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    The Pioneer's Table : Faith In The Hard Places

    in Spirituality

    Hello, and God bless you! Tune in this afternoon for our broadcast of The Pioneer's Table! So very looking foward to sharing this time with all of our followers and supporters. Meet you on the radio waves real soon! Love you.

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    The Pioneer's Table : Can we still be friends?

    in Spirituality

    You do not want to miss this broadcast of the Pioneer's Table. This broadcast is going to be a little different, but it's sure to still encourage you and prayerfully empower you as well. Join me and my two special guest on the radio waves! Looking foward to meeting you there. 

    ~Pastor Regina Harrell~

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    The Pioneer's Table: Midday Refuel

    in Spirituality

    Join The Pioneer's Table at our new time. Listen in for your midday refuel. God has something great in store! Let's go get it.

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    The Pioneer's Table: The Hallway Before The Open Door

    in Spirituality

    Tune in this afternoon for our Monday broadcast of The Pioneer's Table. There is a word readily available to equip, and empower you for the journey. 

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    The Pioneer's Table

    in Spirituality

    Thank God, we made it through another week! Tune in to our last broadcast for this week. It's sure to empower and encourage you. Love you, looking foward to our time together.

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    Podcast round table 3

    in Football

    podcast 3 review of inaug draft

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    The Pioneer's Table : Where is Our Integrity?

    in Spirituality

    You are welcomed to gather around the Pioneer's Table with us tonight! 

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    Debra's Round Table: Interview With Karen Magill

    in Writing

    Forced to leave the workforce in 2000 by the onslaught of MS, Karen saw this as an opportunity to explore her lifelong desire to write. In February of 2014, Karen independently published an inspiring story of her journey so far with MS entitled On The Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success.

    In March of 2014, Karen made her debut public speaking performance and has been hooked ever since. She is now launching a career as a motivational speaker and a life coach.

    Ms. Magill believes that anything is possible and when she writes fiction, she leans towards the paranormal. She writes about extrasensory powers as if they are commonplace because, in her mind, we are all capable of those gifts.

    To date, Ms. Magill is the author of four published paranormal novels, including the award winning The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story.

    Karen lives in an eclectic area of Vancouver Canada and draws inspiration from the history and stories around her. 

    Website: http://www.karenmagill.com

    Blog: http://karen-magill.blogspot.com

    Inside My Head

    There’s a hidden enemy
    Lurking inside my head.
    He attacks without warning,
    Filling my days with dread.

    I fear the release of slumber,
    The enemy attacks in my sleep,
    So I fight to stay awake,
    Though the fatigue runs deep.

    I may be numb, crippled or blind,
    If the enemy has his way.
    He taunts my dreams;
    I dread the light of day.

    read more:   http://karenmagill.com/1322_520d33005f439f60322f834313328f3/book.html

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    Debra's Round Table: With Sheila Finkelstein - Real Seniors Using iPads

    in Writing

    Known as “The Tech Savvy Senior,” Sheila Finkelstein, is a 75-year-old grandmother.  Her “kids” (educators and business people) often come to her for “how-to’s.” Even her son who teaches computers to high school students came to her a couple of years ago to learn how to use Twitter!

    As a former teacher and current life coach, Sheila has had years of experience in honing her communication skills – –  the very skills that are so handy in supporting seniors to have fun while learning how to thrive in the age of technology.  First, she “tunes in” to expressed needs in order to discover just what is important to seniors, and  then establishes what they want to accomplish. - See more at:







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    The Pioneer's Table : For Your Glory

    in Spirituality

    Tune in for our Friday broadcast at 12 noon. There is a word!

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    The Pioneer's Table: Time to get up

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to tonights broadcast of the Pioneer's Table! "It's time to get up!

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