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    A look at the latest GDP 2nd quarter numbers with Frank Burke

    in Politics

    Guest:  Frank Burke, author, businessman and contributor to American Thinker......we will look at the GDP 2nd quarter numbers..........The Wall Street Journal reports 2.3% growth in the last quarter and 2.2% since 2009......why is the economy growing so slowly?   what factors are holding back the US economy? ..........

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    Interview with economist Dr. Mark Skousen on GDP, GO and much more!

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    Dr. Mark Skousen is an author of 25 books and is considered one of the 20 most influencial economists alive today. Dr. Skousen talks about GDP and why it doesn't give us the full picture of what's happening in the economy.  He also talks about the benefits of measuring Gross Output. He also gets into the benefits of silver coins and what's coming at FreedomFest this year in Las Vegas!

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    GDP re-adjusted AGAIN! Sex-Porn and the EPA!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Don't just spew the Party line... share facts in a respectful manner.

    They government adjusted the economic indicators again so it doesn't look as bad as it really is. GDP has been "adjusted" again. To maintain current misery level we need a 2.0 GDP. Anything above that is gravy. Below that is miserable. Originally, they said the 1st quarter was 2.0. Now it's been adjusted to .7!!!! We're screwed!

    Dr. Tom Borelli, what does the EPA have to do with sex and ? Yep! 

    Hr2   Why is it only ethnic minorities get safes paces? Justifying reverse discrimination. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr would be rolling over in his grave. Undoing the work he did.

    Angelique Clark talks about the difficulty she's had starting a pro-life Students for Life club on her high school campus. Even her pro-choice friends supported her right to start a pro-life club on campus.

    Hillary Clinton touts her Biblical knowledge and speaks about her faith. It would go alot further if her voting record and actions were a reflection of it.

    Hr3  No more husband and wife in California.

    Alabama Senate passes bill to end the practice of licensing marriages. That'll end the controversy!

    In papers obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection admitted that on June 26, 2014, a Mexican military helicopter crossed into American airspace and fired on Border Patrol personnel in what’s described as a “clearly marked position.” And we did.... NOTHING?!?!?

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    GDP Grinds to a Halt. Is a Market Downturn Next?

    in Finance

    Is Wall Street due for a downturn?

    The advance estimate of the 2nd quarter 2014 U.S. GDP growth estimate came in at the barely breathing rate of 0.1%. Is a market downturn next? Are you safe and protected? What assets could win, if the stock market heads south?

    Join #1 stock picker Natalie Pace to discuss this and more.

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    Winter's Chill and GDP

    in Business

    Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week's review focusing on another steep downward revision to GDP, the latest from the PCE Price Index, which is the Fed-favored inflation gauge, housing, and a look ahead.

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    S1-E21 2.9% Drop in GDP

    in News

    The biggest drop in the GDP since 2009 occurred in the first quarter of 2014. What does it mean? Is the media ignoring it or fanning the flames of recession? And what’s happening in Washington? Hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady discuss these and other topics.

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    2% is the New Normal for GDP growth

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, I feel like I'm Rush Limbaugh (yeah, like I have his audience or money) in saying that because I know I've heard him say more than once that the narrative those in the media and those in the Democratic Party would like for us to believe is that everything about the economy and the country is the new normal and that's not going to change. 

    Well lo and behold, the NYT comes out with an article or a column that says that basically because GDP growth has been a consistent 2% or so almost every quarter, that's to be celebrated because it's consistent and the new normal we might say.  It even pushes a message that it's good for the economy and good for the country.

    I'll counter that with however many of 27 points I can get to or feel are vital to bring up that are huge red flags for our economy according to Michael Snyder. 

    Also, I'll cover at the top of the show a rebuttal from a coalition of 15 scientists, climatologists, and other experts that rips apart the claims of Obama's latest National Climate Assessment.

    That's today at 4:30 Eastern and archived for your later listening pleasure.

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    Episode 6: What are First Quarter Business Profits Really Telling Us?

    in Finance

    Another First Quarter in the USA has passed, and once again we are blaiming the weather for seasonally adjusted numbers that are bad.  That seems a bit of a stretch, and it's time we begin to look honestly at what is happening before it's too late to change our direction.

    Should we accept the idea that we just had a bad winter or should we challenge it?

    I'd suggest we challenge it, and here's why...

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    This Week in Ecnomics 31 May 2015

    in Finance

    This Week in Economics is real time forecasting and analysis of the previous week's economic activities.The longest running programme of its type on Internet Radio and the Bostonred Network(bostonred.org)

    Esta semana en la economía es la predicción en tiempo real y análisis de actividades.El económica de la semana anterior programa de más larga duración de su tipo en la radio por Internet y la red Bostonred Network.
    Diese Woche in Economics ist Echtzeit-Prognose und Analyse der vergangenen Woche die wirtschaftliche activities.The längsten laufende Programm seiner Art auf Internetradio und dem Bostonred Network (bostonred.org)

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    Common Insurance Mistakes

    in Finance

    Insurance coverage and policy types can be tricky to decode.  That is why many don’t realize that they lack the insurance they truly need.  Find out the most common insurance mistakes and how you can correct them.  Are US companies doing right by their employees?  Tony will discuss his latest blog, “3 Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Workers and Not In Their Stock.”  Also this week, we will discuss GDP – what it is and what it indicates.  Consumers:  We have some easy and repeatable ways to save money that you will use year after year.   And, in the Kids Cash Corner, we will discuss how parents are guilty of failing to teach their children about money.  Find out 3 ways you can correct this in your household.

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    "Outsourcing America’s Defense Industry" on Tim Danahey Show

    in Politics

    Defense spending as a percentage of GDP is shrinking and American defense contractors are outsourcing their systems, research, and development. Even worse, the major defense contractors are cutting way back on capital investment and research. Criticize the defense as much as you want but their research has brought us things like the internet and GPS. Instead of investing in research, defense contractors are using their cash for dividends and stock buybacks. In 2014, they gave 102% of their record profits to increase returns to stockholders,. The military wants to “Buy American” but it’s getting harder. Globalists say the military’s thinking is old-fashioned and the military needs to embrace international sources for defense systems and research – including China. You’ll want to listen to manufacturing and technology expert, Richard McCormack present what many perceive as a growing danger to national security. Have the capitalists “sold the rope to our enemies with which they will hang us?”  We also cover other subjects during the hour including low wages, and Amazon. You’ll also be proud of a letter that three former SEC commissioners sent to the current Chairperson of the Security and Exchange Commission: the former commissioners says it’s time to force corporations to disclose campaign contributions. The Tim Danahey Show discusses economics, government, social issues, history, and non-fiction books in a magazine format featuring in-depth conversations with guests. Politics and inflammatory conversations are discouraged as they are divisive and counter-productive. Instead, the show seeks under-reported topics and delves into facts, different perspectives, and ramifications of each perspective. The show does not espouse a political agenda. Danahey’s strength is to take complex subjects, talk with experts and make them comprehensible and entertaining for average listeners.