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    Larry ' Fuzzy' Knight - Exclusive Interview-Fri, Mar 20, 2015 - 6:00 pm PST

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    For nearly two decades, blues/R&B/soul group Blowin’ Smoke has been one of the most in-demand, successful bands on the Southern California live music circuit. Front and center in Blowin’ Smoke is its creator, bandleader/bassist/vocalist, Larry “Fuzzy” Knight – whose impressive musical resume’ includes a decade-plus stint as bassist for one of the great SoCal bands to emerge from the psychedelic era of the Sixties, Spirit.  Knight has also recently launched a new band project, Sky King, featuring some top-name musicians, all the while keeping Blowin’ Smoke going strong (in fact, Blowin’ Smoke has a “Post-Apocalyptic Pre-Christmas Concert/Dance Party” at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica on Saturday, December 22).

    All Access Editor/Publisher Debra Stocker (AAM) recently sat down with Larry “Fuzzy” Knight to discuss his storied career and what musical adventures lay ahead. Here’s how the interview went.

    AAM: When did you first start in the music business, and what was the first band and/or music project you were associated with?

    LFK: If starting in the music business means the same as, when did I start performing as a ‘Professional   Musician’?  I began playing blues guitar in St. Louis (where I was born) at the age of 15 (around 1959-1960) I was lucky enough to hear the legends (before they were legends) on KATZ, Sweet 16 (Black) Radio that would broadcast ‘live’ from different nightclubs at night featuring bands such as Albert King, Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm, Little Milton, and Chuck Berry. I used to sneak into the clubs because I was underage and eventually started sitting in with the bands and soon I was offered a gig playing with Billy Gayles, who had recorded a hit record with Ike Turner called, “Tore Up”.  

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    Sports Nation with Fuzzy Q, Radar and Stephen L

    in Sports

    LET'S TALK SPORTS with " It's Our Time"       Join "Sports Nation" live tonight at 7:00PM. Join the conversation. Are you ready for some sports talk?

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    Fuzz on the Lens with Michael Leavy

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we'll be talking with Michael Leavy of Fuzz on the Lens Productions.

    As a Staten Island based production company, they have spawned such films as Halloween Awakening, Back to the Movies, and Catch of the Day. Also to their credit, The Staten Island Clown made headlines across New York.

    Aside from that, we'll be talking about the most recent project from Fuzz, Abnormal Attraction, starring Malcolm McDowell, Gilbert Gottfried, Leslie Easterbrook, Tyler Mane, Jim Hanks, Lesleh Donaldson, Eileen Dietz and Ron Jeremy.

    It's gonna be a Fuzzy night of awesome talk!

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    The SoftwareONE Radio Network presents, Tech Talk - Azure Strategies Now!

    in Software

    Microsoft Azure has changed the game in cloud computing.  And how did they do it? They stumbled across a very important attribute that was necessary for companies to adopt the cloud! Control! For us IT Admins to get that "Warm Fuzzy"  and feel good about pitching the cloud to our leadership as a safe and profitable strategy, we needed two things. Security and Control. Security was always at the forefront of our needs. It was a must have, but for us to really be able to dip our toes into cloud computing outside of Software as a Service, we needed to be able to maintain control of our assets! Join us on this edition of Tech Talk presented by the SoftwareONE Radio Network as we discuss viable solutions that can help you today in a secure and controllable cloud environment! We will interview experts from Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft to discuss how Azure acts like our secondary datacenters more than any other cloud solution. We are also excited to have CommVault join us during our second segment to discuss how they are making it easier to use Azure for Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and solution virtualization, all while we take your questions on the air. May 20th at 12:00 EDT we will be Tech Talking on the SoftwareONE Radio Network!

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    The Ed & Fuz Show Episode 68

    in Sports

    The fellas will celebrate Fuz's birthday with a "liquid" podcast this week. Unfortunately, Fuz's hockey and basketball team let him down so he'll focus on happier things like Bryce Harper hitting the cover off the ball as well as Gennady Golovkin putting on "Big Drama Show" Saturday night.

    The guys will also talk some NBA hoops with the Eastern and Western Conference Finals set as the Rockets take on the Warriors and the Hawks battle the Cavaliers.

    Lastly, they'll preview UFC 187 as Anthony “Rumble" Johnson and Daniel Cormier prepare to battle for the vacant light heavyweight championship.

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    Sports Nation on It's Our Time with Fuzzy Q, Radar, and Stephen L

    in Sports

    What's going on in sports this week. What will they talk about this week. Join Fuzzy Q, Radar aka the Sports Dr. and Stephen L join the conversation at 7:00PM EST.

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    Show #113: Sparking Changes in Organisations

    in Business

    Special Guest: Helen Walton, Founder of Gamevy and Spark the Change

    Helen Walton is a creative and marketing manager who has worked on an eclectic range of products – from writing a make-up column in the Daily Mail to a series of books on Agile. She is the co-founder of Gamevy – a tech start-up bringing TV gameshows online – a company that is employee owned with no bosses and a radical approach to self-management.

    Spark the Change was born out of a desire to create a community of fellow practitioners – other people who were experimenting, who were ambitious, who were a little bit crazy – and who wanted to challenge the lazy idea of ‘that’ll never work’.

    Spark brings people from across the business – people who know that company culture can’t be sidelined into ‘HR’s responsibility’ and who appreciate that it’s not something warm and fuzzy but a direct competitive advantage that powers your innovation and responsiveness. Although it is fun and inspiring – it’s main goal is action, not inspiration. 


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    It's Sports time with "Sports Nation"

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    Join Fuzzy Q, Radar aka the Sports Doctor and Stephen L while they talk and discuss all the sports you want to hear about and more. They are up on the latest and the greatest. Join them tonight at 7:00PM for one hour. Call in to the show at 347-539-5867.

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    The Art of Intimacy Part 2 ~ Tapping Into the Depths of Pleasure

    in Relationships

    Kingdom Greetings and Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" and today is "Fuzzy Friday's". With your host Jeffery Epps Sr. and your hostess Shawna Davis, as your Romance Coach. We are delighted to broadcast with you today.

    Our topic today is: The Art of Intimacy Part 2 ~ Tapping Into the Depths of Pleasure

    Bible Scripture: Song of Solomon 4:5-16 and 5:1

    We understand that God intends for us to wait until we are married, to enjoy the pleasure of Intimacy with our mate.

    Why do so many couples struggle in this area? Why is one or the other left feeling unfulfilled?

    Join us live on the Air with Jeffery & Shawna by dialing in direct to (347) 637-1509

    Broadcast times are as follows:

    4 pm EST, 3 pm CST, 2 pm MST and 1 pm PST

    Thank you and please visit our website at www.theessenceofmylove.com




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    Bold Moving with Michele & Sharonda

    in Family

    Join Sharonda Cawthon this Saturday as she speaks with Lilada Gee, Founder & Executive Director Lilada's Livingroom...A safe place to heal.  Lilada's Livingroom—a safe place to heal—inspires survivors of sexual abuse to reclaim their spirits, minds and bodies!  Join us as we talk about Lilada's journey and how the organization is helping survivors THRIVE.  You can also call with questions at 914-803-4503.  The website for Lilada's Livingroom is http://www.Lilada.org/

    Get your coffee, fuzzy slippers and take a moment to hang out for some inspiring conversation.  You are loved.


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    50+The Second Half Magazine presents "Sports Nation" each and every Thursday

    in Sports

    Join Fuzzy Q, Stephen L and Radar the Sports Doctor for some words on sports and breaking news around the Nation.  Join them today at 7:00PM - 8:00PM. Join the conversation by calling 347-539-5867 and hit 1 to join the conversation.