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    Gaga Show

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    talking about lady gaga while talking on facetime

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    Madonna, Lady Gaga, Raven-Symoné, Dez Bryant, & More

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    Listen to the ICC Morning Show as we give you the scoop on Madonna's Brit Awards tumble, Lady Gaga's big announcement, Raven-Symoné's new gig, Dez Bryant's video, and more.

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    Naked on Stage & Lady Gaga Tricks of the Trade - Kevin Stea

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    Kevin Stea, a well-known dancers in the industry for  over 20 years has worked as choreographer, model, director, actor and host.  He has worked with some of the world’s top musical artists, directors, photographers and designers. 

    Kevin was associate choreographer, dance captain and dancer on Madonna’s legendary Blonde Ambition World Tour, from which the movie “Madonna:Truth or Dare” was made, and the video for “Vogue”.  

    He performed in Madonna’s unforgettable Edwardian appearance on the MTV Music Video Awards, and won Star Search with the Dance Grand Champions ‘New World’. Soon after, he was working with Gloria Estefan, Prince and as associate choreographer and dancer for Michael Jackson. 

    After performing in movies like Sister Act 2, Showgirls, Newsies and The Birdcage, he toured Japan with Japanese artist Seiko Matsuda, as her dance partner and singer. He then moved to Italy to sing, dance, act and judge on a variety show, Buona Domenica.  After signing a recording deal, he toured with Ricky Martin, promoting “La Vida Loca”. 

    Kevin appeared in more than 50 commercials, including 13 for the Gap and Old Navy, most famously in Khaki-a-go-go. He also appeared in 14 Pepsi commercials, along with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce and Britney Spears

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    Nicole Sandler, Julianna Forlano Go Gaga On Patricia Arquette's Jigaboo Feminism

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    Nicole Sandler and Julianna Forlano Go Gaga On Patricia Arquette's Jigaboo Feminism

    So Nicole Sandler is at it again, bringing out the white supremacist side of her liberalism. 

    We've heard her tell Imani Gandi (angry black lady) that it's too bad she "doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin". 
    She couldn't help but quip about the "blacks" giving their kids "weird names". 
    And thought she's quite white and often self identifies as white, she has to remind you that she's Jewish whenever she disagrees with an uppity colored. 

    Julianna Forlano is convinced that big scary black bucks like Elon James White from This Week in Blackness are attacking her... (nice dog whistle). 

    It's another classic case of white folks reminding black folks where their place is and telling those talking negro chicks on twitter to tone it down and behave themselves. 

    We'll discuss, we'll laugh and we'll dig into that Fox clip about Jigaboo music. 

    Maybe after all of that, we'll have time for some news and comment. 


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    Welcome to this week's edition of the O.G.T. Jarvis Database part of the Tru Radio Network.  Every gamer from time to time craves play those one two classic titles on their new console.  With promises of new HD graphics and possibly new added features but what gets lost in translation and do those games still bring the twinkle in your eye back when your first played them?   In this evening's episode our main theme is one the Pros and Cons of backwards compatability with a special review of Gears of War Ultimate Edition.  

    Also the following subject articles will be featured:  Cloud storage has become the standard for computing and for those who are not that computer savvy, that's where Cloud security as the next headache.  Lady Gaga comes to the latest installement of American Horror Story, what style will the unusally different performer bring to this mind game of spirits and ecstasy.  The war on industry rages on as Hacker explains the use of 3d printed shoes as a spy's weapon.  Windows 10 is already on 75 million computers seems like excellent numbers considering it just came out. The 6s is on its way and we got all you need to know about it.  Also PS4 issues with Until Dawn all of this and much more on the evening episode of the Jarvis Database from Tru Radio Network. Turn On, Tune in and Turn up

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    Season 5 Discussion: A Katy or a Gaga

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    Discussion of the Season 5 epsiode titled "A Katy or a Gaga" including a recap, our favorite moments, and some constructive criticism. Come join us by calling in using our call in number above or skype button to call in from any country for free. You may also e-mail your thoughts to gleeradio@live.com or tweet comments to @gleekspeakradio and @HarleyMitchell.
    Note: The show broadcasts for 30 minutes live and then live feed ends. We usually go into another 15 minutes of overtime for a total of 45 minutes to be recorded. It will be avaliable on the website an on hour after airing at 11pm central time.

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    Deflem Front Row: A Chat with Gaga Professor

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    The name Mathieu Deflem may not ring a bell for a majority of people, but if one were to mention "Gaga Professor", "Professor Gaga", or the Lady Gaga class at the University of South Carolina, the focus of this show will be clear. Mathieu sits down with fan-culture.org radio host Amanda to discuss how this buzz-worthy class came to be, as well as his life leading up to gaining scholarly fame teaching the pop culture subjects he knows and loves. 

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    Friends: A Lesson from Lady Gaga!

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    "I don't like to pass judgment on Miley Cyrus. Generally, people need to lighten up about pop music - it's about entertainment," the singer [Lady Gaga], who opened the VMAs with a performance of her new song "Applause," reportedly told The Sun. "It is here to make you smile and make you happy. Especially in America, there is an excessive dragging of female artists, and I don't want to contribute to that." – Huffington Post. This week we discuss why we judge friends. Do you feel judged by your friends? Do you find yourself judging your friends? I’ve been judged (negatively) and it doesn't feel good. And I’ve judged friends at times, and that doesn’t feel any better. Strong judgments range from close friends to celebrities. Ask yourself, why are you judging your close friends? Envy? Listen to the show, “Confessions of an Envious Friend.” Tabloids define a celebrity’s character by catching an off-the-cuff “photo op” outside a club or while they’re grocery shopping, etc. Too drunk, what’s up with this new look/boyfriend/weight?
    Judging vs Discernment Discernment – wisdom, clear sightedness - however, is a measured and well thought out opinion. Go to www.superfriendgroups.com to read full blog. Remember… a great friend starts with you!
    Gaga pics: Artprop Gaga, Andrea Wilson, And1891; Cyrus: Angela George, calmdownlove. All Wikimedia Commons. 

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    It's probably smart to put Hobby Lobby in the show title... and Lady Gaga

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    Hey folks. 

    This will be the typical news and comment. 
    I'm putting Hobby Lobby in the title because... logic

    We have some black news. 
    New Ana Kasparian Audio. 
    Lady Gaga finally works up the courage to come out as hetero. (straight)


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    Gaga, Even More pop-culture updates, & clearing up drama show. #86

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    I have been having issues with my podcasts lately, and due to the errors I got fed up and decided to end things a little prematurely since I was going to 100, and had more topics to cover, so instead I made the last show the FINAL SHOW.  It was never supposed to be the LAST one, so hopefully those issues are now resolved and I will continue with this show.

    Anyways I have a bit to cover including things people have been going on about lately with Lady GAGA, even more pop-culture updates and clearing up some drama, including some new relevations & confessions BY ME. Yep, by me, since something came to light that made me realize that I was in error with certain t hings.

    That's being cleared up and only taken here, because I feel bad about it from MY end.

    Someone once told me that people aren't 'interested' in drama/reality, BUT I'm not interested in fake, politically correct promo-only, scripted shows, so there. :)

    You get real with me baby. <3

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    Lady Gaga

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    Today numerologist Ed Peterson and all around metaphysician William Brabam talked about the news and the astrology and numerology for Lady Gaga.  Interesting to hear William accuratlely nail down the timing for her.
    You can read her numerology at our show blog: