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    Gamache Panache

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    Every interaction you have with a client, prospect or colleague either works against you or works in your favor when it comes to creating a powerful business presence. Join me as I interview the world renowned branding strategist, Lethia Owens, as she shares creative and innovative strategies for using branding as a tool for creating your powerful business presence. This interview will be power-packed with information you can begin using immediately

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    Gamache Panache

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    Find out how Marty Hoerman had a career as a nurse but wasn't living her passion until she became a lia sophia jewelry fashion advisor. We will talk about how she made the transition to live her passion, the lastest jewelry trends for fall and the right way to way jewelry.

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    Gamache Panache

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    If you kind of want something, you probably won’t be successful. If you really want something, you will be steadfast, determined, and Get Connected!

    Join me as I chat with Jo Lena Johnson, business owner and author. She and I co-authored a book this year.."If You Really Want to Be Successful, Get Connected!" In Get Connected!, you’ll get connected with yourself, your inner power, your resources, and over a dozen other women. Be successful through precise decision-making, support from others, guidance, experience, and faith. This is the 2nd book in Jo Lena's series of "If You Really Want To" books.

    Tune in to this informal conversation about everything from having the right connections to making sure you have the right style.

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    The Now You Know Show: Episode 24 Curses from Gamache & Graveyard Dirt

    in Spirituality

    A new and exciting variety broadcast that covers all things hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure.

    "From deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars at night are big and bright, comes The Now You Know Show, with Professor Charles Porterfield, here to tell it like it was and how it is, to help school ya, so no one can fool ya!"

    Tune in and learn valuable lessons about the practice of hoodoo, conjure, and throwing roots with a skilled practitioner who brings a lifetime of experience to the task of teaching newbies and entertaining old-time practitioners alike. Professor Porterfield is a talented rootworker, a dedicated founding member of AIRR, a gifted reader, and one of our dearest friends. We are proud to sponsor him in this new adventure.

    At Professor Porterfield's TheNowYouKnowShow.com web site, you can find updates and information on the show -- or, to access episodes directly, just go to The Now You Know Show at Blog Talk Radio

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    Why women entrepreneurs struggle to make money

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    Why is it that women in business struggle to make money? What is the number one issue they face? Join me as I speak to Kerry Brown, an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer who has been coaching women entrepreneurs for 16 years so that they can build the business they desire.


    During our time together you will learn:

    the number #1 reason that keeps women entrepreneurs frustrated over making money in their business
    how this struggle creates anxiety and overwhelm
    simple steps anyone can take to eliminate the stress, start making money and finally having some fun!


    Kerry Bown is the owner of Success Biz Coach based in British Columbia, Canada. She provides practical, insightful, creative, and above all, results based coaching and consulting to improve effectiveness for executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, top producing sales professionals and individuals in leadership roles. She has a 30 minute Monday morning 9 am PT show on Google Hangouts called Hang Out With Coach Kerry, you can check out past episodes on YouTube.

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    Transform your life through Ballroom Dance

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    Dancing creates a place of strength where you will see quality, integrity, and capability increase in all avenues of life! At Prestige Ballroom our students find acceptance – we provide a fun environment where everyone is admired, valued and loved. Prestige Ballroom helps people dare to achieve their dreams and become what they’ve always dreamed of being!

    David Thompson is the fun people person owner of Prestige Ballroom. He is all about inspiring others and having a great time!  He has a penchant for motivating people to strive for their highest callings, and assisting anyone who wants to grow.  He began teaching ballroom as a way of personal reinvention, self-development, and artistic expression.  He specializes in bringing anyone—singles or couples, youth or adult, social or competitive—regardless of background, to a higher place in not only dance, but also personally.  He focuses on fun, excitement and the promise of future growth—by building self-respect, discipline, confidence and strength.

    His partner, Jaysa has always been very active and she loves helping others improve their lives through fitness, transforming into happier, healthier individuals.  Jaysa began teaching ballroom as a means to help improve people’s lives mentally, emotionally and physically.  After months of intense training she has absolutely fallen in love with Ballroom Dance!  “I have been very blessed in my life to have had many exciting jobs that I love, but teaching Ballroom tops the list!”

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    What's New on the St. Louis Fashion Scene

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    Wondering what is the latest in fashion in St. Louis? What is in style and in season? Join us for a candid conversation with one of St. Louis' fashion experts, Tameka Green. She will share her own experiences working with women on their personal style and jewelry choices and will share what we can look forward to this year at Missouri Fashion Week. Tameka will also give us a sneak peek at the new digital magazine coming to St. Louis, Gazelle.

    Listen in to find out how you can get:

    Celebrity style for a STEAL
    Advise about what your image says about you
    The lowdown on Missouri Fashion Week - what’s in store this year
    A sneak peek at the new digital magazine, Gazelle

    Tameka Green is the Associate Event Producer and Marketplace Coordinator for Missouri Fashion Week. She is also a stylist for Stella & Dot, a social selling boutique jewelry line as well as the Managing Editor of Gazelle STL, a new e-magazine for women set to launch in April.  In addition to being a member of the St. Louis Chapter of Fashion Group International (FGI) she is involved with several charities within the community. She has carried a handbag since the age of two and is a beauty product junkie.

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    Jewelry with Personality - How One Woman's Passion Turned into a Thriving Busine

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    Tune into to here how this stay-at-home Mom of 3 turned her passion for making jewelry into a thriving jewelry business that now spans most of the United States. 

    Jennifer Bonacorsi started her career as a Special Education Teacher. Teaching was her passion and so was helping kids with Special Needs. After teaching for several years Jennifer and Bret Bonacorsi started their own family and Jennifer made the decision to stay home with her children. It was during this time that Jennifer found a passion for jewelry design. She started making jewelry for friends and family and soon started hosting home parties. She did not want to start just another jewelry company. She had a vision to create a kind of company where women could still be creative and not simply sell jewelry from a catalog. Jennifer wanted women to use their creativity to have the success they desire. Through years of experience she also realized women need an easy and simple system along with their creativity. jBloom was soon born. Jennifer wanted to make sure her company would work for everyone. Whether you are looking simply for jewelry at a discount, always having the perfect gift or looking to make an additional income, jBloom will work for you! We invite you to learn more about our unique company WHERE VISION BECOMES REALITY.

    Jennifer will share:

    How the business got started
    How she balances family and business
    How the original concept has changed and helped the company grow beyond her wildest dreams

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    Fashion as a business tool, the how, the why and the sparkle

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    How can fashion be a business tool? Join me as I interview Marie Hale Ramos, found of Lipstic Logic based in Chicago, IL. Marie will explain the how, the why and the sparkle behind her strategies of using fashion as a business tool.


    Fabulous? Fearless? Finally! Lipstic Logic is a breath of fresh air and a kick in the business butt! Marie Hale Ramos, the visionary behind Lipstic Logic, has the magic marketing touch. Her system of creating duplicate-able, delegate-able and automate-able sales and marketing processes mixed with innovative marketing strategies and soft, nurturing sales patterning gives business owners the most precious gift of all... time to be brilliant.

    She has served her sister-preneurs as the Executive Director of eWomenNetwork Chicago for more than 5 years and currently sits as the director of Marketing for the G&L Chamber of Chicago as well as running her boutique practice. 

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    Finding Real Contentment in a Loud, Crazy, Busy World

    in Business

    Do you find your self so busy in this loud, crazy world that you forget to take time to breath and truly enjoy it all? Join us to find out how to have real contentment in this world and enjoy life more. You will learn:

    Ideas to use right away to be more focused and productive
    How to erase dissatisfaction and overwhelm
    The missing ingredient in your search for personal and professional happiness – it’s right in front of you!

    In 2001 Mary Kutheis established her own speaking/coaching/consulting practice, Open Spaces, LLC – Workplace Productivity Group® and rebranded her business under the name RealContentment in late 2012. She works with organizations that want their people to get the right things done, thrive at work and have a life in balance.

    ?She believes the vital keys to success are to use time wisely and communicate kindly. Mastering those skills allows us to boost professional productivity and personal satisfaction.

    Mary also believes that a wise use of time is to do away with long, boring introductions. You can find all the information on her website www.realcontentment.com – if you’re interested.

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    Women come in different shapes - Clothes should too!

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    Are you like most women and struggle finding the right fit in your clothes? Join me as I talk with Cricket Lee about her amazing journey to finding a technology that would allow her company to design pants that actually fit a woman's shape. 
    You will learn:
    That your shape is a calculable mix by ethnicity and global origin. There is nothing wrong with you....it is the way the fashion industry currently does “fit” that is flawed. There is a way to find the perfect fitting pant, designed specifically for you and your shape. Why competing technologies are trying to direct you to fit within one brand while Fitlogic guarantees the same fit within ALL brands that carry the technology, eliminating the try on process. Cricket Lee is an award-winning consumer marketing visionary, earning 72 national awards for creative excellence in advertising, a national ADDY and numerous international patents. Cricket Lee has successfully launched products and created programs for prestigious retailers and brands including Saks 5 Avenue, British Airways, JC Penney, Sara Lee Intimates, Ralph Lauren, Ford Models, and Haggar Clothing Co. Ms. Lee has created programs that have built over $250MM in annual revenue and has been featured in cover stories in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and on the Today Show twice.
    Since 2002, Cricket has been fully focused as the founder and chairwoman of Fitlogic®. Fitlogic is a world patented fit technology that is designed like an operating system for apparel, making it easy for women to know what size they are from one brand to the next, regardless of style, price or channel. The consumer simply learns one universal symbol (Shape 1, Shape 2, or Shape 3) and then shops for garments with Fitlogic, knowing they will fit the same every time.

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