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    In Search of Slow in Macedonia

    in Food

    This show will explore all the agencies that will be offering an amazing gastronomical tour, In Search of Slow in Macedonia, which will be taking place in Macedonia September 15 though 28, 2013. As a Macedonian American in search of her roots, Stephanie traveled to the land of her ancestors in 2011 interviewing farmers, food producers and Slow Food Macedonia members. She brought together Ambasador MAK, Balkania and Sophia Services to creat a truly unique tour of a magnificent culture and cuisine. This show will have three guests that will talk about their businesses and the upcoming "In Search of Slow in Macedonia. To book the tour, log ontohttp://www.sophiaservices.ca/ Enjoy!

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    Real Food Empire

    in Cooking

    Exploring the delicious journey of eating for the health of your body, your soul, the land and community, Real Food Empire brings delightful guests from the Sustainable Food Movement to show you how food is made in harmony with nature and the human community. From Farmers to Chefs, Food Producers to leaders in the Food Movement, each show will cover the delightful world of Real Food. In addition to guests, host Stephanie Georgieff will also give tips on how to make Real Food in your own home. In December, Real Food Empire will cover Holiday Traditions with an emphasis on hand made, locally grown and delicious.