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    KMnm/Muslim & Christian African Americans Reunited by the Grace of THE ONE G-D

    in Religion

    Realizing that history or the story of the past lends much to be uncovered and then much to be released and renewed.  The emotions are very much involved when ones have a mutual human developmental event affecting the future of their pre-scripted life.  The acts of a mentality called devilish, satanish, or shaitanish affects the livable process of any human being created by THE ONE G-D ; THE CREATOR of heaven and earth and all in between.  We, the reverts to the muslim life, want only to submit totally to THE ONE G-D.  The ONE G-D has no fleshy form to cause selection of one people over another.  We rise now to say to our Muslim Christian African Americans first, before we turn to anyone else, as an intent to resolve the pain of yesterday's events and separations, Thank G-D for you and the avenue to believing in G-D.  Written history shows that the faith exemplified by our mutual Prophet Ibrahim./Abraham was upheld in the past and is what is needed now like it was then.  We are all created by THE ONE G-D CREATOR, to be humble servants only of THE ONE G-D!  We are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe with you first and then the rest of the human family, but first and utmost in this life, we pray to The Forgiver, for forgiveness for having not said to you " thank you ".  The ONE G-D knows what the future will be from here................

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    the Ed & Lady D Show

    in Self Help

    “The Ed and Lady D Show” – Connect, Correct and Climb is a platform determined to cultivate relationships, share Life Changing ideas that help our listeners be liberated and delivered to their ultimate destiny and purpose in life.  Each week we will feature guests who have a passion to enrich the lives of others, and make a difference in their communities.  This will be a weekly Transformation platform that discusses how connecting and correcting allows one to maximize their climb to the next level.

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    Your Time w. Paula G. and Bruce

    in Self Help

    Life Coach, author, and businesswoman Tachina Mack took the leap of faith and left the security of a corporate job and launched her own destiny, Gifted Dezyns Graphics and Printing Firm. Her latest book “Don’t Skip Any Steps” will inspire, motivate, and encourage you to launch your own destiny.  Join us Wednesday 8:30pm “Your Time” on Survival Radio Network. 917-932-1078 or www.yourtimeradio.com

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    KMnm/The ONE G-D is Creator/Designer/Guardian Evolver/Maintainer

    in Religion

    Getting to know ourselves means we have to be true to ourselves.  Where are we in our development?  How many gods are we serving?  Looking back over our years of living, what has been the most influential thing or things or people or events in our life?  Are we ready to serve The One G-D or not?  We are human and our destiny awaits us.

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    The Comedian Grandma "G" Show (Episode MLK Tribute)

    in Comedy

    HOWARD “G” GASKINS (HOST & Character Comedian Grandma "G") —Baltimore Native, Lifelong entertainer, longest-serving TV Commercial Celebrity Spokesman of the AFTRA/Screen Actors Guild, and former Radio Personality/Producer—has been talking politics, show business, and other hot topics on 92Q FM in Baltimore, webcast and podcast worldwide by www.RADIO ONE.com and  TV ONE.com, on air Monday-Friday 6am-10am 1991-1993. 

    The Comedian Grandma "G" Show COMEDY TALK RADIO goal is to reaches millions of listeners—generally older,middle class, and better informed than most—it is increasingly popular among the majority of talk radio listeners who do not march in lockstep with the “pure secular” of  this world.  Comedian Grandma "G" cares deeply about the news and trends that affect us all—from war and peace overseas to bread-and-butter issues right here at home—both Howard "G" Gaskins & "ROU" Money and their guests and callers nationwide aren’t afraid to stand up to the powers that be and tell it like it is. Unabashedly Christian, with an “everyman” voice and persona people know and trust, Comedian Grandma "G" &  "ROU" Money is primed for network syndication as a dynamic new brand of progressive talk radio personalities.

  • KMnm/Rabi ul Awwal 15,1436/01/05/2014 - G-D, keep me close and my human family

    in Religion

    " I know you and you know me, we're of the same family, you know me and I know you, by the things we say and the things we do ";  My prayer:  Dear G-D, please keep me close, as I don't have the ability to know what is all around me and against me.  I trust you and only you with my life, my death, amd my sacrifices of bodily health and my wealth.  Please forgive me for any wrong I have done to myself and my human family.  Please allow me the time to share all that is with me, from you. Thank you G-D for this opportunity and all the lives that will be affected or influenced by the words and actions of me.  I say again, G-D please keep me close and protect me from all that is intending me harm, amen. 

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    Your Time w. Paula G. and Bruce

    in Self Help

    We are going extreme on the next episode of Your Time. We will be joined by Extreme Couponing guru, Greg That Dude. Greg has a wildly successful blog that teaches all about saving money and finding great deals.   Join us Wednesday 8:30 PM EST ‘Your Time.” www.yourtimeradio.com or call 917-932-1078 to listen, and press “1” to chat with Greg That Dude and listen as he shares his passion and tips for saving money.

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    WOBC Will Release The Recipients Of The Mass Mailing Of The Sheriff Kits

    in Politics

    Wheres Obamas Birth Certificate will release the recipients of the mass mailing of Sheriff Kits. A full update on its progress will be given. CDR Charles Kerchner (ret) will be available for a briefing. Second Hour of the show will feature Presidential Candidate John Albert Dummett. Mr Dummett has filed challenges in court concerning Obamas eligibility.

    Mr. Dummetts Mission:

    I Will restore this great land back to the Constitutional Republic as our forefather's intended. It is so beautifully simplistic, yet our country has been turned into a complicated liberal agenda whereby your rights and those of your children and their children are ever so subtlety being stripped away one by one. The current occupier of the White House has already engaged in First and Second Amendment usurpation, and has issued Executive Orders that directly contradict the will of the People which are setting the stage for the USA to become a Socialist nation. There are many wrongs that must be righted: Immigration, border security, ending the Federal Reserve, abolishing the IRS, stopping the NSA from spying on law abiding citizens, returning all aspects of the First and Second Amendments back to their purest form, ending voter fraud, repealing Obama Care, honoring our veterans and fixing the VA, just to name a few! It almost seems an insurmountable task, but it isn't, my friends. Returning our nation back to the system of government as intended by our forefathers; a system that has worked and succeeded and prevailed for over 237 years isn't insurmountable, it is the simple and correct thing to do, and can be done by restoring hope to the American people. The hope that we can truly be United States where there has been only doubt and uncertainty for a very long time; the hope that we will recover economically; the hope that the will of the people, by the people and for the people will be adhered to, once and for all. 

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    Hurricane/Tornado Survival with Today’s Survival

    in Education

    Hurricane/Tornado Survival!
    American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Today’s Survival Show is the creation of Bob Mayne. I am an everyday guy, not a survival teacher or author. I give you an everyday guy’s perspective on getting prepared for events that can happen on a daily basis, as well as those rare events that are extremely catastrophic. However, I don’t engage in tinfoil hat thinking. I keep it full of common sense to help you “do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are.” This podcast is published once a week. I live in San Antonio, TX with my family. Thanks for downloading and listening.

    Visit Prepper Broadcasting HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Preppe

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    A Night With Daddy G

    in Entertainment

    Starzan says, Welcome to the Grotto! Grab an E-cocktail and get in here already! 

  • Nano Reef Hour - Let's Talk Test Kits

    in Environment

    On Sunday December 28th at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst Joe and Albert will be discussing test kits for the Nano Reef Tank. How do you choose the right test kit for your tank? What kind of test kit is the best ? And are they really a necessity ? Tune in and Joe and Albert will let everyone know what you need ! 






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