bailey tournament in CCW

    --Anti-Bailey promos surface on YouTube

    -Sami Zayn (Generico) making moves on the main roster

    -JCW in Brick this weekend

    --Gage vs Dickinson!!

    -Preview of CZW's "Proving Grounds"

  • 02:17

    Tuesday Night X-Stasy Episode 2

    in Wrestling

    XanMan and his guest, Steve, preview nXt Takeover Rival, featuring Kevin Owens vs. Sammy Zayn in a renewal of the Kevin Steen/El Generico rivalry along with the finals of the #1 contenders tournament and the Fatal Fourway for the nXt Women's Championship.  The tag titles are also on the line, while Bull Dempsey and Baron Corbin look to finish their feud in a No Holds Barred match.  Speaking of no holds barred, Steve and Xan also review the second ever ECW Pay Per View, Hardcore Heaven '97.  XanMan will also bring to you is WWE Network pick of the week.

  • 01:26

    "Speedball" Mike Bailey on Yakuza Kick Radio!

    in Sports

    Tonight's Guest is "Speedball" Mike Bailey!! (For real this time)

    Topics include:

    -Where did his brother wrestle?

    -Bailey's thoughts on the 'Canadian Invasion' on the East Coast?

    -What's his Karate discipline?

    -How do karate and pro wrestling compare and/or differ?

    -Who influenced Bailey?

    -Teaming with Buxx Belmar

    -How did he break into CZW?

    --Thoughts on the Best of the Best tournament

    --How did he end up with a title shot vs Biff Busick? Was there a lot of pressure on him?

    -Have opponents slighted him?

    -Difference between crowds in US vs Canada

    -Thoughts on Shane Strickland

    -Worst wrestling experience

    -Any major injuries?

    -Has Bailey ever experienced problems at the Border?

    -Thoughts on Steen/Generico? Teddy Hart?

    -Favorite action films?

    -What are Bailey's favorite matches thus far (in his career)? Dream opponents?

    -Is he open to DeathMatch Wrestling?

    -Was he ever into WWF/E? Favorite wrestlers? 

    -Interests outside of wrestling?


    Other Topics:

    -CM Punk breaks his silence!

    -What would happen if DJ Hyde and Richard Simmons got together?

    -CZW's "Cage of ... No Direction" is coming soon!

    --Rundown of the scheduled card

    -Preview of ROH's Final Battle 2014

    -Potential additions to the CZW Roster

    -Huge movies on the horizon

    -NFL Week 13 Recap

    --Week 14 Predictions

  • 01:55

    Fat Frank on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!

    in Sports

    Tonight's Guest is the owner of Jersey All-Pro Wrestling "Fat" Frank Iadevaia!!

    Topics include:

    -How did he get started running shows?

    -How did the relationship with the Dog House wrestlers begin?

    -Why were WWF/E wrestlers no longer allowed on JAP shows?

    -Thoughts on the new direction JAP was forced to take

    -Thoughts on CZW

    -Bringing in Steen, Generico, and other Canadian wrestlers

    -Teddy Hart vs Homicide

    -What is Frank's philosophy on working with other promotions? When his talent works elsewhere?

    -Thoughts on Justice Pain; Nick Gage; Trent Acid

    -What was his favorite time period for JAPW?

    -Why did he stop wrestling?

    -Relationship with Low Ki

    -Dickinson-Hernandez locker room incident

    -Show at Bally's Casino

    -JAPW's upcoming return show in Rahwa

    -Running doubleheaders

    -Thoughts on booking 'ticket sellers'

    -What are some of Frank's favorite matches?

    -Who is the most underrated wrestler in JAPW?


    Other Topics:

    -NFL talk:

    --Week 8 Recap

    --49ers are getting healthy

    --Week 9 predictions 

  • 01:41

    An Independent Point Of View: PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Preview With Giancarlo

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Guerilla is 1 of the biggest independent companies on the west coast and every year they have the Battle Of Los Angeles tournament. Previous winners of this tournament are Chris Bosh, Davey Richards, CIMA, Low-Ki, Kenny Omega, Joey Ryan, El Generico, Adam Cole, and last year by Kyle O'Reilly. This years tournament will feature 23 men and 1 woman going for the title. Joining me on this preview will be someone who will be at the shows to witness the action first hand and that is Giancarlo Dittamo. Join myslef and Giancarlo as we break every match down and give our predictions as to who will win The Battle Of Los Angeles. Do you have a prediction as to who will win this tournament? The phone lines will be open the entire show (323)870-4022. As always continue to support independent wrestling.

  • 00:45

    Chris Hero Pity Party

    in Culture

    It's thanksgiving week and the boys are up for a monday night show, which can only mean one thing, wrestling. Chris pirat...watched Survivor Series last night and Sam just read results but both are watching Raw so it should be a good.

  • 01:05

    "ACW Injected" It's time for El Generico/Krusher Kong and The Realization of Mortality

    in Sports

    ACW Injected Hosted by UGA Mike , this week Hype Audio with Shawn Vexx,Jr. Garza,Sub-Mission Squad and more .Plus we breakdown the card and try to get the Smurf Nation united for their Huge Texas Flag Match. The Godfather of Anarchy and Texas Style Wrestling brings in a ringer for his Team Childs "WCW Tag Team Member" Krusher Kong . The Whole F**King Psycho Show Mr. Showtime Scot Summers will try to get Team Summers ready for the huge task in front of them .Plus this is first time The Underground Icon Scot Summers has faced Krusher Kong in a ring .This is going to be explosive. Finally Ole Ole Ole "El Generico is coming .

  • 01:48

    The Shark Attack Live: The Royal Rumble Countdown

    in Sports

    "The Shark" Sean Williams along with the rest of the Live Nation is back in full force. This week, we'll be talking about Alberto Del Rio's title win,  El Generico to the WWE, what the hell is TNA doing with Bully Ray, what went wrong at Genesis, who will be the Money in the Bank winners this year, Christopher Daniels in the TNA World Title picture and much more. 

  • 01:50

    The Shark Attack Live: Briefcases and Cashing In

    in Sports

    "The Shark" Sean Williams and the rest of the Live Nation Army will be talking about Money in the Bank, who won the briefcases, who walked out with gold, is TNA to blame for Matt Morgan's departure, is AJ Styles' character change getting lost in the mix, will Chris Sabin walk out world champ on Thursday is Sami Zayn (El Generico) making faster progress than we thought,The Shark will also make a stand against those saying The Wyatt Family debut was a failure and much more.
    The Shark Attack Live is also a proud affiliate for amazon.com. Make sure you use the link below when shopping on Amazon.
      http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theshaattliv-20   Rate, Review and Subscribe to the show on the link below:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shark-attack-live-blog-talk/id549014453

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    Rabblecast #305 TNA Pay Per View Cuts, WWE RAW's 20th Show

    in Wrestling

    The World Wrestling Entertainment went to great lengths to remind you of the 20 years that have made, Monday Night RAW what it is today. RAW's 20th Anniversary was suppose to be a grand event. A mix of old faces with some current ones. Toss in the continued build of Rock vs CM Punk at the, Royal Rumble  2013 and you should have an amazing show. Right? Did WWE deliver on all fronts? Or was the 20th anniversary show a reminder of the 10th anniversary?
    TNA has recently announced cutbacks on a larger number of their PPV shows. Instead running the usual twelve, they will go with just four(Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory) . They're hoping by scaling back on their PPV's that they will be able to build better story-lines on a week by week basis and have the remaining PPV's actually mean something. If nothing else, it would seem that TNA is done playing, "follow the leader" and taking a different approach to their business structure than the WWE. Will you be interested in TNA more if they run less paid shows?
    We are, The Rabblecast! Join us LIVE at 8pm(est) to listen in, join our LIVE chat room where you can interact with other listeners, and of course don't forget about the studio number (714)583-6886 if you want to call in and share your thoughts On-Air!

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    12/15 ProWrestling.net All Access - ROH Final Battle Preview

    in Sports

      Todays Podcast features Chris Shore's preview of the Ring of Honor Final Battle iPPV. Check out live coverage of Final Battle on Sunday at Prowrestling.net.
    To enter for a chance to win a free access code for ROH Final Battle, tweet the following: Listen to @theshoreslant preview the ROH Final Battle iPPV at prowrestling.net #finalbattle @prowrestlingnet