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    Ben Affleck Has Ruined Everything

    in Comedy

    This week - The NFL Schedule is out. Why is it so exciting? Ben Affleck ruins everyone's good time and we explain why he is the major tool of all time. We have proof of why Muhammad Ali is way funnier then tony romo or blake shelton. That's right proof! And, if that's not enough, we have geniune audio from the nerds at the comic book store. This show is nuts! You're gonna love it

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    Talent and the funnier side of Dating

    in Romance

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    Join Talent and Host Mike T as he explores the funnier side of Dating with Comedian Talent.  It's the funnier side of the aspects of dating that one may encounter.   If you would like to advertise on this Show or any other of The Love Zone USA.com email sales@masterpiececorp.com 

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    The Conjugal Visit

    in Entertainment

    Call the neighbors, wake the kids! The boyz go off the grid tonight with their own brand of mayhem and insanity! Join them tonight 9pom est. for one-hundred and twenty minutes of fun, funny, and even funnier!

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    Thursday Night Thunder with Adam Sinclair

    in Sports

    Thursday Night Thunder  with host Adam Sinclair (@faborplumbs) and co-host Mykkal Mulalley (@Mykkal61) will immerse all of their listeners in a cloud of nitro-methane, as the stars of the International Hot Road Association take over the program!

    First off, we welcome Larsen Motorsports Jet Dragster pilot Shea Holbrook back to the Thunderdome, as she discusses her first weekend of competition in the Nitro Jam Series, as well as her plans for 2015.

    Next, we bring IHRA Pro Stock driver John DeFlorian into the spotlight, as he talks about being the fastest Pro Stock driver in the series.

    Then, we chat with IHRA Nitro Funny Car championship winner Jason Rupert about the Prostalgia Funny Car class, and how it compares to the even funnier cars that run in the NHRA.

    After that, we will discuss the true meaning of courage and insanity with Nitro Harley rider Jay Turner, who travels down the quarter-mile at speeds in excess of 220 mph with only one wheel touching the ground!

    Finally, we welcome Miss Nitro Jam Lea Anne Powell back to the Thunderdome, as she talks about the start of the Nitro Jam season, as well as which races she is most looking forward to this year.

    So, be sure to grab your gas masks and tighten your seat belts for a fast paced look into the IHRA!

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    WEEK 13 – The Kids in the Hall

    in Comedy

    This week my nieces and nephew sit in on the podcast for a special Thanksgiving Day episode. My nieces are both in the football pool so they actually may know their football. It’s a lot better than most of us did last week (if you picked the Jets of course – who in case you were wondering, suck). We have the kids read a scene from my favorite show, Mulaney and see if it’s funnier when it’s read by them (you decide). Then we compare Mulaney to the Disney Channel show, Dog With a Blog. Again, which is funnier? It might be Thanksgiving but this episode will be entertaining for years to come. Again, you’re welcome America.

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    Tell it like it is w KD EPI 4 Musical guest and "Making it in Entertainment"

    in Current Events

    Join KD and Musical Guest KATELYN MCCARTER http://www.katelynmccarter.com/  who is a rising star in the world of music. A 3 time IEMA Award winner and recently Signed artist! She will talk to us about How to and Not to make it in the world of entertainment. The ins and outs so to speak. We will also talk about TYPE CASTING in ALL walks of entertainment. KD will dabble in the latest HOT TOPICS, EBOLA,SPORTS, LIFE and more! Think of YAHOO NEWS but FUNNIER! For more information on KATELYN MCCARTER Head on over to her website where you can check out her nw singels and video! PLus KD TELLING IT LIKE IT IS... you cant miss this show!

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    Peace, Pencil Skirts, and Politics

    in Comedy

    Join Jay and Matt as they talk with Mimi Lenox who is the Founder and Director of BlogBlast for Peace.  With members in over 200 nations worldwide, BlogBlast for Peace is a network of bloggers and other social media users who promote peace. Ms. Lenox will be on hand to talk about her work and promote the upcoming BlogBlast for Peace event that takes place on November 4th.

    On a more unseemly yet far funnier note, November 4th is the day of the midterm elections and Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio Players have political laughs in store at the expense of damn near every candidate who is running for office this year.  They’ll even be calling up some campaign headquarters of Senate and House candidates to get some inside info and then be hung up on.

    So join Jay, Matt, and the pencil skirt wearing peacemaker Mimi Lenox, as we talk peace, make fun of the politicos, and take your phone calls at 661.244.9852 

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    TOPICAL TUESDAY w COMEDIAN KD (Topics from entertainment,life and more)

    in Current Events

    Think GOOGLE but funnier! This Quick Mid week TOPICAL NEWS REPORT by KD is to have fun and open yoour minds and funnybone. KD the COMIC is a national touring omedian and Impov actor. KDs regular Sunday show... TELL IT LIKE IT IS WITH KD is On at 6pm. Great guest and more. Join KD today for NEWS TOPICS FROM... KICKING SOMEONE WHILE THERE DOWN (The LIFE O TONY ROMO AND MORE) SPORTS, EBOLA,HALLOWEEN and News from aroound the world! 

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    Tarrin Lupo: Successful author, liberty activist, and social media prankster

    in Finance

    from his website...

    Tarrin Lupo is best known as an author but is also recognized as a national liberty activist. Tarrin self-published over 20 stories, five of which have made it to the Top 100 on Amazon. One of his novels was the #1 highest rated historical fiction eBook on Amazon for more than five months straight.

    As an independent author, Lupo competes with very well established authors and the powerhouses of the publishing world and still is beating many of them in eBook sales. Tarrin has spent almost no money but instead leveraged social networking to compete.  

    He graduated with degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Jewelry repair & design, and went on to four more years of Chiropractic school, graduating with honors. His post-doctoral training includes functional medicine, motion x-ray technology and animal chiropractic.  

    Dr. Lupo went on to develop one of the largest and most successful practices in West Virginia. Eventually, he grew disenchanted because of the increasing insurance regulations and government encroachment into healthcare. After selling his practice he tried some other businesses while starting to write, such as an online jewelry business where he made custom silver pieces with a freedom theme; he used the profits of the sales to finance his first book. .

    Lupo explores the funnier side of freedom on his Liberty Cats radio program.  

    Tune into The Liberty Cats Radio Show Wednesday/Thursday/Friday at 6 EST on DailyPaulRadio.com

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    #43 The Jeff Adams Show Ring Dinger Superbowl!

    in Entertainment

    ction packed Thursday on The Jeff Adams Show! We had special co-host Sociology Professor Nicole Welch joining us again! SuperBowl3 Champ Earl Christy/NYJets from Superbowl 3. Dave Constable fantastic Radio Personality formerly of CBS and ESPN and host of In The Game Sports Talk Don't Do it! Great special music guest Funnier in my head.

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    Sex, dating, and romance today with Dr. Teddy Love starring Ms. Danika Ridely

    in Relationships

    This weeks guess: The web series The Ethical Slut 

    Dotty and Jackie want to spice up their marriages. But are they cut out for open relationships? Reality is funnier than fantasy in this dark comedy.


    Completely produced in Madison, WI, this dark comedy explores open relationships (or polyamory) in a menagerie of relationships that center around two friends, Dotty and Jackie. Dotty is an east-side marriage counselor who desires answers to the mundacity of monogamy. Jackie, a west-side realtor, needs her own escape from an apparently loveless marriage. Will they realize their dream of being Ethical Sluts?

    Creator and Director Ben Fritz met with the authors of the popular book, The Ethical Slut, and was given rights to create a web-series based on principles and themes from the book.



    Teddy Love is host of the Teddy Love Show, a call-in blog talk radio program which features his short monologues on dating, relationships, sex, and marriage as well as his responses to callers' requests for personal advice. Teddy Love’s answers have been variously characterized as direct, wise, to-the-point, and with love and humor. School of Dating said that his show, "preaches, teaches, and explains, the whole area of sex and relationships.” Taylor previously utilized his platform as a stand-up comedian with National Security of the World (NSW) along with the radio show to help teach his messages. Lately he’s concentrated his efforts as a dating and relationship coach and on authoring a book about dating, sex, and love.

    Danika  Ridely has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media and Marketing. She has been a licensed massage therapist for ten years, and is working on becoming a certified relationship coach. She has hosted various shows, events, and been in a number of music videos.