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    Galactic Light Language Transmissions with Lightstar

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a galactic light language transmission and activation as we interview LightStar who is a High frequency attunement artist and celestial channel. 

    Lightstar Biography

    Lightstar is an internationally acclaimed High Frequency Attunement Artist, Celestial Channel, and Starseed Ambassador who is passionately committed to guiding Lightworkers, Starseeds, and spiritual seekers to discover the truth of their soul.  She speaks over 16+ Universal Galactic Languages, which inspire soul memories and transmit powerful activations. She is the creator, author, and artist of the popular and ground-breaking Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators which transmit pure Divine Light Codes through her visionary art. All of Lightstar’s creations are infused with sacred color rays and light codes that transmit pure divine inspiration to help re-align individuals who are feeling disconnected from their higher guidance to become inspired, and to recall their destiny path.  Lightstar has been a featured guest on radio shows such as Akashic Therapy on VoiceAmerica, Starseed Radio Academy with Lavendar, Starseed Radio with Jonah Bolt, and Under the Surface Radio Show. 

    For more information, you can visit her websites at http://lightstarcreations.com, 

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    in Christianity

    Faith Smalling is an illustrator, ghost writer, and speaker. She has been married to her pastor husband for thirty-five years.

    Faith emulates the Christian life with her strong beliefs in God ad reaches out to others through her poetry artwork, and speaking engagements. Despite her share of dark times, Faith holds a staunch belief in God’s goodness and the incredible power of prayer.

    Join us on Tuesday, February 9th at 8:00 AM MST, on Step Into the Light with Patti Shene. Faith will discuss ways pastors and their families can handle scrutiny, and why, despite great personal heartache, her belief in God is unshakable. Faith will also share the snippets of her career as an illustrator, ghost writer, and speaker.

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    in Education

    Shining light on the confusion, the basic facts, and the ultimate goal of the moorish movement in love and understanding

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    Moorish Light Radio

    in Education

    Shining light on the confusion, the basic facts, and the ultimate goal of the moorish movement in love and understanding

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    Galactic Shaman

    in Paranormal

    Cheryl Gall is a nationally known Galactic Shaman, healer, teacher and consultant. She is a clairsentient, empathic, intuitive practitioner of energy work for over 19 years. Cheryl ‘s mission is to assist others in the healing of humanity and Mother Earth for ascension.

    Cheryl is certified in Peruvian Shamanic Practices and Reiki Master. She holds a B.S. in Occupational Studies.  Her successful and vast career experience in the US Marines, Aerospace Industry, Corporate, Retail, Law Enforcement, Insurance Investigations, and her own personal training business allows her the ability to reach a wide variety of clients in different places in their life.

    Cheryl offers a variety of services ranging from private sessions, workshops, student programs and mentoring.  Check out Cheryl’s calendar on her website for her upcoming events and additional services offered.

    Cheryl is passionate about sharing her skills and personal experience with others who are searching to improve their own life and become a healthier, happier being.

    Cheryl Gall - Galactic Shaman

    Energy Healer and Teacher
    949 533-1666

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    Short and Long Term Memory,Nokodemion and his Peoples, Ashtar Sheran

    in Spirituality

    The thoughts of these negative people, however, were directed toward you in such a death-threatening manner that we felt compelled to explore the appropriate memory planes, by what means we found out that there are tremendously destructive powers stored against you and that of these, inconceivably large quantities were simply taken from somewhere. Getting to the bottom of this incident was obvious for us, and we soon found the perpetrators of this murderous doing.A residual group of the now dead Ashtar Sheran, who finally concluded his life in the DAL Universe, felt obliged to be active as avengers of their former lord and master.

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    The Light of Portland Broadcast with Pastor Charelle

    in Christianity

    Tonight on the Light of Portland Broadcast, Join me, Pastor Charelle and Evangelist Hardaway as we go through the names of God and how to apply them in our lives.  Be prepared to grow and be strengthen as this teaching on the Names God, our Father who will be all that you need for Him to be.  If you need prayer, if you need encouragement, if you need to dedicate your life to the Lord, Listen to the Light of Portland Broadcast and watch your life change.


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    The Galactic Federation, UFOs, Aliens, and the Ashtar Command w Zen Garcia

    in Religion

    The Galactic Federation, UFOs, Aliens, and the Ashtar Command w Zen Garcia

    Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they pump out the latest apocalyptic headlines, reports of impossible weather, animal kills, and other news of perpetual weirdness.  Tonight we are blessed again to have brother Zen Garcia join us to help shed some light on the increasing activity from the Galactic Federation of Light, UFOs and other unusual cosmic phenomenon that will play a major role in the Revelation 13 "beast government" and things to "come upon the earth".

    God Bless You - See you there!

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    in Christianity

    Author Caryl McAdoo has written several full length works covering a variety of subjects and targeting readers of all ages. From her nonfiction work about antiquing in North Texas to Biblical fiction, with contemporary and historical Christian romance and mid-grade fiction in between, Caryl shares her love for God in her written work.

    Caryl has created some of her work with her husband, who started his writing career first. She loves to spend time with her many grandchildren, but most of all, Caryl enjoys every moment of every incredible blessing God has bestowed on her.

    Join us on Tuesday, February 2nd at 8:00 AM MST, on Step Into the Light with Patti Shene. Caryl will talk about her writing journey, where it has taken her, how God has guided her steps, and where He is directing her for the future.

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    in Spirituality


    FENG SHUI YOUR OWN Inner Galaxy  – with MRAE LIVE!

    CALL IN - 646-478-3085 - JOIN US while you remember your own intergalactic journey… for a galactic conversation at “the kitchen table”.  We offer a supportive forum for questions and comments in hopes that you and others may benefit.  We tie in Advanced Classical Feng Shui and mathematics from the masters based on the big dipper and the North Star, time travel, star languages, awakening strategies for the new energy new energy while finding a sense of home and remember your own personal healing.

    WE answer your questions for your own spiritual path at (646) 478-3085 live 8p New York/EST, biweekly on Sunday. Be sure to check out the archived shows online at on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search?q=mrae.

    CALL 646-478-3085 :: 2 QUESTIONS Please -This allows us to get to as many people as possible.

    CONTACT MRae at:  intergalacticfengshui@gmail.com 

    FB: InterGalactic Feng Shui:  https://www.facebook.com/fengshui.rae

    GO TO: www.GalacticU.com


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    in Spirituality



    No planet has ever shifted as fast as Planet Earth is, indeed, going through right now!


    A rare and comprehensive session through Michael Ellegion!

    We receive encodements as we listen to this very enlightening call from our Cosmic Masters AND Prime Creator!

    We learn what is the most important action we can do now.  

    Will the James Twyman global meditation have an effect? - And our own group's call... does it become a mandate to Federation?

    Are we still "programmed with 'hot buttons?'" 

    Karma can be instantly cleared??  How??

    Is Ascension complicated? Must we study?

    Can it be simple?  How??