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    Fill Up On Faith II

    in Prayer

    When we fill up on faith we do not look at circumstances but trust the word of God. Just like the car without gas, we believe that if we take that car to a station and put fuel in it, it will run again because the car has what it needs. It is the same with God. When our circumstances bear down on us or look bleak or unmanagable, we look to the promises of God found in his word. Trust God like Abraham did. Do not waver in faith because God will see us through.

    Today's program will be a continuation of last week. We will use scripture, poetry and song to talk about strong faith. Join us.

    SE Scott

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    Radio Free America - January 24, 2016

    in Politics

    A Discussion of Libertarian Politics in Delaware and Across the Nation, with a Little Bit of Music Thrown In, Just for Fun.



    Bloomberg May Run

    National Review Says No to Trump

    Palin Says Yes to Trump



    Gasoline and Matches

    by Arnold McCuller

    We Go Down Fighting

    by Suicide Denial

    Podsafe music courtesy of Music Alley


    Will's Facebook

    Jess' Facebook

    Legislative Links

    DE Legislators



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    SAT MORNING WAKE &BAKE with the host that smokes Snoopy SoFly

    in Music


    with the host that smokes Snoopy SoFly

    So wake up Roll up and pray up the call in and recap on what you did,doing,or plan to for your weekend

    this is the first show of its kind. where we interview celeberties talk about there life and more

    this week we have the heartfelt music group

    Artist K-Kells, and L-mon

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    Funny & Funky Chat with Lingfei Hui - Energy Healing and Gasoline

    in Health

    A funny and funky chat with Lingfei about energy healing and gasoline!

    To learn more about Lingfei, visit her website at:


    Join her Facebook page:


    Email: DirectMindpowers@gmail.com

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    Al Basile, Wicked Grin, CKNM Dick LeMasters & CKNM Jonn Del Toro Richardson

    in Music

    SHOW #299 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    In 1970, Al Basile was the first to receive a Master’s Degree from the Brown University Writing Program. He has worked with the Duke Robillard Band as a songwriter and recording member since 1990, appearing on twelve CDs and a DVD. He has nine solo blues and roots CDs out under his own name. He has been nominated four times, in 2010, 2012, 2013, ad 2014, for a Blues Music Award as best horn player. His new album is B’s Expressions and Al and I will chat about his remarkable career and the new music.

    Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin are an Ottawa based original roots rock/blues band. Their sophomore album, Shame On Me (2013) was released to critical acclaim and wide-spread airplay in North America. In 2014 the band won the Maple Blues Award for New Artist of the Year. Shame On Me was named Best Canadian Blues Rock Album of 2014 by The Blues Underground Network. They have a new album out entitled Stormy Water and I will chat with the band about their music and plans.

    Dick LeMasters first sat on The Couch back in April of 2015 when we spoke about his career and album One Bird, Two Stones.  Tonight he returns for a Couch Kid New Music Segment to share his new album, Gasoline & Fire. I’ll chat with Dick and find out what his year has been like and about the recording of the new album.

    Jonn Del Toro Richardson joined me twice in 2013.  The first time from Europe with Sean Carney to talk about their album, and then by himself to discuss his career while we listened to songs from past albums.  Well now, Jonn has a new album, Tengo Blues and he and I will talk about the new music and more. 


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    The Price of Oil, Currencies and the Economic Crisis

    in Self Help

    The price of oil has fallen below $40 a barrel. While the lower cost of gasoline is making it easier for us to get around, and keeping prices of transported goods lower than they would be otherwise, the are serious problems with oil being so low in price.

    The oil price reflects increased production, but that is not the main reason for it lowering. Demand is decreasing. Further, with new energy technologies being introduced, the demand for petroleum products will decline even more.

    The dollar has been tied to oil, and forced on the oil trade until recently. Now other currencies are being used to buy and sell oil. The dollar has actually strengthened as it and the U.S. stock market have still been the “safe havens” for money around the world during a time of economic uncertainty.

    However, the debt bubble may be about to burst, which could seriously change the world’s financial markets, including the consumer market.

    Economic change of major proportions is unfolding. Preparations are required to come through this without devastation.

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    Thanks For Giving Me Turkeys To Kill!!

    in Comedy

    I haved my beard off...suddenly it's like I cut my balls off as well. Maybe I'll do a Bruce Jenner and wear a wig...then I'll be a hero again!

    ALWAYS shave November! I can't stand the bear cliques. Keep ya gat damn combs and oils...I'll rub automotive grease on my dimples and call it a day.

    Turkish rebels shot down a Russian jet figther and killed the pilots. Turkey will soon become Rebublic Of Russia.

    Why is it now called "Special Needs?" Because it used to be safe to call them retarded, until you and your friends called each other that. Now the "mentally challenged" don't want to be associated with your "special needs" friends.

    "Illegal Immigrant" is also no longer an accepted term. It's now "undocumented." Son...don't do undocumented drugs.

    Who's getting drunk and fighting with relatives this Thanksgiving? Did you know immigrants started Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, and don't forget to tell the British Happy 4th of July!


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    Falling Oil/Gasoline Prices and the Impact on Corporate Profits

    in Business

    Advisor TalkingPoints: Prepare for client interactions with this week’s analysis reviewing the economic impact—or lack thereof—from falling gasoline prices, plus stock and bond performance, job growth, and a peek ahead.

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    Green Gasoline

    in Energy

    Today the subject is biofuels. We will be speaking with researchers about the prospects for getting green gasoline to the pumps.

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    Civilization Bringers:Energy Autarkic/Autonomic"Keshe"Blue Box Blue Print Build5

    in Education

    Blueprint week is open to the public. Learn to build the system and how it works.

    Friday, October 30, 2015 CE is
    Long Count:
    0Julian Date:  October 17, 2015 CE
    Calendar Round:  7 Ak'bal 11 Sak
    Year Bearer:  4 Eb'
    Lord of Night:    G8

    The teachings at the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute will be live and open for public, so that you will be able to learn all about the understanding, using and applying of the technology "MAGRAV SYSTEM FREE ENERGY IN EXCHANGE FOR WORLD PEACE"

    Magrav-Power Car System:With this product, you are able to support a fully electric car.  As shown on the 68th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, this unit can increase gas milage on your standard gasoline engine as well.  

    Magrav-Power Universal System: This is a full system that is able to power your home, and produce electricity for the grid! Some assembly required! Release of the systems are ALEADY IN THE HANDS OF THE PUBLIC!

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    MOTHER'S DAY-Dennis McDougall

    in Entertainment

    In June of 1985, while her teenage sons held their half-sister down, Theresa Cross beat her nineteen-year-old daughter Sheila unconscious and then stuffed her into a 2´ x 2´ storage locker. After three days, the knocking, kicking, and cries stopped. Theresa and her sons dumped the girl’s body in the desolate High Sierras. The summer before, Theresa had dug a bullet out of her daughter Suesan’s chest with a paring knife. When Suesan failed to recover (without benefit of doctors or hospital), Theresa and her two sons drove the delirious girl to the mountains, doused her with gasoline, and set her on fire. For nearly nine years, Theresa Cross Knorr got away with murder, until her youngest daughter, Terry Knorr Graves, finally found a cop who believed the incredible story of her two murdered sisters.?That story is all here, the shocking life of a woman whose violence, jealousy, rage, and domination led to a brutally heinous crime of ruthless ferocity. MOTHER'S DAY-Dennis McDougall

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