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    "The Art of Attraction" What type of Magnet are you?

    in Relationships

    Greetings & Welcome to "Fuzzy Fridays" on "The Essence of My Love" your Love, Intimacy, Romance & Relationship Enhancement Ministry. Our mission is to establish, cultivate, repair and maintain healthy relationships that will lead to Covenants of Marriage that will be an example of Christ love for the Church. Amen

    You are invited to join Shawna Romance Coach Davis, as she discuss through the word of God.

    Our Fire Topic: "The Art of Attaction" What type of Magnet are you? 

    Have you ever wondered, why certain type of people are attracted to you? What type of person are you attacted to?

    You do not want to miss out on this Broadcast, share it with someone, set a reminder to call in at (347) 637-1509 to speak live on the air. Amen 

    Broadcasting times are as follows:

    1 PM EST, 12 PM CST, 11 AM MST & 10 AM PST

    Studio House Rules:

    1. Please do not use your speaker phone feature.

    2. Please be sure when speaking on air, that you are in a quiet setting.

    3. Please keep your questions and comments focused on the topic of discussion.

    4. Please by mindful of others that may want to ask a question, and keep yours to 2 or 3 minutes.

    5. Please be prepared to embrace change, as God is shifting our ways of how we handle relationships.


    Thank you for your continued support, love, encouragement and fellowship on "The Essence of My Love".

    In His Service & Love

    The Essence of My Love Romance Coach Team

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    It's Our Time with Sports Nation - Fuzzy Q, Radar aka The Sports Dr. and Stephen

    in Sports

    What happened with the Super Bowl? Anything? What about those commercials?

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    Julie Renee Doering - Brain Rejuvenation expert

    in Women


    Julie Renee is the #1 Brain Rejuvenation expert, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Master Health Activator. Julie Renee mentors individuals who refuse to play small but are being held back by exhaustion and Fuzzy Brain.

    Having prevailed over the worst of human health challenges, from surviving multiple cancers to living life from a wheelchair, Julie’s experiences inspired her groundbreaking book, Your Divine Human Blueprint, which defines the way to regenerate the body's organic design through a quantum approach, from the cells up.

    With over 30 years as an expert Instructor and Mentor, Julie shares the hidden secrets of regeneration and renewal using quantum activation techniques and guided meditation. With her transformational skills she provides an integrated, fast track for manifesting, holding, and growing abundant health, beauty, and wealth.

    Julie Renee has been featured as an expert on MSNBC, CBS, Rock Star Radio, New Era Healing, LA Talk Live, 11:11 Magazine, and New Age Healing and a Forum on Spirituality on Marin TV. 

    Julie Renee has also been a featured writer for publications including Spirit Seeker, Holistic Fashionista and Accomplish.



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    Red & Black, Authorpreneurial Sisters Who Are Making a Difference

    in Writing

    They say truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.* Not sure we want to admit to being strange, but we'll admit to being different. But then, most sisters are. However, our relationship and differences may be little more extreme because Black is a little more extreme. Let us briefly introduce ourselves: Red, the younger sister, is a redhead who took the path of being a stay-at-home mother and wife. Black, the older sister, is a brunette who personified the role of the professional career woman in the male-dominated oil and gas industry until she decided to semi-retire and be the wife of a highly financially successful man. Red is the warm and fuzzy sister, while Black is the ultimate pragmatic. We hope our differences will help you see the important issues in your life with new perspective – maybe from the other side of the fence, or as the devil's advocate – or perhaps you'll empathize with Red or with Black. Most importantly, we hope we can help you clarify what matters to you, rather than worrying about what matters to anybody else. - See more at: http://www.redandblackbooks.com

    Calling all authors to join the I Love Authorpreneurs Lovefest! Signup @ http://bit.ly/1FQOeMa TODAY! #authors #FREE

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    Bold Moving with Michele Aikens & Friends

    in Business

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, Sharonda Cawthon and Vanessa Westley every Saturday morning as we unwind from the week.  We'll talk about current events, and what's important to you.  And we do it with humor, fun and inspiration.  Get your coffee, fuzzy slippers and connect with your girlfriends every Saturday on BOLD Movers Radio.

    Have you ever been angry with someone and couldn't articulate why?  Do you consistently retreat from difficult discussions?  Perhaps you've developed a passive communication style that will hinder you in relationships, in business and in life.  Take this quiz and tell us your results:  http://www.newlineideas.com/communication-style-quiz.html

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    Fuzzy Thoughts on America's Destiny

    in Politics

    Fuzzy Thoughts on America's Destiny

    Where are we heading as a nation
    What can we do to reverse the negative trend
    Who's responsible for it

    This and more on Fuzzy Thoughts Radio with your host


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    The Mets Lounge: Where the Cool Kids Hang Out!

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to the Mets Lounge, where the Cool Kids hang out!

    Listen to your Gal For All Seasons, Taryn "The Coop" Cooper, keep it real and lash out at the team she loves and hates both equally, the Mets (mostly Love).

    Tonight's special guest is Sully from Sully Baseball, where we talk about how the Red Sox are truly the cold, calculating team, and the Yankees are the warm, fuzzy, shmushy team.  Oh and retired numbers. The conversation will probably turn to A-Rod at some point.  It's always lively fun w/ Sully.  Tune in at 9 pm ET!

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    in Lifestyle

    with Fuzzy Stephen L and Radar

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    Fuzzy Thoughts Week In Review

    in Business

    Tune-in to Fuzzy Thoughts Week In Review!

    A look at the events of the week, and how they have effected our markets, politics, and even moods.

    Call in and help make the show yours!

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    Bold Moving with Michele & Friends

    in Romance

    It's Valentine's Day -- does that make you happy or sad?  Call in to share your feelings about Valentine's Day -- too much or nah at 914-803-4503.

    Join Michele Aikens, publisher of Sepia Prime Woman Magazine, Sharonda Cawthon and Vanessa Westley every Saturday morning as we unwind from the week.  We'll talk about current events, and what's important to you.  And we do it with humor, fun and inspiration.  Get your coffee, fuzzy slippers and connect with your girlfriends every Saturday on BOLD Movers Radio.

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    The Warmonger Emerges, EnvironMENTALism And Forgotten Red Lines

    in Politics Conservative

    Yo, Obama! Norway called .... they would like their Peace Prize back. The president sent his draft for a War Authorization bill up to the Hill that authorizes the used of ground troops! Yes, you read it right .... I mean left. Of course, Obama has already sent ground troops into Iraq, so this is just after the fact Political CYA.

    Now, President Warmonger, about that red line in the desert sand .... Assad continues their chemical onslaught on their own people dropping barrel bombs of chlorine over Syrian villages. What say you, President Warmonger?

    And the IRS is at it again, seizing the assets, THIS time from small businesses on, get this, a mere whim. Most cases are determined to lack any criminal activity and the struggle caused by the malicious Gestapo tactics is unbearable for many.

    And you've got to love California. The epitome of environmental care and concern. The armpit of warm and fuzzy blue politics. The home of two-time winning Governor Jerry Brown a real Greenie's environmentalist. An impeccable ..... say what? Jerry and the Greenies are at odds? No way!


    All this and more on a Thursday night editin of JUMP .... RIGHT .... IN !!!

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