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  • 01:30

    Geek Day at the Phoenix Film Festival

    in Pop Culture

    We are LIVE out at the first ever, Geek Day at the Phoenix Film Festival. Come on out and see The AZ Ghostbusters, Gangplank, and a bunch of brand new games.

  • 00:29

    The New "Collaborative" Economy

    in Business

    New wave incubators and professional groups are taking a different approach to accelerating new businesses.  They are sharing more than just Hostess Twinkies on the playground.
    Innovative businesses are popping up using springboard centers and networking organizations designed to share everything including the kitchen sink. 
    Cynthia talks to Derek Neighbors co-founder of Gangplank,Gangplank is a group of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Valley; and other leaders to learn what value they see in empty spaces, networking events and how the new "collaborative" economy is helping small business thrive during volatile economic times.

  • 00:55

    Rock Your Business Hour - The 2010 World Cup - Springboard or Gangplank for South African Business

    in Self Help

    Rock Your Life Radio - Business Hour Hosts Dave Rogers & Mike Handcock are joined by 2 Awesome South African Entrepreneurs including Luther Diedricks from SA Business Hub and Neale Petersen who is a major Property Publisher in SA. You will be blown away by what you learn.

    In this tell all show you will see the positive and negative effects of massive global events such as the World Cup Soccer, Olympics and America's Cup on business and economies. Join us for a very special Rock Your Life Business Hour.

    - insights and distinctions on the economic effects of the World Cup on South Africa

    - effects on real estate, entrepreneurship, and economic activity pre and post the World Cup in South Africa

    - is "the trend your friend" for investors - what have we learned as investors, entrepreneurs and in what ways can we use this knowledge in 2012 Olympics London, 2014 World Cup Brazil, 2016 Olympics Brazil & other major events such as the America's Cup, G8, Formula 1 etc