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    Sinclair DNA and Bennett Greenspan, Founder of FTDNA

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    On Thursday April 14th, at 8 pm eastern time, Bennett Greenspan, President & CEO of Family Tree DNA, will join us for a 1-hour show. We'll be discussing the current state of DNA testing for genealogy and all that Family Tree DNA has to offer those who are seeking answers to their past. St. Clair Research launched with Family Tree DNA (via WorldFamilies.net) in 2004 and since then we've been sprinting to keep up with all their innovations. Join us to learn about - • FTDNA's new Family Finder test which is a breakthrough for those who wish to cross over between female and male DNA • The Warrior Gene • Why size matters in DNA testing companies • All the recent changes at FTDNA's online GAP sites • Genetic distance, Mutation rates, and STR testing Mark your calendar and find out why 90% of genealogists (and Sinclair DNA) choose Family Tree DNA to handle their family DNA studies. Bennett is a great speaker and has a wonderful way of simplifying this complex subject. The St Clair DNA study owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Bennett Greenspan and those at FTDNA for all the continued assistance they provide and their dedication to solving genealogy questions. Their tagline, "History Unearthed Daily" couldn't be more true. There's not a day that goes by that we don't learn more about Sinclair Family History thanks to FTDNA.

  • Mitochondrial DNA with Bennett Greenspan

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    Bennett Greenspan, president and CEO of Family Tree DNA, joins Jane to talk about mitochondrial (mt) DNA. Find out what mtDNA is, what the differences between mtDNA and yDNA haplogroups are, and how to interpret our results. Bennett will explain how the migration maps and origins used by FTDNA were determined, what applications mtDNA has for genealogy research, and where he thinks mtDNA applications will be going in the future.

    Find Family Tree DNA here.

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    The Usefulness of DNA Testing in Genealogy

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    Host Anita Wills, shares Genealogy and History as it relates to the African American experience. This weeks topic is the usefulness of DNA Testing in Genealogy.

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