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    16Bit Assassins Episode 102: BenWa.......

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    Ladies and gentlement, the 16Bit crew is back with another excellent show. After last week's gawker rant we return with Microsoft's windows 10 reveal, we shout out to Pax South, as our amazing PR manager is there. On this episode we also talk some Marvel news with their upcoming Secret Wars arc, and find that Xmen Apocalypse has found it's core mutant cast. Gearbox annoucnes the Handsome collection, Zod to be Doomsday? Sony announces it's apology perks for the 2011 hack, Steam goes stream, Elder scrolls free? All this and more on episode 102 BenWa....

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    Formula One USGP Practice at The Circuit of the Americas

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    The teams were out on the track for practice today at, the Circuit of the Americas. Taking the helm during practice was the Mercedes AMG team, the 2014 constructors’ champions, with Lewis Hamilton slightly ahead of teammate Nico Rosberg. Both drivers experienced slight mechanical problems with Hamilton’s car, having the more significant of them. This left fans wondering, will the last three races come down to, reliability problems?

    The top five after FP2 were Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso, Ricciardo, and Massa. Four-time champion and winner of the 2013 USGP Sebastian Vettel, was the slowest of the field and will start at the back of the grid in 18th, due to a gearbox change penalty. Daniel Ricciardo is the only driver who is still within striking distance of the driver’s championship, and was only 1.3 seconds behind leader, Lewis Hamilton.

    Valtteri Bottas with Williams-Martini did not go out in FP1, which allowed Williams test driver Felipe Nasr to make a run. Bottas finished 11th, but have not forgotten that this is the track where he gained his first championship points in 2013.

    Fans did not seem bothered by the absence of Caterham F1 and the Marussia teams. Both teams were placed under administration recently and only Marussia seems to have a ray of hope, for new buyers. This leaves a field of 18-cars for Sundays race. As several of the independent teams continue to struggle, some team principals are looking for changes to be made that will control cost and include more consideration for independent teams.

    The 18-car dilemma caused the format for qualifying to be altered. In a recent meeting, the stewards decided that the slowest 4-cars in Q1 will not take part in the session, and the slowest 4-cars in Q2 will be eliminated from taking part in Q3. If you are confused, email us at xiroxoneradio@mail.com and tell us what you think, they should have done.

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    Good Game Guys Episode #31

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    Good Game Guys. 08-6-2014

    Every Week Wed Nights 10 PM PST

    Hosted by:Deg,Dr.Captain,TKO along with the Good Game Gal: Stephanie and the Good Game Kramer: The_Spaniard

    Good Video Game conversations, real raw talk on the gaming industry and society


    *Video Game News - Gearbox seeks to remove itself from a class action lawsuit over Aliens:Colonial Marines, claiming that that the publisher, Sega, was calling the shots and was responsible for all the marketing. Tropico 5 (A game released to PC on May 23rd of 2014) will not be avalible in Thailand due to fears that the games theme will spark unrest to the country that lost its civilian government to a military coup. EA Access is a new service announced by EA that grants players access to AAA games for $5 a month as an X1 exclusive. Sony feels EA Access isn't "good value" stating that "We don't think asking our fans to pay an additional $5 a month for this EA-specific PROGRAM represents good value to the PlayStation gamer". To fans of the Marvel vs Capcom seris that are still hurting over the Marvel rights being lost to Capcom, a cloudy ray of hope, Marvel is releasing it's own fighting game, 'whats the problem?' you ask it's a game for smartphones and tablets... yup. Speaking of mobile gaming, reports of a internal conflicts within Nintendo have been flying around due to the Iwata's desition to keep their franchises like Mario from going to smartphones.

    *Call in - Got any questions or thoughts you'd like to share with the hosts? Feel free to reach them when the phone lines are open or shoot them your questions in the steam group chat.

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    Good Game Guys Episode #28

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    Good Game Guys. 07-16-2014

    Every Week Wed Nights 10 PM PST

    Hosted by:Deg,Dr.Captain,TKO along with the Good Game Gal: Stephanie and the Good Game Kramer: The_Spaniard

    Good Video Game conversations, real raw talk on the gaming industry and society


    *Hyped up- GTA 5 finally has a release date scheduled for November 14th. Also another 'Finally', Don't Starve recently showed off the trailer for their new multiplayer mode. With hope it should be open to the public soon. Also Nintendo recently released a new trailer for Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS. The trailer shows the return of Captain Falcon followed by Fire Emblems Robin and Lucina. Speaking of fighters Tekken 7 was announced during EVO.

    *Video Game News - Gearbox releases Borderlands 2 skins and heads based on the characters in the up and coming Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Hitler Assassination mission returns to the Sniper Elite franchise, this time for the latest installment. Alien: Isolation lead designer Gary Napper says 'You can beat Alien without killing anyone'. Manuel Noriegal(Former Dictator of Panama) is suing Activision over his portrail in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

    *Call in - Got any questions or thoughts you'd like to share with the hosts? Feel free to reach them when the phone lines are open or shoot them your questions in the steam group chat.

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    Lewis Hamilton Wins The Showdown At Silverstone During British Grand Prix

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    The heart and soul of the British Grand Prix was Lewis Hamilton. The 2008 champion driver for the Mercedes AMG team showed true grit, as he raced 57 laps to take the win at the, Formula One British Grand Prix.

    Hamilton, who was 6th place on the starting grid quickly moved into 4th when, Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen hit a wall at 150mph causing a delay in the race.  Raikkonen was okay, but exited the car with some assistance and a limp.

    Once the race continued Hamilton set the fastest laps on the track moving into second place but still 5 seconds behind teammate, Nico Rosberg. Hamilton closed the 5-second gap and was on the tail of Rosberg whose radio transmission to the garage revealed a gearbox problem, just as Hamilton was taking the lead.

    Lewis Hamilton showed true grit, tenacity, and the skill of a champion when he took the lead and kept it, then comfortably cruised across the finish line to win his home race, at the Formula One Grand Prix in Britain.

    Williams-Martini driver Valtteri Bottas was a very impressive second, and Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo came in third.  Lewis Hamilton may have missed getting pole position, but he did not miss winning the Formula One British Grand Prix.  

    Keep it tuned to Xiro Xone News and F1 Sports

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    2nd Opinion Podcast #103 - Beer, Gaming, and Hot Dogs!

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    Welcome back to another episode of the 2nd Opinion Podcast! This episode we will be talk about all things PaxPrime, GTA V, GearBox Community Day, and much more! We also just revealed the details to the Third Annual EAST TEXAS GAMEATHON! Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube(Youtube.com/2ndOpinionPodcast) for your chance to win a PS4 Feb. 16th! 

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    Road America - The Wheel Men Live From Elkhart Lake

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    Well ladies and gentlemen, the week is finally upon us.  We have tirelessly completed all the support work necessary to make this happen.  We are hyper excited to bring you the very first all access view into Road America ever to be shared via blogtalkradio.  We've learned some valuable lessons since our last live remote broadcast, and are confident that this will exceed your expectations in content delivered.   We are going to sit down with the masters such as Wolf Henzler, Brian Sellers, Ryan Dalziel, Andy Lally, and Jim Norman just to name a few...  We're really looking forward to have the exceptionally talented and friends of the show like Ryan Eversley, Jordan Taylor, John Edwards, and Katherine Legge stop by for a track side chat.    
    We've got; Le Man Prototypes, Daytona Prototypes, and a Deltawing...  Not to mention; BMWs, Ferraris, Porsches, Vipers, Corvettes, Mustangs, Hondas, oh my!!  
    If it has four wheels, a gearbox, and roughs up the curves it's here this weekend!
    Our dance card is pretty full as you can see, and we could not be happier about it.  As is our usual happening, we will bring you some great commentary from around the town and track.  We guarantee to deliver the true behind the scenes experience, in all that Road America has to offer on this never again combined ALMS / GRAND-AM world class weekend!  

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    Episode 32: A Ninja, TheSquez, and Dunny

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, have we got a show for you tonight, First Andy Velasquez from Cryptic Studios will be joining us to talk about the upcoming MMO NeverWinter Nights, so fans, tune in, after that well it's the usual video game news with the 16Bit flair, Valve has some layoffs, Someone claiming to be a Gearbox employee took to reddit to explain why ACM is so bad. Obsidian wants to make a new Star Wars RPG. Hipster pacifiers, plush reproductive organs, and why March 14th is so special, all this and more on Episode 32: A Ninja, The Squez and Dunny

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 42: Life, The Universe and Everything

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    It's May The 4th eve, and the 16Bit Assassins are back for another episode of industry craziness. As we get closer to Microsoft's May 21st announcement, teh internets are buzzing with Next Gen news. Gamestop expo now open to public, and a rumored playable PS4 at the expo? As well as both a playable Xbox next gen and PS4 at Prime? Watch Dogs gets a release date, Call of Duty Ghosts announced,  Microsoft's rumored achievement revamp comes under fire. Gearbox and Sega defend Aliens Colonial Marines, while Timegate Studios files for bankruptcy, Ghostrider and Daredevil are back with Marvel, Zoe Saldana joins the Marvel actor club, Superman Vs Ironman and of course, Tangents, all the tangents, On Episode 42: Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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    Cyrus and Raven give their initial impressions of Borderlands 2 on launch date.

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    The 2nd Opinion Podcast Episode 34

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