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    Comedy and Marketing: A Chat with Author and FunnyBizz Founder, David Nihill

    in Marketing

    Comedy in Marketing: Easy Ways to Lighten Up!

    As a marketing storyteller, improviser and stand-up comedian, I know how powerful comedy can be in marketing. Too often companies shy away from it because of fear of failure. Join me Tuesday, Nov 17 at 3PM PDT - a special time - for an always fun chat with author David Nihill about easy ways to add in comedy to your content marketing and speaking.

    David is the founder of FunnyBizz, the author of this bestselling book, (Do You Talk Funny) an Inc columnist – and trains folks from companies like LinkedIn, Gumroad and Nasdaq how to add humor to public speaking. He is known to do stand up comedy and he finished runner up in the Moth's largest US story telling competition.

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    44 - GET FUNNIER!

    in Comedy

    Liza Treyger, Sam Morril and Sabrina Jalees join Anya to elucidate "willy-nilly feminism," crying in your car in Chicago, Liza's Hollywood Minute, Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, best tweeters and 'grammers, Spotify, shower humor, the Real L Word, vaguebooking, subtweeting, sober making out, the comedy police and hall monitors. Anya unfollows a famous comedian, Sam loses a follower and gets schooled, Liza hates wedge sneakers.

    Call in with your questions 347-467-1240

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    James Hirsen--Introducing Hillary-New Improved Warm Fuzzy Edition 3.0 #2818

    in Finance

    Can a once leading candidate rebrand herself and take back the lead? We will know the answer shortly as Hillary Clinton attempts to be a lighter, funnier and more warm individual. At this point in time, everyone knows who she is and what she's all about. Can she really be trained to be a warm and fuzzy individual? Loren Michaels appears to have let her campaign staff write the script and the mainstream media is a vital assistant in the effort. But the time for rebranding has probably expired. 

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    SF #104 The Trolls Arrive

    in Video Games

    We are so excited to up our brodcast quality by having Klotz join us on screen and he has a new microphone. But somehow a camera makes klotz funnier as he trolls McFall throughout the show.

    Help us build a better community and influence the growth of the game. Join Patreon today!

    Current Sales

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    Segment #3 - Current Events

    Pre-PVP launched

    The Fifth Element! I mean, weapon slot!

    Blizzard recruitable lockbox character & daily rewards

    Spider-Man 2099

    Spider-Verse part 2 Spec Ops could launch ANY TIME

    Giveaway of my Marvel Collectors Corps Secret Wars T-shirt (and other goodie box)

    Segment #4 - All Hail the King

    All Hail the King


    PokeProf MAA: Micro-Analysis

    Find indepth show notes on TheHelicarrier.com

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    Talent and the funnier side of Dating

    in Romance

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    Join Talent and Host Mike T as he explores the funnier side of Dating with Comedian Talent.  It's the funnier side of the aspects of dating that one may encounter.   If you would like to advertise on this Show or any other of The Love Zone USA.com email sales@masterpiececorp.com 

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    The Shoutout Show: And the Unsexiness Continues (Podcast)

    in Entertainment

    A rebroadcast of one of our funnier shows. Listen to it with your socks on. Or not. We don't care. LOL

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    Episode 15: Got You All In Check!

    in Hobbies

    Welcome to Trivial Warfare Episode 15! I have to be honest, trying to summarize this episode is like trying to sweep the beach, it's all over the place. Happily for us, I think you'll agree that this is a good thing. Let's start here - this is easily one of our funnier shows. There's a moment early in the game that almost made me choke when I was editing the show because I had forgotten about it.The constant with our shows is high quality trivia. We hit up the normal categories like History and Movies but also take some detours into unique categories like N-Words. If you want to get the full show experience make sure to go to www.trivialwarfare.com and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army as well as checking out the show notes that are loaded with pics and clips from the topics that we explore.Have a great week!JO

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    Ben Affleck Has Ruined Everything

    in Comedy

    This week - The NFL Schedule is out. Why is it so exciting? Ben Affleck ruins everyone's good time and we explain why he is the major tool of all time. We have proof of why Muhammad Ali is way funnier then tony romo or blake shelton. That's right proof! And, if that's not enough, we have geniune audio from the nerds at the comic book store. This show is nuts! You're gonna love it

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    Thursday Night Thunder with Adam Sinclair

    in Sports

    Thursday Night Thunder  with host Adam Sinclair (@faborplumbs) and co-host Mykkal Mulalley (@Mykkal61) will immerse all of their listeners in a cloud of nitro-methane, as the stars of the International Hot Road Association take over the program!

    First off, we welcome Larsen Motorsports Jet Dragster pilot Shea Holbrook back to the Thunderdome, as she discusses her first weekend of competition in the Nitro Jam Series, as well as her plans for 2015.

    Next, we bring IHRA Pro Stock driver John DeFlorian into the spotlight, as he talks about being the fastest Pro Stock driver in the series.

    Then, we chat with IHRA Nitro Funny Car championship winner Jason Rupert about the Prostalgia Funny Car class, and how it compares to the even funnier cars that run in the NHRA.

    After that, we will discuss the true meaning of courage and insanity with Nitro Harley rider Jay Turner, who travels down the quarter-mile at speeds in excess of 220 mph with only one wheel touching the ground!

    Finally, we welcome Miss Nitro Jam Lea Anne Powell back to the Thunderdome, as she talks about the start of the Nitro Jam season, as well as which races she is most looking forward to this year.

    So, be sure to grab your gas masks and tighten your seat belts for a fast paced look into the IHRA!

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    The Spizzler Show

    in Entertainment

    I'm thinking about giving up podcasting after this, because I don't think it can make anything funnier than this episode.

    It starts off as many of The Spizzler Shows in English do; an idle, harmelss, meandering walk in the park before Pauly Puss really starts laying it on thicker than HP sauce on a sausage butty and we climax in a crescendo of madness and a rather amusing tale from the Spizzler about an inadvertent and unsolicited gay relationship.

    As Kenny Bania once said about the pea soup at Mendy's... It's the best!

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    WEEK 13 – The Kids in the Hall

    in Comedy

    This week my nieces and nephew sit in on the podcast for a special Thanksgiving Day episode. My nieces are both in the football pool so they actually may know their football. It’s a lot better than most of us did last week (if you picked the Jets of course – who in case you were wondering, suck). We have the kids read a scene from my favorite show, Mulaney and see if it’s funnier when it’s read by them (you decide). Then we compare Mulaney to the Disney Channel show, Dog With a Blog. Again, which is funnier? It might be Thanksgiving but this episode will be entertaining for years to come. Again, you’re welcome America.

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