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    Emergency Micro Kits on The 7 P's of Survival!

    in Education

    Emergency Micro Kits!
    Host: Josh "The 7 P’s of Survival"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Tuesdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had a show where I could sit down and just talk to you about things I personally do and things from my kit. Tonight we are going to change that as I will be the guest for the evening :). I plan to examine my Micro kits and what I have found works best in them after a few years of testing.

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    Your Time w. Paula G.

    in Self Help

    Wednesday Nov 4th at 8:30pm on “Your Time with Paula G,” it is Ladies Night again as I chat with three very talented and gifted ladies.  The ladies of “A Night of Enchantment, Gospel and Inspirational Music” will join me for a conversation about their musical gifts and how they use those gifts to inspire others.  Rev Dr. Natalie Jackson and Rev. Jennifer D. Harkness-Allen will be my guest.  Also, former guest Isna Tianti will join me to bring us up to date on what she has accomplished since our last conversation. She is an author, spoken word artist and so much more! To listen, dial 917-932-1078, press 1 to join the conversation or log on to www.yourtimeradio.com to listen

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    Your Time w. Paula G.

    in Self Help

    Are you a small business owner? Want to learn how to build your business and build your brand? Tune in to “Your Time with Paula G” Wednesday Nov 11th at 8:30 pm EST. Sandy English, of Legal Shield, joins us to share his expertise on how to grow, expand, and maintain your business…. AND be profitable all at the same time! Miss Phyllis Wallace of PDW Enterprises, LLC joins us to share her expertise on the importance of branding yourself. www.yourtimeradio.com or 917-932-1078

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    A Night With Daddy G

    in Music

    Starzan says. "Welcome to the Grotto! Have an E-cocktail and get in here already!"

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    A Night With Daddy G

    in Radio

    Starzan says, "Welcome to the Grotto! Grab an E-cocktail, and join the fun already!"

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    Your Time w. Paula G.

    in Self Help

    The 1940 Rhythm Night Club Fire in Natchez, Mississippi is a compelling story.  It has been brought to life by the granddaughter of the Night Club Owner Ed Frazier.  Danese Frazier Turner joins me this week to take us on the journey. She has written a stage play, Death by Dancing, which was inspired by the real-life tragedy.  Also, joining us is Co-Director, of the play, Nic Starr who is also Managing Director of The New African Grove Theatre Company and Artistic Director of Young Voices United.  Wednesday Nov 18th, 8:30pm EST. 917-932-1078 or www.yourtimeradio.com. You don’t want to miss this riveting story!

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    Bill Tatro--Survival Is The Key #2878

    in Finance

    Bill Tatro is concerned about survival, both economic and physical. He's concerned about the prospects of deflation. All the money being printed doesn't get out there, it's on the balance sheet of the banks. Traditionally, the only way to get out of deflationary spirals is through war. Is that where we're heading now? 

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    Your Time w. Paula G.

    in Self Help

    What are some of the urgent issues occurring in our education system that parents need to be aware of? How important is it to make sure your vote counts? This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. How can you serve those in need? Hank Stewart is a man who redefines the word “passion” and THESE are issues he is passionate about.  He is a community activist, author, mentor, speaker, poet, and so much more! This week on “Your Time with Paula G,” Hank sits down to have a conversation about topics that are important to our community and society as a whole. Please join this in-depth conversation. Dial 917-932-1078 to listen and press 1 to share your thoughts, or log on to www.yourtimeradio.com. This is your time to enjoy a power hour with Hank Stewart.

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    Your Time w. Paula G.

    in Self Help

    Talk about walking in your passion! Wanda Faye Smith, has LEAPED into her passion by leaving her home in Alaska.  Where did she go? What is her passion? You’ll find out. Tune in to “Your Time with Paula G” this Wednesday 8:30pm EST. Dial 917-932-1078 or log on to www.yourtimeradio.com.  We also chat with Dawn Hoskins who is passionate about education. She has put that passion into action by creating a college fair that has become a very successful annual event in the Atlanta area. She joins us to chat about the 6th annual Turner Chapel College Fair. If you have a passion, you have a purpose.  Join us Wednesday

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Author Tiffany Campbell joins us to discuss her book, Scared of Beautiful. This is Tiffany's first appearance on the Author Chat Show.

    About the book:

    To be an aspiring photographer, the thought of beauty strikes fear in a young Bobbi Cochran; a fear that had paralyzed her since losing her love to her very best friend. Her world became dark, the hatred she felt in her heart plaguing her relationships with people and even the view she had of herself. Needing a fresh start, she relocates to California where a collision with a young and equally fearful Donovan McCall, changes the course of her life forever. Love was a word and an emotion that was non-existent in Donovan's world. He lived the selfish lifestyle of a young entrepreneur, owning a tattoo shop in West Hollywood. Women were magnets to his good looks, success and charm making it easy to maneuver around any emotion before it turned into something more. Women were disposable. He was never challenged, and when he was , she was replaced. It isn't until he runs into a rude Bobbi Cochran, that everything he had become so accustomed to turned foreign. Love and the art of it all was something both wanted to devour into but the fear of the beauty within was holding them back. Will they let go and allow love to take control? What are they so afraid of?

    About the author:

    Tiffany Campbell is a 25 year old author, born and raised in Columbus, OH. Starting fresh with her first novel, Scared of Beautiful, she intends to provide relatable and enjoyable reads for young African American adults. Tiffany aspires to motivate people of all ages to strive to accomplish their goals, without allowing their fears to override the confidence it takes to follow their dreams. Follow this young author as she begins the journey to promote reading to her generation across the globe.

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    Survival Medicine Hour: GMO Salmon, Medical Emergencies

    in Health

    What's for dinner? Well, it could be Frankenfish, as theFDA gives final approval for  genetically modified salmon to hit the supermarket shelves. This story and more about dealing with a person physically collapsing in front of you are part of this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. Also, a visit to the Urban Farming Institute...