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    Gender Chat: Episode 3: Trending Topics

    in Podcasting

    For this show, I plan to talk about what is trending on Facebook and Twitter.  If time, I will take in call, (if any) to talk about anything that's on their minds.  I will also be talking about what has been happening with me and tell you more about me and this station.  I just became a Trekkie, so I might be throwing in a bit of Star Trek reference.  Forgive me if I can't spell anything in here correctly, this section of inputing alpha-numaric sentances does not have auto-correct.

    So here is what will happen in order....

    1:  I will talk about me and about the station.

    2:  I will talk about trending topics on Facebook and Twitter (at the current time).

    3:  I will take in calls if anyone is listening.

    4:  I will give a thought of the evening

    I hope you will enjoy listening to Gender Chat on Blog Talk Radio, and I hope to hear your views and ideas.  Details are on the station/channel/profile page.


    You may visit the Facebook Group by clicking here.


    You can also checkout the Facebook Profile by clicking right about....oh here is it.

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    "Gender Role Reversal in America"

    in Radio


    Over the last 50 years, we've seen a significant change in behavior in both men and women resulting in fewer healthy, successful, long lasting relationships/marriages. Tune into "The Dedan Tolbert Show" tonight at 9:00pm EST, for a rebroadcast of our special on "Gender Role Reversal" and the effect its having on relationships in the black community. To hear us discuss men acting like women and women assuming the role of men and many other issues...Call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com..... "Real Radio that Matters".

  • Short & Junk: Gender in Fandom

    in Entertainment

    Rivermoon1970 asks: I know you touched on it briefly in the last Short and junk but gender bending seems to be a topic coming up in a lot of the writing groups I'm in. What do you think about it? Especially when the core personality of the character is drastically changed.

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    On Relationships: Gender Roles and the Need For Effective Communication

    in Romance

    What are gender roles? How do you feel about them?

    Is chivalry dead? If so, why? Who killed it?

    Effective communication is imperitave. But can you handle the bitter, castor oil flavored truth?

    Tune in tonight, and feel free to call in to discuss. 



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    Life's Issues Radio

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues Radio with Lauren Jawno with guests Wendy Reese & Katrina Schenfield:

    Wendy Reese, MA is a lifestyle strategist who specializes in whole being, author, host of The Whole Being Zone and yoga teacher with 13 years of teaching experience. Wendy is the host of The Whole Being Zone and can be seen on Elephant Journal, Huffington Post, and yogadownload.com She author of "Just Tell me What To Do! A guide to the true you".

    Katrina Schenfield, the owner of Katixon Skincare, is an entrepreneur, public speaker and popular natural skincare creator. Katixon Skincare products are each 100% hand-crafted using powerful and concentrated natural ingredients developed by Katrina Schenfield and have been featured by numerous media publications. Katrina teaches her clients how to care for their skin so that beautiful skin is inevitable and everlasting.


  • Gender Neutral Trend

    in Podcasting

    An Ohio mom called out Target for the asile being labels Girls' Building Set and Building Set.. Because she feels kids should be able to pick what they want. So now Target is changing. Also there has been talk about taking down the label for girls and boys bathrooms and so forth. How do you feel about this?

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    Life's Issues Radio

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with host Lauren Jawno and her guest Denise Palmisano and Rick Goodfriend:

    Denise Palmisano - I have been self-employed as a life and business coach, course facilitator, speaker and trainer for the last past 20+ years. Driven by my passion for empowering people to realize their full potential, I have studied and been certified on human behavior, business strategies, team building, cultural programming, emotional intelligence and personal and professional development. I have taught, mentored and coached individuals, groups and organizations worldwide to identify their long-term vision as well as how to implement the necessary planning and structure to accomplish their goals and objectives.
    I provide real life solutions for real life situations. Partnering with me empowers you to experience clarity, focus, courage, energy and effectiveness in situations that otherwise might seem overwhelming, costly or time consuming. I specialize in personal and professional development, communication and relationship skills which result in increased effectiveness, productivity, influence and confidence.

    Rick Goodfriend - www.RickGoodfriend.com

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    Gender roles...Is there a problem with a female proposing to a man?

    in Education

    With the evolution of societal norms, and traditions, I'm very interested in knowing how everyone feels about this new phenomenon of women proposing to men(in heterosexual relationships) for marriage? This is becoming more and more popular, and there have even been some heated discussions amongst feminist about them being offended by it. Moreover, what about men changing their last names upon being married. What is the significance of all of it? Why are these gender roles in place? Would you be open to any of these modern changes, if not, please explain. What do these traditional ways mean to you?

    "Darryel's Daily Dialogue, where positive words, manifest positive action."

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    Honoring the gender-free divine feminine - Podcast 14

    in Lifestyle

    I have always known from a very young age that the overwhelming amount of love, freedom, healing, intelligence, strength, education, courage, spiritual liberation, and nurturing of the soul has been because of the women and trans people in my life. The number of men, cis-men, that have provided any of that to me are a mere handful, a tiny fraction of the women and trans people who have done the same for me. I have talked about this with many, many people - in my community, among my loved ones, my friends and acquaintances - men, women, and trans alike. They all come back, in an uncannily uniform way, with the same answer - the love, freedom, healing, and goodness in general come from the women and trans people in their lives (exceptions notwithstanding), while most of the violence, abuse, and oppression come from the men (again, and I repeat, exceptions notwithstanding). Go ahead and examine your own life. It then becomes easy to understand why women and trans people are the superior part of humanity.

    Here we have podcast 14 of a day in the life of the happiest guy...

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    Be a man: The mask we wear and gender intelligence

    in Current Events

    Join us today 5:30 CST as we explore the topic of gender intelligence, understanding and respecting differences. I am sure many of us have heard the term be a man or man up but when we say that what are we really saying and how is that message received.....


    We will consider questions surrounding gender intelligence, gender expectation and challenges that are created as a result of gender confusion.......

    Questions to consider:

    Be a man what is that and how do men react when this idea of manhood is challenge?

    Could gender intelligence help reduce violence?

    Could gender intelligence be the answer to police brutality and hyper-masculinity?

    Have you considered that one of the most dangerous things you can say to a boy is be a man?

    Did we see gender dynamics being displayed during the police stop of Sandra Bland?

    To view:



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    Sex & Gender Defined

    in LGBT

    There is much conversation about what is Masculine and what is Feminine in today's society. How does it compare to Eras that came before ours? Join us as we discuss Masculine vs Femininity/Male vs Female. Does the reflection of one indicate homosexuality? And where does that place those born with both sexual organs as well as those that are Transgendered. We will discuss THIS and much, much more!