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    61. The FX of Preparation for Back to School

    in Lifestyle

    EXperience the "FX" Wednesday at 7p (ct), online or on your phone: 818-691-7412

    Here in Chicago, the Public Schools officially begin September 8th... I know a lot of schools that have already started. Aside from the budget and political issues that will ?#‎FX? this school year, I want to know something from my teachers and parents out there...

    1. What are your techniques to get yourself and the kids ready for the upcoming school year? 
    2. As teachers, what would you suggest to parents that can help better prepare their family?

    As most adults have realized, the importance of preparation is invaluable. Whereas, it is through example that we can teach children lessons to assist them as they go through life. In addition, we will look the last week (or two) events, the latest in the Presidental election for 2016, as well as the latest and greatest news from around the world and your "neck of the woods..."

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    Make Follow-Up a Success Habit

    in Women

    What do our business reputation; accountability, sales and customer service have in common?  They all require great follow-up.  And this process requires great communication. To be honest, we all should get better at this success habit.

    Luckily follow-up is a habit that can be learned. The process of follow up itself is relatively straightforward. All you’re really doing is completing the loop of communication between you and the people who have contacted you.  Stop struggling with this by having a system that works for you. Let’s see what how simple changes can improve your system right now. The better the follow-up the better and faster the results.



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    the GreenHouse FX Radio Show ep. 59

    in Lifestyle

    The color is Green! Every Wednesday night, EXperience the FX. Listen online or on your phone: 818-691-7412

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    55. The FX of Masculinity in America

    in Lifestyle

    A discussion and look at the word Manhood and Masculinity, it's possible restriction of gender classification and perhaps a call of a broadening definition in America today.

    Every Monday at 7pm (cst), EXperience the "FX" on your phone: 818-691-7412 or online.

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    Episode 33: Break up to make up

    in Radio

    Is it just me or does it seem like this whole month has been nothing but relationship problems. Tyga and Kylie are yet back in the headlines for breaking up or was it all just rumors?? Rich Sex video was released and the title speaks for itself, it was nothing but sexual tension. A black protestor was punched in the throat at a Donald Trump rally. Future claims WATTBA never happened. 11pm Tune in as we have the scoop and answers to all the juiciest topics. Call in (347) 850-8600 

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    Episode 68

    in Lifestyle

    This Wednesday night, join us for a look in the "The FX of Hollywood and movies"... we will take at a look at the new Spike Lee movie "Chiraq" as well take about the up coming movie "Gods of Egypt" (scheduled in 2016). The "FX" will go in depth about the representation or mis-representation that movies produce and their responsiblity (or lack of) to properly deliver the art of story-telling.

    EXperience the "FX" starting at 7pm (CST)... Listen on your phone: 818-691-7412 (press "1" to chime in) or listen online - chat room is always open.
    what is the #PowerOfYourFX

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    Lash FX with Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

    in Fashion

    We'll chat with Jill about Be An Amazing Lash Artist & The Lash Mastery Group, a Continuing Education for Professional Lash Artists...we'll also talk to her about what's new with Lash FX!

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    54. The FX of Men Awareness

    in Lifestyle

    For the month of June, The GreenHouse FX Radio Show will devote it's episodes towards education about men. This will include topics about Manhood, the meaning of Manhood or being "a man", healthy relationships (personal and business), men's health (such as erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, etc), masculinity in today's society, responsibilities to teach the youth (passing of knowledge to the next generation), and the role and challenges of non-custodial (and custodial) fathers in America.

    For June 1st, we will begin our introduction into these topics and give an overview of what's to be expect for the weeks ahead. The phone lines will be open for YOU to call and share your thoughts and suggestions. After dialing 818-691-7412, press "1" on the keypad and share your energy and the PowerOfYourFX. For those that listen online, the chat room will always be open for your to chime in as well.

    Every Monday evening at 7p (cst), EXperience the "FX" and listen to the GreenHouse FX Radio Show online at www.blogtalkradio.com/thegreenhousefx or on your phone: 818-691-7412.

    Based out of Chicago, The GreenHouse FX Radio Show discussion thought provoking topics that FX our society as well as recognizing artistry from around the world. Tune in and share The Power Of YOUR FX.

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    NFL Week 11 Recap - Next Fan Up - 11/22/15

    in Football

    In this episode of Next Fan Up your Sunday night host Mark Sitko (Eagles Superfan) is joined by Tom (Bears Superfan) and Nick (Chiefs Superfan) to discuss all the NFL action from week 11. We attempt to identify all the teams headed for the postseason, while putting to rest those teams are falling out of the race.

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    Episode 67

    in Lifestyle

    EXperience the "FX" every Wednesday night, 7-9p (cst). Listen on your phone at 818-691-7412, press "1" to chime in. Or right here, online... the chat room is always open for you.

    The color is GREEN!!!

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    10 day Prayer & Fasting DAY 1 : Make me over...laying down our burdens!

    in Christianity

    Today I am so excited! We are kicking off day 1 of our 10 day prayer and fasting. We are laying it ALL down before our Lord. We wanna be made over! Today we see what the Word of God has to say on fasting. We will be praying, worshipping, and discussing the many different ways to fast from various things in our lives. This fast is all about submitting to God's perfect will for our lives. We are excited, and are ready for the Lord to do a new thing! FAST DAYS ARE NOVEMBER 23- DECEMBER 4. *Saints, you can break your fast for Thanksgiving day and pick back up the following day.*

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