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    Interview with Hartwig Tauber, Director General, FTTH Council Europe

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    'Market overview: FTTH deployment in Europe and beyond' - exclusive interview with Hartmut Tauber, Director General at the FTTH Council Europe

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    FTTH Conf, Mon: Econ Dev, Lafayette, Fiber on $0 Budget

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    Gigabit Nation is coming to you live from Dallas at the FTTH Council annual conference. These interviews give you a feel for some of the many sessions and activities going on here.
    1:00 CST - How Broadband Impacts Economic Development
    Ken Demlow, Nat'l Business Dev Manager for NewCom Technologies, discusses some of the effective tactics that make broadband an effective economic engine for rural and urban communities. He also provides some insights on how network design factors in to the economic development strategy.
    2:00 CST - Lafayette Broadband Rocks!
    Frank LeDoux, Engineering, Power & Communications Manager for Lafayette Utilities System gives us a rundown on what's new and exciting with them. LUS continues to please a loyal customer base, add new subscribers and maintain a competitive edge. There are valuable lessons to learn from this community network's successes.
    3:00 - FTTH on a Shoestring Budget
    Peter Folk, President of Volo Broadband explains how practical business management, careful technology selection,  and often just good old common sense can enable those with limited budgets to build great gigabit networks. In addition, Folk gives us a peek behind the curtain to see some of the broadband developments in Champaign, IL. 

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    Moving From Business-Side Questions to Tech-Side Answers in Broadband

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    There's a point in the planning process when your community broadband project team and main stakeholders need an education in the basics of broadband technology. The city CIO or IT manager probably understands the tech choices you face. However, it's important the city manager, economic development team, Chamber president, steering committee and others know how those choices facilitate or hinder the outcomes they want broadband to achieve.

    Dave Russell, Solutions Marketing Director for FTTH equipment vendor Calix, brings clarity to common tech terms and terminology by explaining them in the context of key broadband business decisions. He helps listeners understand issues such as speed vs. capacity, the relationship between fiber and fixed wireless, technology options' and their impact on costs or deployment time, and matching needs with speeds and feeds.

    There are also business issues within the community that tech staff, providers, vendors and potential partners need to know in order for them to deliver products or services that best meet community needs. Russell offers some tips for helping communities develop a good RFP as well as an effective process for evaluating RFP respondents. This show is great preparation Craig Settles' Webinar for Iowa and Colorado communities that begins Wednesday.   

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    FTTH Conf, Tue: Smart Grid Economics, Kutztown Magic, UTOPIA

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    1:00 CST - The Smart Economics of Smart Grid and Broadband
    Katie Espeseth, Vice President of EPB Fiber Optics, discusses the origins of Chattanooga's fiber network as a economic development engine. EPB's initial goal was to use the network to modernize their smart grid and thus save their business customers collectively $80 - $100 million/year. That's just one of the benefits. Listen and learn about the others.
    2:00 CST - Small Town Produces Big Time Results with Fiber Net
    With 10 years of successful operations, Kutztown, PA is one of the muni broadband success stories highlighted at the FTTH Council conference, Frank Caruso, the town's Dir. of Information Technology, explains how they impact the local economy through services to businesses and residences.
    3:00 CST - UTOPIA - Setting the Record Straight
    Todd Marriott, Executive Director of Utah regional community network UTOPIA, sets the record straight on progress expanding their infrastructure. Contrary to recent news stories, UTOPIA continues to expand their subscriber base and draw new interest from cities in their area. Marriott also discusses some of the economic impact they've had on communities.

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    Loma Linda's Muni Broadband Creates the Future of Healthcare

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    Some critics like to bad mouth muni-owned broadband networks by spinning half-truths about cities they claim are failing. Loma Linda, CA, similar to other successes in the state such as Santa Monica and Burbank, is a winner on many levels when you assess the full scope of its network.

    Loma Linda Asst. City Manager Konrad Bolowich joins us to describe the City network's impact as a business venture. "The network based just on revenues we generate is a breakeven effort," states Bolowich, "but the city government wouldn't be able to run without the network." He explains to listeners how the Loma Linda Connected Community Program:   

    led to Loma Linda becoming the Disneyland of Healthcare, which by itself has a huge impact on local economic development;
    enabled the City to totally revamp and improve how it serves citizens while reducing its operating costs by 20%; and
    continually closes sales to local businesses for a range of telecom and data services.

    Bolowich discusses the City's effective strategy of partnering with developers to ensure new properties expand the network into residential communities, while scoping out tactics to bring broadband to other residences. He also weighs in on whether offering triple play (data, voice, video) services are vital to the network's success. There's a lot in this 60 minutes for communities to learn about how to win at broadband.

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    FTTH Conf, Wed: The Network Doctor, Mozilla Ignite

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    Today we only have two interviews as things wind down here in Dallas.
    1:00 CST - The Network Doctor Is In
    Hiawatha Broadband CEO Gary Evans provides listeners with a valuable set of practical tips and recommendations for keeping your broadband network humming along with minimum downtime. Non-techies and techies alike will benefit from this discussion on smart network management.
    2:00 CST - Mozilla Seeks Gigabit Trailblazers
    Will Barkis is Gigabit Evangelist for Web tool developer Mozilla, and he's on a mission to find the next generation of screamin' apps that will power the highspeed networks showcased here at the conference. Barkis explains the Mozilla Ignite program, and why developers and other broadband stakeholders should get on board.

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    The Great Thing about Marketing Is....It works!

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    Bristol, VA's public utility-owned broadband net (BVU Optinet) is one of the earliest and more frequently acknowledged community network success story. Effective and creative marketing put BVU's Internet services on the map.
    Kyle Hollifield takes listeners behind the scenes of some of BVU's best broadband marketing campaigns. Get valuable insights on how to better market your network, increase partnerships that boost subscriber numbers and entice more ISPs to deliver services on your network.
    As BVU's VP of Marketing  & Business Development, Hollifield plays a pivotal role in driving up BVU's subscriber numbers. He also plays a major role in increasing the marketing competency of members of the Fiber to the Home Council, serving as the organization's Chairman of the Board.
    Marketing is key to your broadband success. Let's get it right!

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    How Far Have We Come with Fiber?

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    More than 7.6 million North American homes now receive their Internet, video and/or voice services over end-to-end fiber networks, according to a report commissioned by the Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Council. This is an increase of 1.15 million FTTH households over the past year. But what does it all mean?
    Michael Render President, RVA LLC, oversees national research for his client, Fiber-to-the-Home Council. On today's show he gives our audience a look behind the numbers to put advances in fiber network adoption rates in perspective.
    Besides the numbers, we also get to see what factors are influencing these increases: product features, marketing, the competitive landscape.

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    Woo Hoo show #2

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    This is my second installment of this show and even though nobody commented on the show I've gotten a few emails on it and some bad and some good but that is fine I want everybody to send comments about the show and about this FTTH network. Guess call-in number is 213-286-6720 or you can leave a comment on the show if you want..

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    broadband in Lee County Va.

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    I'm going to be talking about broadband in my home county today.. Guest call-in number is 213-286-6720

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    My first show!!!!!!!!

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    This is my first show and I'm am going to limit it to 15 minutes. I just want to get started here with my first show.. Thanks to all for listening and for your help and support....

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