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    "Prepare Thou Self For Thou Soul-Mate"

    in Religion

    The Prophetic Zone is a end-time show with inspiring prophetic guest. Who will bring an revelated word to awaken the dry places of your soul! To encourage and strengthen you in your walk of Life. I challenge you to chime in, Twice a week we will grace the panel with 30 minutes of exciting different controversial topics! To challenge your way of thinking. And, to enhance your understanding of who God called you to be in Him...

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    KNOT: How Responsible Are You For The Actions of Your Mate/Friends/Family?

    in Romance

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    Have you ever been asked, “What is wrong with him/her?” or told “You need to get him/her under control”? However, the person being references was not someone ill or a child, but your partner? Do you believe that your mate is responsible for your behavior? Are you responsible for the behavior of your mate? Do certain circumstances dictate whether you are or are not responsible? Find out our answers to these and more questions – also call in and offer your own. We LOVE to hear from you.

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    if your mate committed a crime and told you would you report them or not

    in Relationships

    How would you handle this situation if crime was in your family and your mate reported to you? would you help them or would you report them to the police!

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    what would you do if you found your mate penis/or vagina in your friend phone?

    in Relationships

    how would you handle this uncomfortable situation you useing your homie phone and then when your mate call your friend and his/her penis/vagina showing what is your next more?

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    The Painful Truth Show. A Change of Mate.

    in Entertainment

    We’re all told that appearances shouldn’t matter — we shouldn’t judge other people by their appearances or make a priority of keeping up with the Joneses. But you’d think that if these beliefs on appearance are such universal truths, we wouldn’t have to keep reinforcing them. We’d have no problem avoiding spending money on things that really just amount to keeping up our appearances. With that being said, if you could change your mate's appearance what would you change? Chime in and share your views Jan 13, 9AM EST.

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    Destiny Pairs:5 Tips while Working & Waiting for Mate

    in Relationships

    “Destiny Pairs: 5 Tips While your Working & Waiting for your Mate”

    As a Soul mate coach, the most common question I receive is where should I start and what should I do to begin to attract my twin flame into my life. Followed by the question, what should I do in the meantime? Well This Sunday, I’m going to talk about what destiny pairs are (circumstances that reunite them) and give 5 Tips to answer both of those most common questions. It can be hard being single in this day and age, and the outlook of relationships can be discouraging. So I want to help elevate the discussion, and share some insights gained from my observations and experiences to share with the family and those in search of a healthy relationship and vibrational match.

    Join me with your insights, questions, and experiences with this topic this Sunday on what is going to be a really powerful show!

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    in Lifestyle


    “The Social Lab” TM Hyman Radio is a high-energy exchange of views, insight and entertainment executive produced and hosted by TM Hyman with co-host Madam Boston, Hot Chocolate, Sabe James, along with special correspondents DD Willingham & Toya Cooper. The one-hour weekly program offers a unique blend of fresh topics and practical conversations with over 100,000 listeners worldwide. The show has featured regular celebrity guest including Christopher Williams, Supa Producer Bing Dawg (Straight Outta Compton Soundtrack), Dru Hill, Cast of Money & Violence, Mack Wilds, Joe Smith, Dawn Richard (Dirty Money), High Five, 112, Dr. Gray Ray (FAMU) and so many others. Each Monday, Wednesday & Friday TM Hyman engages co-hosts and guests in substantive and provocative discussions on a wide range of topics including: politics, health, finance, sports, technology and pop culture. A humorous, but insightful navigation of the issues that matter from fresh, diverse points of view is the show's hallmark.

    REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. Log onto http://www.tmhymanradio.com to listen LIVE Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9pm. Don't miss it! Produced by: HAC Media

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    What are your turn off and turn off in a mate?

    in Relationships

    I am on the hot seat and you are welcome to ask any questions and answers I am open!!!

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    Happy Valentine's Day with Eva J Brock

    in Books

    Jodi is a college professor who has been abandoned by her husband, family and friends. She has lost faith humanity and has no interest in establishing a new relationship. But when she walks upon Brock, in the park, both their worlds are changed. But is that change for the better? 


    Jodi is Brock’s ‘Spirit’ Mate. She’s the one woman whose blood promises to extinguish the fiery darts of his demon within. Nothing will keep him from claiming her. But can she risk it? Are her wounds too deep? 

    Unknown to both of them, Brock’s enemies are gathering in mass. In hopes of delivering a devastating final blow to him, Jodi becomes their number one target. 
    How far will he go to save his “Spirit” Mate’s? Will Brock rescue Jodi in time for his own REDEMPTION? 

    Their contemporary love story is fraught with new found self worth, spirituality, sexuality and fierce bloody battles.

    You can purchase Eva J Brock's books on Amazon.com.  Support our authors.



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    Does your mate have your back?

    in Entertainment

    Can there be loyal couple in the world?

    Is anyone faithful anymore?

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    D4T • The BEST Valentine's GIFT Ever

    in Health

    Where is TRUTH more warranted, yet often not practiced, than within intimate relationships?

    Let us help you find your PERFECT MATE!

    Our newest easy-to-use software can reveal your SECRET SELF without all of the hidden pressures of "oughts", "shoulds" and the "demands" of others.

    Join us to view a live demonstration of our latest BioAcoustic software, Compatibility Compass.  Let it 

    allow you to know who you are and what you want.

    If you know who you are, you don't have to settle for less than what you deserve.

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