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    Fruitbowl Wednesday

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    I don't usually fail, but when I do, I usually hurr before I durr.

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    Frutibowl Wednesday

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    Big Fruity-Ass Frutibowl, gay bastards that're taking it in the pooper

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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #143

    in Business

    Equities markets continue the positive trend with modest gains today, commodities markets mixed in today's trading, Mitt Romney comes out swinging in an attempt to get the Perry swagger, Governor Rick Perry's new Texas laws come under fire by critics, President Obama to give his "Job Speech" on the same night as the GOP debates, Texas continues to suffer through the hottest summer on record as new wildfires ablaze, Libyan rebels claim to have Gadhafi surrounded in the small town of Bani Walid, the population of Syria considers an all out armed confrontation with Bashar Al-Assad, car bomb kills 10 in Pakistan, 9 dead after bombs are detonated in Chechnya and the communist government of China arrests Tibetan monks for not stopping their brother from setting themselves on fire.  Ghost goes off on Obama's drunk uncle, Darryl Hanna getting arresting in front of the Whitehouse and the future of True Capitalist Radio.  New, True Capitalist commentary and Radio Graffiti on this edition.  Follow on Twitter @ghostpolitics

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