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    Geo-engineering Aerosols Threaten Life

    in Self Help

    Geoengineering is the spraying of aerosol chemicals, toxic metals, biological agents and high tech nanobots in our skies that effect our soils, water, air, plants, animals and us. This has occurred, increasing gradually, for at least 20 years with a quiet cover story of combating global warming.

    Weather control, profit, climate change, severe storms, drought, crop destruction, interfering with nature, poisoning the populace, reducing intelligence, mind control, reduced immune strength, inducing pandemic, transforming humans into biological robots, and depopulation are all part of the multi-purpose global control agenda of an elite cabal. They are also causing methane to be released from the arctic ice that could end life.

    Atmospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering and Solar Radiation Management are the formal names for spraying chemicals in our skies since at least the mid 1990‘s. Weather modification is a major purpose, which utilizes the frequencies produced by HAARP technology to cause severe storms and droughts, destroying crops while also poisoning the populace.

    Meanwhile, intelligence is diminishing, health problems are increasing and early death is engendered. It is crucial to learn how to protect ourselves as best we can while organizing locally to get these harmful activities stopped. Local referendums or initiatives to ban spraying are being included on election ballots in various cities by gathering signatures and submitting a petition. Fracking, injection wells, dumping of toxic waste into the ground and other common sources of public poisons, such as fluoride in city water and GMOs could be banned similarly. 

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    propaganda and social engineering

    in Current Events

    social engineering is essentially the art of exploiting human psychology. its like hacking a computer without firewalls 

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    Fast N Loud Richard Rawlings: Gas Monkey Garage, Hot Wheels, & Monster Jam

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Fast N Loud Richard Rawlings: Gas Monkey Garage, Hot Wheels, & Monster Jam.

    This year is gearing up to be the biggest one yet for Richard and Gas Monkey Garage with the announcement that the garage's life-size Hot Wheels car was accepted by Hot Wheels and will be produced as part of the iconic toy's catalog! (photo below).  Additionally, Gas Monkey continues to make waves in the world of competitive driving with its Top Fuel drag team, and is adding an official Gas Monkey Garage Monster Jam Truck to the lineup, which debuted in Houston, TX on January 9 (photo below).  The truck is driven by veteran driver BJ Johnson, and with so many custom features it is guaranteed a place in the highlight reels!

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    A Discussion of thebCrude Oil and Gas Infrastructure

    in Politics

    Kathleen Nolan, Senior Research Director of Catskill Mountainkeper talks about the Crude Oil and Gas Infrastructure

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    Gas, Oil & Carson plummeting;Trump calls frienemy maniac; Scalia's Black comment

    in Politics Conservative


    Where to begin? POTUS candidate Trump and Justice Scalia make comments that make more than a few people unhappy. OIl and natural gas prices resulting in closing of wells and thousands of new unemployed workers; Cruz is no longer just cruising in the polls. GOP looking at a brokered nomination? Is American politics becoming the laughing stock of the world? How will the people react to the new poitical sytem/practices found in recent campaining and so called "outsiders"?

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" and join the conversations and debts. Let your voice be heard!

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    Will Islam Rule The World? Gift Cards for US Stocks, Gas Prices & Movie News

    in Politics

    Van Hipp-“Islam will rule the world.” FROM FORT HOOD TO BOSTON MARATHON FROM BENGHAZI TO SAN BERNARDINO.  Hipp, is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army and the former Principal Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Navy.

    Teri Llach-Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Blackhawk Network asks if you Want to Give a Unique Gift This Holiday? Gift Cards redeemable for Shares of U.S. Stock.  

    Dan Kish-He's senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research asks, How low can gas prices go?  Is there better news ahead?

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy reports on the box office winners & coming attractions.

    Clark Gascoigne-Tens of Thousands Urge Congress to Reject Any Extension of Egregious Tax Loopholes. The Deputy Director of FACT Coalition discusses.

    Steve Strauss-The country's leading small business expert reports on Bank of America Small Business Owner Report Found 93 Percent of Small Business Owners Think Changing Technology Has Helped Their Business.

    F. Stewart Kallinger-Career educator, having taught for 31 years in NYC schools and City Colleges shares A Lesson for Ms. Fort.

    Stewart Scott-Anecdotes from his Diary of a Mall Santa-and reflections on "Santacon" drunken revelry.

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    A discussion about the gas pipeline proposal

    in Politics

    Bekcy Meier and Bob Conners talk about the proposed gas pipline in upstate NY

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    Beware: Malware Crossing! Organized Cybercrime Comes to Town

    in Technology

    One of the most dominant trends observed in the cybercrime during 2015 was the spread of organized crime groups to new territories.

    Using banking Trojans to attack banks in new geographies is a significant step because it is considered to be part of the malware’s evolution. Before they can venture into countries they never targeted before, crime groups have to invest in an adequate preparatory stage that includes reconnaissance of the banking systems in that geography. They also have to build or pay for the major components of amassing a botnet in that area: spam campaigns in the corresponding language using suitable social engineering ploys, web injections to match language and transaction authentication requirements, and local money mules they can rely on for moving the stolen money to the hands of the attackers.

    In this podcast we will examine some of the most impactful crossings made by malware in 2015, and unsurprisingly learn that all of them were made by major organized cybercrime groups.

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    The National Society of Black Engineers #NSBE is Engineering A Culture of Change

    in Jobs

    We are interviewing several leaders of the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) including: Michelle Mitchell (Pre College Intiative Chair), William Leverette (Fall Regional Conference Chair) and Christian Miller (Region 5 Chair)

    They will be sharing some exicting information about upcoming events.

    The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit association dedicated to the academic and professional success of African American engineering and technical students and professionals. NSBE offers its members leadership training, professional and academic development, mentoring opportunities, community service outreach programs and scholarships.

    Mission: To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.

    Visit http://hsbe.org/Regions/Region5

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    Three Stages of Jihad, Sarin Gas & Obama the Counterfeit Antichrist

    in Christianity

    LIVE @8:00 PM CST on PROPHECY QUAKE, we will look at the truth about Islam and the three stages of Jihad as it relates to the rise of the Antichrist kingdom. There is so much misinformation about Bible prophecy being thrown around the internet. We will show how Obama is not the Antichrist, but he is a counterfeit to bring in the REAL "Man of Sin" that will appear to be a man of peace, (working miracles) who has come to save us from the chaos. We will look at a major confirmation of a prophetic word the Lord Jesus gave me back in April 2015. We must take heed and stay true to the Word of God in the Bible or we will be deceived by the false christs and false prophets! To listen by phone call 347-884-8566 and text Kevin at 334-524-2809 if you want to comment on the air. 

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    Episode 1221: Larry Conley Radio Show

    in Training

    A sepcial on-location episode of the Larry Conley Radio Show from the Missouri Winter Fire School.  His guest is Fire Engineering Magazine editor-in-chief Bobby Halton.