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    Radical Capitalist Episode 21: What’s Behind the Campus Protests

    in Politics

    Radical Capitalist Episode 21: What’s Behind the Campus Protests with Guest Host Don Watkins

    Every week The Yaron Brook Show reviews significant headlines that impact freedom in various forms. Commenting from a philosophical view that man's greatest value is self, the Show brings unique perspective to the conversation, always ending the show with a positive sense of life.  

    This week guest host Don Watkins discusses free speech and what’s behind the campus protests with ARI”s Steve Simpson, director of legal studies.  

    Want to connect with Don or Steve?  Tweet Don @dwatkins3 and Steve @ssfreespeech.  Be sure to sign up at www.EqualIsUnfair.com to stay up-to-date on the Inequality issue!

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    After The Protests: Are We Really Ready To Run Our Own Communities?

    in Women

    The excitement of marching, chanting and making public speeches against current political leaders can be exciting and gives many long time activists a feeling of power. But what happens when we actually do register, vote, and put the candidate of our choice in a position of authority. Are we really ready to run our own communities? Do we really have the skills to review a budget, examine the sources of revenue, prioritize spending, hiring skilled people in important management positions, evaluate performances of staff, and make necessary changes to systems that need reform? Or do we just get in office, hire our friends and family, make a mess of things, and get voted out of office? In many African countries where the people lived so many years under colonialism, even when the Africans took control of the country, because they weren't prepared,,they end up giving it right back to the colonizers. What can we in America learn from their experience about taking control?




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    Understanding the Recent College Demonstrations

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    Jimmy Franco Sr.

    Gilda Ochoa, Ph.D.

    Enrique Ochoa, Ph.D.

    Understanding the Recent College Demonstrations

    In fall 2015, thousands of college students across the nation organized, protested, and demanded change at their schools. From the hiring of more faculty of color to the teaching of Ethnic and GLBTQ Studies and increasing student programs, students' lists of demands were vast. 


    Naysayers and conservative pundits were quick to critique these protests, but too few people took the time to listen and learn from students. As students return to their campuses from winter break, this show brings together student activists, educators, and community members to reflect on students’ demands, the factors fueling their protests, and the possibilities for change.

    Students have long been the ones pushing for educational transformation.These latest demonstrations aren’t isolated incidents or the gripes of so-called "coddled” or “whining” individuals, as some would want us to believe. Instead, students’ demands stem from decades of racism, class inequality, and other forms of exclusion. Now is the time to listen to students’ demands and work together to ensure that our schools serve all of our students.

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    SkyWatchTV News 2/8/16: Portal to Hell Demolished

    in Christianity

    A home in Gary, Indiana known locally as a 'portal to Hell' has been demolished, putting an end to a horrifying chapter in local history.

    Also: North Korea tests long-range missile, anti-immigration protests across Europe, Russia says hands off Syria, and Hamas unveils its first battle tank -- that looks suspiciously like a parade float.

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    Challenging the Rhetoric with Cheri Roberts - Show #14

    in News

    Join Cheri Roberts Wednesday, February 3rd, at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT for ongoing coverage of the #OregonStandoff at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge outsideof Burns, Oregon. The 4 remaining inside the #MalheurRefuge refuse to leave and are calling for all out revolution; other #Militia respond to 'Broken Arrow' call to arms with protests and how digital tech is taking them down: #Facebook #Livestream #YouTube #Zello #Twitter

    Please join us in the BTR chatroom during the LIVE show or CALL-IN to participate @ (646) 787-1790 (all shows are archived after airing live).

    CTR Website -- TWITTER @CTRNewsFeed -- CTR Facebook 

    #CTR - #TheGrill - #LOTW  - #OregonStandoff

    No political endorsements. No corporate dollars. No hype. No lies.   

    REMINDER: Don't forget special #SOS series tomorrow Thurs. Feb. 4 @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT www.SicknessOfSilence.org for info.



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    Trans-Pacific Partnership - The Death of Sovereignty with Meghan Sali

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    Trans-Pacific Partnership

    12 nations, 11% of global population, 40% of the global economy, 25% of global imports, 30% of global exports. 800 million people bound by an agreement negotiated in secret from the citizens and almost all elected representatives. Who wrote it then? Trade representatives with multi-national corporate lobbyists and executives at the tables from start to finish.

    A 30 chapter agreement with 5 involving actual trade. Environment. Financial Services. Patents. Copyrights. Intellectual Property. Pharmaceuticals. Health Care. Investment. Labour. Market Access. Procurement. Tobacco. State Owned Enterprises. Biotechnology and GMO's. And a new iron-clad version of the infamous Investor State Dispute Settlement "mechanism" complete with secret tribunals, secret judgements and secret awards. 5,544 pages worth of regulations, schedules, indexes, timetables and LOOPHOLES to empower the most powerful corporations on earth to have veto power say over how signatory nations will live their day-to-day lives. This is the latest method for the mostly American corporate elite to bypass the WTO, exclude and isolate "unfriendly" economies, enslave "freindly" economies and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Protests have been raging in every "partner nation" for years as February 4 nears as the day for "signing" of the agreement in Auckland, New Zealand. There is no opting out of any section or provision unless stated before that signing by any nation. No renegotiation.

    We are joined by Meghan Sali, a digital rights specialist with OpenMedia,org, leading the organization's free expression campaigns. For the past two years, she has been co-ordinating the campaign to shed light on the implications of TPP as they relate to preserving our online rights and building a properous, inclusive digital future.

    Tune in and hear the facts on TPP.

  • Mother’s Milk #SamiyyahSaafirMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Family

    Samiyyah Saafir-Muhammad was born Jacqueline Glover in New York City in 1951. After spending her early years in foster care, moving four times before the age of three, she settled in with her aunt, following her father’s passing.

    While still in elementary school Samiyyah took an interest in helping other students do well, joining “The Future Teachers’ Club” in the fifth grade. As a high school student, Samiyyah became aware her people’s struggle for freedom—witnessing civil rights demonstrations, protests, assassinations and riots—and decided she wanted to help somehow.  It was in this atmosphere that she went off to Northeastern University in Boston where she majored in Education. Her stay there was short-lived, however, as she was introduced to the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and thereafter joined the Nation of Islam. Within the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad University, Samiyyah underwent educational training and worked as a teacher’s assistant.

    Since 2005, Samiyyah has had the privilege of serving as the Directress at Muhammad University of Islam in Atlanta, which serves students from Pre-K to the eighth grade. She has been blessed to carry on the 84-year educational tradition, which was started by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his brave followers in the 1930’s.

    A widow after 35 years of marriage, Samiyyah presently enjoys the blessing of her and her husband’s nine children: six sons and three daughters, all of whom attended or are attending HBCUs. Samiyyah has been a mother to not only her nine children, but also to her two stepchildren, her nieces and nephews, her eight grandchildren and countless other children and adults in the community who come to her for advice, wisdom and guidance. Affectionately called MamaMiyyah, Samiyyah’s house is never empty. 

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    The Sharp Edge with Edge and Captain Wicker

    in Current Events

    Tonight on the Sharp Edge, Edge and Captain Wicker will begin by discussing some very important issues in the world. We will begin by discussing the feminist movement in Canada with our special guest Aynaz Anni Cyrus. We will then launch into a discussion about the shooting in Oregon with special guest Jon Wolf. And finally we will dismantle Bernie Sanders and the farce that he knows economics! All in just the first hour, the secomd hour is going to be a lot of ffun with Super Bowl picks from the hosts and guest followed by a discussion about paranormal activities. We will finish with a new segement called "The airing of the laundry" where you, our callers, can call in and voice your displeasure with whatever is on your mind! Dont miss out its going to be tons of fun!!

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    From The G20 Global Governance

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    The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), terrorism, cybersecurity threats, climate change, and economic imbalances between developed and developing nations are all issues that great powers alone cannot resolve. 

    What all the liberals, all the communist, all the socialist, even Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders  are demanding to have a one world government for full control of you and I and the rest of the human race.

    In truth these things were told to us by Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior around 2000 years ago. Even in the Book of Daneal over 4000 years a go. Read Daneal chapter 7 to the end of the book of Daneal and see for your very selves. 

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    A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Walter Hudson Popular Activist

    in Current Events

    Walter Hudson is a nationally known activist.  Walter Hudson models himself after the most notable activist of all time, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Walter Hudson is the Founder and Chairman of the National Awareness Alliance.  They stage protests around the country supporting the "Black Lives Matter" movement.  The protests are peaceful.  We encourage all that protest to be peaceful.  

    Today, let us honor Dr. King and those that follow in his footsteps.  Although we have come a long way in the battle for civil rights, sadly, we still have a long way to go.

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    Black Power Radio back on the AIR LIVE!!

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    Tonight show is being co hosted with