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    Documentary Film Funding

    in Film

    Our guest, Producer/Director Beth Harrington, discusses funding her most recent masterpiece, “The Winding Stream,” the story of the Carter Cash families, and Beth has the last interview with the one and only Johnny Cash.

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    Funding Your Business with King & Kyle

    in Self Help

    Going Public

    The new book "Going Public" How I Took My Company Public by Kyle Freeman


    This book is about my personal journey in the venture capital business and how I used venture capital to take my company public. Most businesses fail in the first five years and most of the time due to a lack of capital. What if there was a way to get the amount of capital you need for your business? Would that be of interest to you or a business owner you know? Then get this book for yourself or a friend.

    Pre-Order for the holidays visit: www.thebookgoingpublic.info

    We also consult on navigating through these confusing situation in your business.

    For more information visit: www.creativecapitalsolutions.us

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    Film Funding with guest Tom Malloy

    in Film

    Our guest, Tom Malloy, shares new information from BANKROLL II on film funding 2012, current status of independent film financing and international financing.  We will cover where to find investors and how to close them.  Plus current methods of marketing and distribution, using the 5% finder’s fee, 10% pay or play and more. If you'd like to visit his website go to www.bankrollthebook.com
    Tom has raised over 15 million dollars and produced 5 films recently so he is in the know.

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    Funding your Franchise with FranFund

    in Entrepreneur

    On this episode of ZorCast, we're joined by Geoff Seiber, CEO of FranFund. Mr. Seiber will be helping us take a deeper look into the many funding products offered by FranFund, and what the funding climate of the franchise industry today is. He'll offer inside tips and tricks for people looking to fund a new business venture, as well as share some insights you can only get from an industry professional. You won't want to miss this show!

    About Our Guest

    Mr. Seiber’s extensive experience within the franchise community led to his contention that the franchise industry was lacking a financial partner that truly understood the funding needs of franchisors and their franchisees. This was the genesis of FranFund, which was formed in 2006.

    Mr. Seiber’s prior franchise experience includes co-founding FranChoice, a franchise consultation service for prospective franchisees, in 1999. Before that he served as Regional Director for Great Clips, Inc. where he assisted franchisees with critical functions in real estate, store construction, recruiting, operations, marketing and financing. Mr. Seiber began his franchise career with Domino's Pizza Inc. at the height of the company's expansion in 1981. By 1985, he was responsible for the system operations, growth and performance of over 200 Domino's Pizza corporate and franchise units in the Midwest.

    Mr. Seiber now serves on several corporate and advisory boards in the franchise industry.  He and his wife Sherri live in Fort Worth, TX.

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    Corky Kessler on Legal Side of Film Funding.

    in Film

    Our guest today is a well known attorney in the film industry, Hal Corky Kessler from DEUTSCH, LEVY & ENGEL of Chicago.  Corky regularly speaks on the business and legal aspects of feature film development, including tax incentives.  He has participated in seminars and conducted speaking engagements throughout the United States and Canada on legal issues impacting the entertainment industry. He has been a lead speaker for many years at various film festivals throughout the country, including the Toronto & Sundance Film Festivals, where he has conducted seminars on "Funding" and "Legal and Business Pitfalls, Screenplays through Distribution." Corky has been the attorney on numerous film projects across the country. He has represented and served as executive producer on feature films and theatre projects and he is Carole Dean’s attorney and a generous donor to the Roy Dean grants.

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    3 Easy Tips on Funding Perfect Music

    in Film

    David Raiklen, Music Composer for Fox, Sony, and Disney, shares ideas and guidance on finding and hiring the right person for your film.

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    Creating Your Film Funding Package

    in Film

    Victor Warren, award winner and President  of Glydascope, gives us details on creating a pitch package for investors, why attaching an attorney and casting agent early can be beneficial to financing.
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    The ABCs of Finding Funding for Your Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Steve Gordon and Dana Reeves discuss all-things funding on today's show. As a business owner, there may come a time when you're ready to bring on an investor to help you grow and expand. How do you know if you're ready for funding? What options are available and which one is right for you? Where do you find funding? How do you actually ask for money? What can you expect from an investor and how will your company change as a result? Tune in to get answers to all these questions - including some exclusive advice from a special guest (we're keeping their identity a secret until the show!)

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    Documentary Film Funding with Morrie Warshawski

    in Film

    Our guest, Morrie Warshawski, is a consultant, facilitator, and writer who has spent 30 years specializing in the nonprofit sector.  We are discussing his book, SHAKING THE MONEY TREE: The Art of Getting Grants and Donations for Film and Video Projects - 3rd Edition.  Our focus is on raising money for documentaries. For more information about Morrie visit his website at http://www.warshawski.com/
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    Enjoy the show!

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    Film Crowdfunding Tips from The Film Funding Experts

    in Film

    Marc Hofstatter, head of Film at Indiegogo explains how to create your goal and hit it!

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