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    Str8 Gay Talk Presents: Mix It Up Mondays!

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    Str8 Gay Talk Presents: Mix It Up Mondays! With your host VeraM


    I'm Back everyone! I am your Host VeraM and I'm bringing you up! Its time to get hyped and feel yoself! Rather you are listening to Mix It Mondays on your way to work, coming home from work, or you are at home feeling like Turn DOWN 4 WHAT?! Well, tune in so that you can turn up! It don't matter if you are at by yourself, Turn UP! It's Str8 Gay Talk on Every Sunday, starting at 2pm and then at 7 pm EST. With your Host Boss, Nikki D, She She, and Guest Co-Hosts! Tune in Live! Entertainment R & B  Hip Hop Music,

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    Do Husbands Own Their Wives?

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    Many cultural practices still reflect beliefs that marriage is a man's "purchase" of a woman, even the practice of paying a "dowry" comes from this concept of a "bride price" and in many cultures the attitude of the society is that a woman is a man's property. In some countries, "honor killings" are allowed in which a man may kill his wife if he feels she has dishonored him. Even in America, so-called "honor killings" have gone unpunished in which a woman maried someone the family disapproved of, and she was killed. Both Islam and Christianity uphold interpretations of scripture that claim women as inferior and subservient to men. It is difficult for women to stand up to interpretations that their husbands may beat them for "dsobedience" if they accept the notion from so called Islamic "scholars" that "Allah said so." This is the same way Africans brought to America were convinced for generations to accept their abuse, Christians claimed that "God said so" in the Bible. Family, we will not solve the problem of violence until we corrrect religious misinterpretations that condone oppression of women. Sisters, your soul knows this is wrong. I used to be one of those that thought under certain "conditions" a man may "chastise" his wife, until Allah revealed to me the falseness of this belief. There can be no real love where there is fear. How do we create marriages in which men and women understand mutual value and respect, and the body which houses your soul belongs to you and you alone?

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    Remembering Our 1st Time With The Same Sex!

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    Today, we are discussing our 1st same sex experience. Want the TEA baby! Tell us what was it like and how it went down. Did you get turn out or was it a let down? Our inquiring minds wants to know the deal. By the way, this is our test show. and we are looking for your feed back and topic advice. So do us a favor and comment your thoughts below and follow us on here, & like our page Str8 Gay Talk on FaceBook. Don't 4get to comment below and let us know how you feel about our shows.

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    KNOT: The Issues with Comparing Gay Males and Heterosexual Females

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    Follow us on Twitter: KNOT = @knotradiotalk; Dantea = @jusTay_willdo; Nieama = @nieamab; O.T. = @DocPorterOT

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    Call in at 661-449-9318

    We, unfortunately, still live in a world that reduces or removes masculinity from homosexual males. It seems, being a gay males is often made equated to being a female or, at the very least, being more like a female than another male. Is this a correct? Is this even a fair comparison? Does sexuality truly play such a large part in our behaviors? Or is society simply blinding itself to the males who do not live up to the stereotypes that maintain the status-quo? Join us in this sure to be riveting discussion topic. Let your opinions be heard.

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    Gay couples on pro sports kiss cams

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    Longtime Los Angeles Kings fans Brad Parr and Andy Evans got their moment on the team's kiss cam and it meant a lot to them. "I wanted to let you know the L.A. Kings were awesome and put my boyfriend Andy and me on kiss cam -- to loud cheers from a crowd of 18,230. I'm pretty sure that this was the first time the Kings had ever had a same-sex couple on Kiss Cam, and I don't think it happens very often in any sport."

    We have long been critical of kiss cams that make fun of same sex couples but we discuss the change in tones of sports teams.

    Plus, a look at the pro-gay Rams moving to Los Angeles.

  • BDSM and were not talking about Big Dicks and Small Minds or are we.

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    You never know what you will hear on the show but we touch or be touched by the average size of the male anatomy or lack there of. We will have a special guest being hypnotized on the show lets see what crazy things we can make one do. It is sure to be an outragous broadcast. 

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    Letting go of the past in order to move forward

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    A past is something everyone has and to be a part of someones future you have to accept the past as part of them to be the future. 

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    Life gives you challenges you have to overcome

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    Everyone deals with negative in there life but to stay positive you have to surround yourself with positive people 

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    Jesus Loves You.... Unless You're Gay!

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    You know how we do at The Round Table.... join us on Sunday, January 3rd at 9:00PM EST (8:00PM CST) as we tackle the controvesial gay marriage, being forced to be on the "down low" and what does the increased acceptance of the gay lifestyle mean for our future. 

    We will be joined by special guest Rev. Laquinnya Henderson, Associate Minister at New Life AME Zion Church, College Park, GA. 

    Tune in... join the conversation... BE THERE!


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    David Templeton: Live from The Woodshed Lounge Happy Holigays

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    We will be airing live from the Holigays Christmas Party at The Woodshed Lounge in Charlotte North Carolina. We will be interviewing the staff patrons and exploring the gay leather culture and community. We will have some guest of the drag culture leather culture and one guest from Columbus Ohio on the air.

    Southern Gay Talk needs to do a special shout out and Thanks to Shed Leather & Shed Leather BUZZ of Charlotte, NC. and of course Sir Enzo. Southern Gay Talk will be broadcasting live from The Wood Shed Lounge from inside the Barber Room built and ran by Sir Enzo and Shed Leather Buzz which is a booth Solely dedicated to fund raise for the House of Mercy. A residence hospital run by Catholic Nuns  to care A.I.D.S  patients that have no where else to go. Sir Enzo takes very much pride in the booth and the hairstylists that all donate there time for the cause. All payments to the booth are donated to the House of Mercy 100%. The show will donate 100% of all iTunes downloads of the this show to the house of Mercy. 

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    As wives we need to rely on God's power to change us, our husbands and our cirumstances as well as our marriage.  Our husbands need us in many ways. Today we will be their intercessory prayer warrior.