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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Frugal Goddess Annabel Ascher

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Annabel Ascher. Annabel Ascher is known as the Frugal Goddess. She specializes in simple and practical advice on saving money in an unsure world. Annabel started The Frugal Goddess blog in 2010 at the height of the great recession, to help regular folks realize that a good life is still possible even in tough circumstances. Annabel started cooking at the age of eight and often made meals for her large family. This led to a lifetime passion for cooking from scratch and for food in general. More recently she has been exploring the environmental impact of agriculture and the economic effects of the need for food on the middle class and the new poor. She is the author of “Whole Food at Half Price—30 Days to Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank”.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • lichen sclerosus- autoimmune disorder- exhausted immune system on overdrive-astragalus, mushrooms and well cooked foods..

    • acid reflux- slippery elm balls..

    • 7 medicines..

    • ginko biloba every day for 6 months reduces your chances of ovarian cancer by half..

    • heartburn from medication- dandelion before meals..

    • bladderwrack and nourishing seaweeds..


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    Holistic Health From the Edge "The Mysteries of Digestion"

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    Join We Resisters Radio Network Monday January 5, 2015 at 8:00 PM CST

    In this week’s edition of “Holistic Health From the Edge” join Brandi Medeina and Dru Forseti as they investigate the mysteries of DIGESTION!

    If digestion is broken, the body cannot be nourished and will not heal itself. Why is it bad to take antacids? What effect do antibiotics have on us? What is the purpose of the Gallbladder? How long should it take food to transition through the digestive tract? What are holistic treatment options rather than treating symptoms with a medication which does not address the root cause.

    Join us, learn. Ask questions, lots of questions.

    Tune into The We Resisters Radio Network Monday night 8:00 pm CST/6:00 pm PST to hear. Your voice, your opinions and insights can be heard by calling in at (347) 857-4397 or by using Skype

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

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    Join Doctor-Attorney Mayer Eisenstein and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips as they discuss how an atheist can get a religious exemption to immunizations at work under fed civil rights law; the CDC's recent announcement that this year's flu vaccines are of minimal effectiveness due to mutation of the viruses; whether or not legal action in the form of an injunction or class action lawsuit may be possible given that the flu vaccines are of little effectiveness; why hospital mask policies for unvaccinated employees violate federal civil rights law; whether or not all healthcare workers should be required to wear masks, since the vaccines are so ineffective; homefirst.com's many natural supplements with probiotics, available for sale; how to sign up for the Vaccine Rights E-Newsletter (hint: go to vaccinerights.com); how President Obama's testing and treatment for acid reflux is likely to run into the $10's of thousands, when inexpensive natural supplements would most likely resolve the problem; tips on legislative activism and a new document to support enactment of laws protecting employees from mandatory flu shots; and more!

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    Activating Compassion Radio - Almost Autism

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Jesse interviews Maria Rickert Hong board member for the non-profit organization Epidemic Answers which focuses on helping parents recover their children from chronic illnesses like Autism, ADHD, SPD, allergies, asthma, acid reflux, chronic ear infections, OCD, Lupus, Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders. Maria is also the Media Director for Documenting Hope and has authored the book "Almost Autism" which focuses on recovering from Autism. We will look at her work with Autism, and her organization Documenting Hope.  You can reach Maria through her website at www.mariarickerthong.com


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

    Twitter:  www.twitter.com/#!/JesseNicholsGeo

    LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/spiritualadvisorjesse

    Events:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge.eventbrite.com

    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    On the Record with Reflux: Hika's Cosplay and Design

    in Culture

    Cosplay (???? kosupure?), short for costume play, is a performance art in which participants, called cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play.

    The many people that do this as a hobby, and then there are many who do this professionally. Others do it to make their designs be seen in an area that is more accepted than others. Today on the show we have Brianna Forrester also known as Hika's Cosplay Design.

    She has gone and won a few placements at conventions. Noteable wins are Animania Oct. 2013-Best Craftsmanship: Princess Palantine and Monitacon 2013-First Place in Advandced: Princess Palantine

    Her cosplays can be viewed here:



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    Don't Let Digestion Distress Destroy Your Day

    in Health

    Your digestive system runs day and night and if it is not working correctly you can’t work and you can’t sleep.  Over the counter medications bring some relief, but the older you become the more attention you need to pay to the system keeps you right, regular and raring to go.  Today we will share with you how you can keep it all running smoothly with the help of  essential oils.

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    Understanding Your Digestive System & its Role in Disease Prevention

    in Nutrition

    The proper functioning of you digestive system is critical and vital to optimal wellness. It is the place where 70%-90% of your immune system resides. In this episode, Dr Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will be discussing how the digestive system works and how to maintain its delicate balance.

    He will be covering questions such as:

    Why cleaning up your diet is important?
    What role does the stomach play in the digestive process?
    What is the difference between bad bacteria and good bacteria?
    Why you should consider a probiotic supplement and how to choose the right one for you?
    What roles do enzymes play in regulating metabolism and how they aid weight management?
    How to eliminate acid reflux and indigestion?
    What foods to avoid and what foods promote good intestinal flora balance?
    ...and many more!

    Join us as we explore and examine new avenues of viewing the 25 feet of your insides and its importance to your well being.

    Meanwhile, head on over to his blog on www.weiserliving.com 


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    Healthy Humans─Healthy Earth, With Dr. Allen Sprinkle, DDS

    in Education

    "Healthy Humans-Healthy Earth, With Dr. Allen Sprinkle, DDS"

    Please join us as we welcome Dr. Allen Sprinkle to this week's broadcast (Sunday at 10:00 AM Central Time-3:00 GMT). Dr. Sprinkle (http://www.drsprinkle.com/home.html) is a graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry and has thousands of hours of continuing education pertaining to Biological Dentistry, Chronic Head and Neck Pain and Sleep Disordered Breathing. In addition, he is a member of the following organizations:
    *American Academy of Cranio-Facial Pain;
    *Academy of Biologic Dentistry;
    *Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Dentistry—Founding Member;
    *Academy of Neural Therapy;  
    *Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine;
    *Holistic Dental Society;
    *International Academy of Oral and Medical Toxicology;
    *International Association of Functional Orthodontics.

    Years ago, Dr. Sprinkle uncovered a common thread of conditions among his patients, especially those with chronic pain. Most had poor sleep quality and were consistently fatigued. They also suffered from a myriad of other difficulties including poor concentration, headaches, and acid reflux. He knew that their lack of rest and quality sleep was detrimental to their recovery and only increased their unending patterns of pain, disease, discomfort and discouragement. Dr. Sprinkle knew he had to find a way to bring rest, refreshing sleep and hope to these and hundreds of others just like them. In addition to his revolutionary treatments procedures, he is in demand as a speaker at various events and is a consultant to various members of the dental and medical communities. He lives on an organic farm with his wife Sharna, their two daughters and a menagerie of animals.

    And please call with your comments and/or questions. The number to call is (646)378-1092.


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    We need food to live, yet can be poisoned by eating the wrong things, there are all kinds of reports that show that our modern way to producing agriculture and our use of food preservations, have caused havoc on the human diet.

    Our diets can have dangerous effects on the human body, which resulted in us creating an acidic environment in our bodies which is a perfect temperature for disease to manifest.
    The pH level of our internal fluids affects every living cell in our bodies.

    The effect that over-acidification can have upon overall health is enormous.

    A chronically over acidic pH creates an extremely negative environment that then affects all cellular functions from the beatings of the heart to the neural workings of the brain.

    When our pH level is too acidic,

    Almost any area of our bodies can be negatively affected by this acidic environment, causing our organs to malfunction and break down,

    Creating results such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, weight problems, allergies, fatigue and premature aging as well as problems with our nervous system, cardiovascular system and muscles.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Host of the SOULFUL HEALING SHOW, to learn how a food combination coupled with herbal and minerals medicinal therapies can balance and positively charge particles in the body to assist healing.

    Learn simple plans that aid in curing broad array of illnesses including,

    Cardiovascular disease, Obesity, Acid Reflux, Emphysema and Pneumonia…

    Come and give yourself the gift of staying healthy and balanced, from the Soulful healing Talk Show packed with information, awareness and clarification.

    Catch you at our "ME TIME"

    One Love!!

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    Acid Reflux, Heartburn and Such - Oh My

    in Health

    Have you ever had that uneasy feeling where there is a burning sensation traveling from your stomach to your chest or throat? How about that bitter or sour taste of acid surfacing up to your mouth? What are the symptoms of acid reflux/heartburn? Is it harmful? Can it be cured? What are the treatment therapies?

    Join us as we explore the topic of the gastroinstestinal system and the complications that may occur if untreated. Your health and wellness depends on you. Be informed!

    Invite your family, friends and social network contacts to listen as we work to improve on our health and wellness.

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    Survivors of Open Heart Surgery

    in Health

    Open Heart Surgery survivors is a population of people that are doing just that surviving. This forum has been a talk show since june 2009 that started out as a internship for grade in my student work study class. The passion has always been there to talk about new health finds and or innovative finds in the field of Cardiovascular disease. Talk about health, foods, medicine good bad and ugly; tune in every saturday 2:pm.


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