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    Blues Singer LGB & The Ladies of RichkidRadio

    in Entertainment

    "Reality Slowly Walks Us Down" The latest Album from GA Blues Singer, LGB, aka The Lady with the Raspy Voice! With songs such as;"Weekend Widow", "Someone You Use" & "He Called Me Baby" LGB helps her woman audience understand how love works. Ladies she is destined to help you gain control of your womanhood through her song writing lyrics and her performance delivery. Feeling down cause he did you wrong? Let LGB turn you around and change that frown to a smile! Join us on the line and tell us what's your favorite?

    Tonight Main Topic: Ole Skool vs. New School Etiquette and Discipline.

    Hosts, Mz.Cherry & Tammeka M.

    cydhostess@gmail.com, TammekaMspeaks@gmail.com

    Music by DjRichKid

    We are now accepting 30 sec, commercials and Indie Artist Music & Poetry. Send to:Richkidradio@outlook.com

    Follow us on IG:RICHKIDRADIO...Like us on FB:RICHKIDRADIO

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    in Health


    Never give up! Your dreams matter! Imagine being born where every day was touch and go. Then add HIV to the mix. This show segment is all about sheer determination. You will meet one of the most courageous individuals who took his touch and go health moments in life and battled them with pure courage and hope. This is about no matter what gets in your way, you can make something positive out of even the worst days. Join us Sunday night at 9 PM as we introduce you to a warrior and survivor who will turn your frown upside down and give you the passion to find the music of your life.


    Derek Canas (AKA D-REK), born a sweet, cute, seemingly healthy baby, had everything going for him until the age of 3 months, when he was surrounded by many doctors talking about transposition of the great arteries, pacemakers, and blood transfusions.  His parents now had, what they called a “battery operated son”. This was a scary scenario for his parents with so many touch-and-go moments.  16-years later another illness that Derek had been living with started to show symptoms: HIV.  This only brought on a more terrifying roller-coaster ride.  With courage, unconditional love and sheer determination, Derek was not going to let his health issues get in the way of his dream of becoming a DJ! Spinning music is the passion of his soul.  Today, taking his fight against HIV to new hope, he serves as the Social Ambassador for Yes Get Tested Coachella Valley & BeeSafe Condoms. A survivor of both open heart surgery and HIV,  his doctors refer to him as "The Terminator." And that he is!! He is also the creator of #EndTheStigma Campaign & D-REK's Angels & Warriors. On the weekends he turns into the crazy Emulator DJ, living his dreams!

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    Real Issues With Pastor Bello, Qiana Budd, and Kimmie Kim

    in Christianity

    Abusive Relationships are not Ordained by God

    Domestic Violence
    It's not your fault. God love is contrary to this format of mistreatment.
    "Well, I must say when I read this email my heart broke for the ungodly counsel that some wives are receiving from the Church! Abuse is so contrary to Scripture and here’s why.

    The Gospel message is a message of love. Jesus Christ IS love. He embodies it. It’s who He is. Therefore, when a church does not frown upon abuse in marriage, then they don’t understand the love of Christ. They don’t understand what a biblical marriage looks like and they don’t realize how what they are advocating is bringing shame upon the love that Christ has for His children. And yes, God hates divorce. His Word is very clear on this! But, God is also a God of love. And again, His Word is very clear on this. :)"

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    LIVE! with Cathi...Your Heart AGE!

    in Fitness

    "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it tool to blossom."Anais Nin and Victor Borge said, 'a smile is the shortest distance between two people.

    Did you know when you smile your heart is happy and smiles back at you.  Did you know it takes more muscles to smile than to frown.  The key is when your muscles are in good shape, it takes less energy to use them.

    What is your heart age?  Can you embrace the 'promise of youth anew?'


    Beating bad genes...etc.

    Control you weight/blood pressure...etc.

    Control STRESS...etc.

    Use vision and imagination...etc.

    Goal-to hold heart disease at bay...etc.

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    Turning your self-doubt and frustration into a life that you can love

    in Marketing

    You don't need a sob story to follow your dream and wait for the a-ha moment that life is too short before going after what you really want.

    Petra Monaco is going to tell us how to turn that frown upside-down and create the life we’ve always dreamed of!

    Petra is a multi-passionate creative with a handmade business, social media and web design business and coaching dreamers and visionaries into taking action. Petra is helping women like herself to move forward and overcome the challenges in making their own dreams real through her business, one-on-one coaching and Jump Up & Shine program. She has written two books, both based on real life events of her own upbringing, and of her son's medical journey, and continues to create her own freedom pursuing her own dreams.

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    If You Don't Love Jesus Go To Hell

    in Comedy

    It's time once again for the annual IWS World Media Entertainment Office Christmas Party! Matt-Man and Jayman are full of the Christmas spirit and it's finally time for them to consume some spirits and let their hair down with all our listeners, friends and IWS staff. The IWS Christmas party is always an epic affair. There will be great food, drinks, laughs, music and more!

    No nattering nabobs of negativism allowed! Matt and Jay insist that the Christmas party be nothing but positive attitudes and laughter. Christmas is all about love and Matt and Jay love everyone. Almost everyone at least. So turn that frown upside down, make dessert or buy a bottle of your favorite beverage and hit up the hottest party on internet radio.

    As always there will be Christmas greetings from our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players. There might be some Christmas greetings from random listeners and the We Love the Baby Jesus Phone Lines will be wide open @ 661.244.9852 so call in and get your Christmas groove on!

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    Friday Night UnCut

    in Entertainment

    It's Freaky Friday, and somone out there is ready to be licked.  Come hangout with the Queens of Sexxx, as we add some spice into your Friday Night.  Keeping it classy, but going into the forbidden world many frown upon, the Queens of Sexxx answer all your sex questions, and give you topics you can relate to.  This week Lady V, is celebrating her anniversary.  However, that Jamaican Spice Mz. Makala is bringing the heat with our sexxxy Mz. Joi.  You don't want to miss out on this steamy show, as they bring the heat and add some spice to your Friday Night.  Are you ready to be licked?

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    Smiley Faces and Grumpy Souls

    in Jobs

    What really, really makes you smile?  Do you like to do nice things for others so that you can see your value reflecting back at you?  Do you take pride in what you do?  Would you like to do something different with your life?  Let's talk about your future plans rather than think about working to please others today!  Dang you look hot in that new career you have always wanted!

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    Do I Have To Do It Again?

    in Lifestyle

    Did I really do that again?  I mean, did you really do that again?  I mean, do we have to do it over and over again?  Have you thought about whether you react to the world around you, or, if you act on your own and cause life to happen the way you want it?

    Are you really happy doing what you do everyday and leading the way or are you following the responsibilities that you agreed to do to receive a paycheck?  If you didn't follow the work responsibilities what would you rather be doing to make money exchanging your time with someone else? Meaning, what can you do that takes your mind away from boredom and into the world of creativity -- your nature as a human being.

    Can you see a picture of a man with:  a frown on his face, a sandwich in one hand, a wrench in the other hand, a boss in the back of the messy building screaming for more out of him and 4 other people?  Can you now see a man with: a wrench in his hand, in his own spotless shop, a smile on his face knowing, that if he gets the next job done, he can close his shop early and go play a round of golf?

    I knew I could help you see life differently?   You are capable of thinking in pictures!  Are you ready to swing with me today?  I mean, do you want to play a round of golf?

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    Has Divorce Got You Down in the Dumps? It's Time to Turn that Frown Upside Down!

    in Women

    A divorce may feel like a failure or a major setback, but according to Shanon Lee, that closed door can lead to an even better open one! She is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of SomeSayLove, a site dedicated to the concept of a happy and fulfilling post-divorce afterlife. She is dedicated to helping women empower themselves and achieve their dreams in spite of their circumstances. Happy Divorce Afterlife!

    Website: www.somesaylove.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/somesaylovewebsite

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