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    jrilshow: The Funniest Thing that has ever happened to you?

    in Radio

    Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the jrilshow!  Tonight Momo B wants to know the funniest thing that has every happened to you?  Plus as always we have a smooth Lounge in store for you tonight!!! It has been a week since we were last on live...come get it TONIGHT on the jrilshow!!

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    Relationships & Halloween Funniest/Scariest Pranks.Do We Go To Far? Or Just Fun?

    in Relationships

    Halloween has become one of those holidays that seem to grow with popularity every year!  There's something about being scared out of your boots that make us want more and more!! LOL

    Join us as we try to unravel the mysteries behind the unknown and the fear of being confronted with something evil that some of us can't seem to resist! LOL  millions of dollars have been invested on movies, products and so many other ideas all based on spooky thoughts and halloween.

    We will have a great night of laughs, conversation and halloween music!

    face book:

    Everything Relationships On Socialbutterfli Connection.

    Kinia Colbert



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    Where Were You...When Tupac Died

    in Relationships

    Welcome everyone to The Don't Getcha Azz Kicked Radio Show, where the rants get heated and the haterz get seated! We keep it real around here and you can too...while we get the shyt off our chests thats piled on by the decline of our society. Lol

    #Dat Dude Slim and Reality #RealEyesRealizeRealLies Jones are about to kick the door in and rip the bandaid off ya wound with a walk down memory lane with one of the GOATs...TUPAC SHAKUR

    We have one question for ya...do you remember where you were...when you heard to news of the death of one of the most prolific rappers in our time, Tupac Shakur. 

    We are gonna share some facts, surrounding the life and death of Tupac, that will make your jaw drop and your mind expload. We are gonna rap about some of his beefs in the streets and how they were...OR were not... a contributing factor in his death. In the midst of it all, we wanna know:

    What rapper would you mourn for today, were the unthinkable were to happen, in the way that you mourned Tupac?

    Tonights musical line up is NOTHING BUT TUPAC!!!!! Walk down memory lane with the realest and funniest male duo on the net!

    Call in to listen live (347) 857-4326 and press 1 to share your question, comment or answer to the shows QOTD

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    Mellroz Uncutt: Uncensored, Uncut, and Hilarious!!

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever laughed so hard you begged the person to stop talking. Those moments when your stomach is cramped, head begins to hurt, and tears won't stop flowing down your cheeks are what comedians live to do. Mellroz Uncutt is one of the funniest comics I've seen and I'm always honored to have him on my show.

    This broadcast I am going to toss some current events his way and see what he has to say about them. It is going to be a lively exchange of thought guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.


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    Humorous Contemporary Romance author Elise Sax LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes Elise Sax, one of the funniest authors in contemporary romance today! Here's what she says about her life.  "I worked as a journalist, mostly in Paris, France for many years, but I always wanted to write fiction. Finally, I decided to go for my dream and write a novel. I was thrilled when An Affair to Dismember, the first in the Matchmaker Series, was sold at auction to Ballantine. Story ideas come to me day and night, and I'm inspired by my imagination and the news, especially weird news. I'm a plotter. I map out chapters, but sometimes characters have a mind of their own. That happened in book two of the Matchmaker Series, where it ended in a surprise. (Oh, have I divulged too much?)   To read more,go to her website at http://elisesax.com

    THIS IS A LIVE BROADCAST - join us by calling 347-633-9609.  This LINK is LIVE at 9pm ET.  / 6pm PT.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheair/2015/11/10/humorous-contemporary-romance-author-elise-sax-live-on-authors-on-the-air

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.  Find us in social media everywhere.  Send a Tweet to @authorsontheair or @PamStackHost

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    NVFF15 coverage continues with Negin Farsad and Jeremy Redleaf

    in Current Events

    Join me as I chat with Negin Farsad and Jeremy Redleaf, actors and co-directors of 3rd Street Blackout. 

    As an Iranian-American Farsad plays a TEDFellow neuroscientist in her role as "Mina." But in real life, Farsad was also selected as a TEDFellow for her work in social justice comedy. She was named one of the 50 Funniest Women by the Huffington Post and one of the 10 best Feminist Comedians by Paper Magazine. She has written for and/or appeared on various shows like Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show," BBC's "Pop Quiz", IFC's "IFC News" and more. Her last film, THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! won various awards on the festival circuit before being released theatrically and finding a digital home on Netflix.

    Redleaf saw both sides of the coin during the blackout as he lived on the "electricity border." "Looking uptown, I saw an anonymous city. Looking downtown, a tight knit community. Turns out five days without power is recipe for the kindest Manhattan I've ever seen."The Emmy Award winning Redleaf is a regular fixture on Sesame Street, has consulted on Fuse network's "Billy on the Street" and has created award winning content for television and digital platforms. 


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    An Hour With Dennis Tooley

    in Comedy

    Dennis was voted “America’s Funniest Comedian”

    by his Mom and Dad. Two old people cannot be wrong!

    Raised in a minister’s home, it is from this grounded and chaotic life history that Dennis has developed his comedic edge and sensibility to make him a rare find at churches, comedy clubs and corporate performances. He bases his humor on these experiences and never misses an opportunity to laugh at himself, and audiences appreciate Dennis’ quick wit and relaxed style.

    Once you get to know Dennis, you will realize that his brain (if there is actually one in there) works different than most people. There is one thing for sure. Dennis loves to have fun and he loves to help people laugh. His clean comedy is a refreshing breath of air in a day where “Blue” comedy is the norm.

    Laughing is one of the great joys that Dennis believes God has given us and he wants to share the blessing as often as he can. Dennis’ comedy program, “Laughing Your Way Though Life”, helps people see what a great sense of humor God has and wants us to have as well.

    If you are looking for clean comedy then Dennis is your man. He is perfect for Churches, Retreats, Conferences, or Corporate Events. Not so perfect for Funerals.

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    CeCe Strong Funniest Women in the World/Should Kids have Chores

    in Culture

    CeCe our great comedian and we have a talk about medicaid.

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    jrilshow: The Best, The Worst, & the funniest thing that has happened to you?

    in Radio

    Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the jrilshow!  It is a Club Nouveau Theme tonight! We want to know the best, worst, and the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?  Plus tonight in the Lounge,we will play music from CN's latest CD Consciousness!!! Jay is on the road so MR L to the E to the S is large and in charge!!!

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    Jeff Goldstein of AcuPoll Research reveals Secrets of the Brain

    in Lifestyle

    Jeff Goldstein of AcuPoll Research continues journey of life lessons.

    Jeff reads a lot about changes in brain research and cognitive science ... how has that affected how people do market research?

    How do changes in the marketing world from 3-4 big networks to cable, online video, social media, and more affect your work?



    This show is brought to you by Church Kitchen Ladies, America's funniest inspirational greeting cards. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information

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    Common Ties Live Season One Finale!

    in LGBT

    Join us for a look back at some of our most funniest, emotional, and ah ha moments from the first season of Common Ties Live. You don't want to miss this super explosive season one finale.