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    Can Music Therapy Help People in Pain? -- Pain Waves Radio by Pain BC

    in Health

    *Note: If you missed the live recording and still want to ask questions, please email Gemma at president@mtabc.com.

    Join us as we interview Gemma Isaac, an accredited (MTA) music therapist and certified in Neurologic Music Therapy. As the music therapist at the Burns, Plastic and Trauma Unit (BPTU) at VGH, Gemma facilitates music therapy programs for patients, their families, and healthcare staff alike. http://gemmamusictherapy.com/

    How does music therapy work?

    Music therapy is facilitated through a variety of interventions including patient song choices, music making, song writing, improvisation, and guided relaxation. Other times, the music therapist works alongside other healthcare disciplines such as nurses, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist, using music during physical rehabilitation to inspire movement and promote encouragement by accompanying movement through musical cues, which also helps peoople become distracted from the pain. Visit www.mtabc.com or www.musicheals.ca for more info.

    Don't miss your chance to ask questions! How can music therapy help you and your loved ones better deal with pain?

    Pain Waves Radio is sponsored by Pain BC

    Whether you’re living with pain; supporting someone in pain; or providing care to patients in pain… we offer tools and resources to help you! Join us! Together, we can make a difference.

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    Test episode with Gemma

    in Self Help

    Testing out the Skype connectivity and pre-interview

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- hosts Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale -- SOA Special

    in Television

    Shooting for the Lip with @bsaunders12 and @kevinhale423 - review SOA S12 - preview the series finale with @SOAAddicts @hoistingmysail - will be fun

    lets take some SOA fan calls!!!  

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- hosts Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale -- SOA Special

    in Television

    Shooting for the Lip with @bsaunders12 and @kevinhale423 - review SOA S11 - preview S12 & 13 with @SOAAddicts @hoistingmysail - will be fun

    lets take some SOA fan calls!!!  

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    The Big Brother Report: Down Under w/ Jake Richardson of Big Brother 11

    in Television

    Welcome to The Big Brother Report: Down Under w/ Jake from BB Australia. Join TBBR: Down Under as we talk with the houseguests from the BB Australia from the current & past seasons. You a fan of International Big Brothers? Well come on in & join us as we discuss everything Big Brother, as we go Down Under to discover what Big Brother Australia is all about!

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    How To Change Your Life In 13 Easy Steps

    in Health

    How To Change Your Life In 13 Easy Steps. Do you find yourself going online and start overwhelming yourself with lots of information about how to change your life? Looking for the next big thing, or book that hopefully going to make the long lasting change we've been searching for.

    We all have stuff going on in our lives that may be making us feel uncomfortable and we would love to change.

    Addiction to food or drinking too much
    Problems Losing Weight
    Constantly on the go
    Not taking any time for you!

    Would you agree, it's quite overwhelming sometimes to think about making changes in your life, let alone actually taking the action and following through with it?

    Change your life does not have to be that difficult, the key to change is “Action”

    I know from my own experience the one missing ingredient was action, I would talk about it, think about it, but was so overwhelmed by it all, I never did ANYTHINGA!

    And we can find a million excuses to not take action to start changing a situation.

    Don’t have the Money
    Don’t have the time
    Now is not the right time
    I just need to ask someone or partner

    Sound familiar? But it does not have to be that way!!

    Would you like to know what you can do to stop this and change for good? On todays show Gemma Haupt comes on the show to talk about “How To Change Your Life In 13 Easy Steps”






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    "Work" With Hazel Butterworth, in the Open Dharma sangha weekly talk series

    in Spirituality

    Hazel Butterworth of Melbourne, Australia, will give a half-hour Dharma talk on Work, exploring ways to invite more of our working life and more of ourselves at work into the fold of our spiritual practice.

    She says of her current practice, "I have been practising yoga and meditation for around 16 years. Some of the juiciest streams in my practise of late are centred around cultivating wildness, living at the frontier of direct relationship with life and effortlessness. I first encountered Jaya in 2005 when she and Gemma came to Australia on the first Open Dharma retreat in Australia. 

    To listen to other talks and meditations of Open Dharma please visit www.opendharma.org

    These talks and others are offered on a donation basis. Please gift support for Open Dharma here

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    Episode #8: Sons of Anarchy Season Premiere Review

    in Entertainment

    Myself & Co-Host Michael Wing are going to discuss the explosive Season Premiere of Sons of Anarchy Season 7. We are going to overview the episode in a complete overview. There will be spoilers! We will be taking calls on the air and will have a live chatroom! We will also be having a contest tonight called "Stump the Dunce!" We will give 5 callers a chance to stump Michael Wing with your Sons of Anarchy knowledge. If you win.....you will receive a copy of Sons of Anarchy Season 1 on either DVD or Blu-Ray! Do NOT miss this!

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    Using NLP To Help Children Overcome Bad Habits & Behavioral Problems

    in Psychology

    Listen to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston RGN is joined by Gemma Bailey a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner who has spent over a decade working with children in various child-care settings. On todays show we will discuss how Gemma works with children to effectively help them overcome bad habits, behavioral problems, fears and a lack of self-esteem. Stay Tuned!

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    Business Intuition

    in Business

    Today on Community voice with Carly Alyssa Thorne we talk with Joanne Victoria about Leadership, working with family
    members, entrepreneurship, speaking our truth and more.

    Joanne Victoria, owner of Gemma & Bixley, works with people who want to achieve more authentic, purposeful and lasting results while remaining true to who they really are. Joanne uses both logic and intuitive reasoning to ‘see the greater picture’ and the underlying issue or imbalance in structures or relationships.

    To Learn More about Joanne Victoria and Gemma & Bixley go to:

    To become a guest on one of our Shows go to:



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    Liberation & Love with Gemma Stone

    in Self Help

    Psychologist, Gemma Stone will be talking about how our minds keep us stuck and fearful and what we can do about it. Tune in to learn practical strategies for over-coming self-sabotage so you can be free to step into your Great Life. Gemma will share strategies for coping with daily stress & frustrating thought-loops in compassionate ways. We'll talk  about how to manage moments of depression, fear & anxiety without external rewards or unhealthy distractions. Gemma Stone wants to live in a world where liberation and love are as common as breath.
    A sought after psychologist and speaker, she has dedicated her life to the study of love, fear, and change. Gemma shares her work at colleges, conventions & conferences across North America.
    When she’s not working with clients in her private practice or facilitating at the Great Life Redesign Retreat you can find her wrestling with her two boys, meditating with her mala beads, and optimistically checking her mailbox for handwritten love notes.
    Learn how to heal the past, love the present, and light up the future at www.gemmastone.org

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