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    Ten Minutes of Friendship: Allie Krider Harrison, Collier County Health Clinic

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    Welcome to the new format for the Friendship Centers' Podcast. For a long time now we've focused on the challenges of caregiving, but there are so many other services the Friendship Centers offer. We're not walking away from helping our listeners with the challenges of being a caregiver, just expanding into different areas where the Friendship Centers have some amazing programs and support for the aging community.

    Our guest today is Allie Krider Harrison, the new Executive Director for the Friendship Centers' Collier County Health Clinic located in Naples, Florida. She's only been on the job a short time, but she "hit the ground running." In this new podcast she gives us some great insight into the Clinic's ability to help the community and some of her goals for the future. This is also part of a "double header" with a blog post by Allie as well. There's a lot going on in Naples and we couldn't be more excited to have Allie on the team!

    These podcasts are all made possible thanks to the support of the Friendship Centers. Their slogan, "People Helping People" couldn't describe them better. It's an amazing group of people totally dedicated to the Southwest Florida communities.


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    Doctor Doctor Give Me the News

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    When you take your child to the doctor do you feel like they are being completely honest with you?  Lets discuss what questions to ask and how to build a better bond with your Pediatrician and make sure they are being honest with you.  In order to help your child, you need all the facts or get another doctor.

  • Introducing Doctor Triple O

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    Knowledge Is Power and No One Can Ever Take Knowledge From You

    Live & Pre-Recorded Every Friday 10:00 am to 11:00 am

    Click Here To Listen Live :  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/doctortripleo

    Listen to Doctor Triple O to learn about infectious and chronic diseases and how to enjoy a positive and fulfilling life with knowledge and self awarness

    Hosted By. Dr. Osiyemi a.k.a. Doctor Triple O

    Have a question? Ask it in our forum and we’ll answer it on the air!

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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning, happy 2nd day of February, and Monday morning to ya!!! Hopefully your weekend was great, and the team that you were rooting for, won, if not, oh well, they might not have been your favorite team anyway, but hopefully, you had a grand time watching it.  Well today's topic is, FRIENDSHIP.  This is an easy subject to talk about, simply because the topic of friendship, in this day and age, is a very important topic, indeed.  How many friends do you have, let me rephrase that, how many TRUE friends do you have.  You know, the ones who you can call on when your back is up against the wall, for whatever reasons.  Perhaps you need a place to crash, a bit of food, or some cash, do you have people in your life that are available, when you need someone the most?  Hopefully you haven't had to need someone for any of those, and they weren't there for you, but if so, at least you found out if you could, or could not count on them.  That doesn't mean that they're, not necessarily your friend, just means that you couldn't count on them.  And we all should have someone to count on, as well as be someone, someone can count on.  At any rate, that is today's topic, and I can't wait to get the show started, I know it will almost be over, before it starts, what a juicy topic, for sure.  Well, as always, if you'd like to drop a love offering to the Hawkie, please do so at, http://www.paypal.com, using the email address, redhawk1967 or you can acquire my services at, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow, and don't forget, you can also drop me an email, just because.  

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Love/Divorce/Friendship!

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    Remember when we met near the jungle gym at school, I do, you were seven and I was six...we became bandmates in High School and then all of a sudden we became MEN and did MAN things, one of which was finding someone we loved enough to marry.  I have proof that both of us were very happy then.  Our wedding photos show us laughing, smiling and greeting friends and relatives, eating cake, smoking cigars and dancing.

    It was impossible to imagine, in the face of all that merriment, that one day our respective unions would begin to crack and would become a total collapse.


    I thought, how could I live...etc.

    We made a pact together...etc.

    Now the challenges...etc.

    I saw it coming...etc.


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    Graphic Policy Radio Talks Doctor Who

    in Pop Culture

    Graphic Policy Radio returns after a breif hiatus, and in this episode we go Who! Tonight, we're discussing Doctor Who, focusing on Titan Comics' various series featuring the many recent doctors. We're joined tonight with special guests Amanda Mayer and Chris Reid.

    Amanda Mayer is a writer, director, and comedian, as well as a long-time Whovian.  She can currently be seen performing with musical improv teams Goats and Orphan Alley around NYC.

    Chris Reid is a lifelong nerd, avid gamer (both digital and physical) and consumer of sci-fi and fantasy entertainment in its various forms. He runs a solo law practice in Brooklyn, working largely with indie game developers and others in the game industry helping them navigate the various legal issues that crop up in their business (and sometimes procrastinating by playing his client's games). Chris watched the occasional old-school Doctor Who as a kid when it was on TV, but didn't really get into the Whoniverse (don't call it that) until about 2008, at which point he became an instant obsessive fan.

    Join us for this wibbly wobbly timey wimey episode as we enjoy some fish fingers and custard and talk all things Who!

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    Doctor Prepper's Critical Preparedness Radio Talk Show

    in Prepping

    Doctor Prepper, nickname given James Talmage Stevens by friends and competitors alike. For more than 40 years, he has practiced the preparedness lifestyle and taught generations of families about the skills of preparing for the certain––and uncertain future. 

    Doctor Prepper has been a life-long prepper and a professional practitioner  in the preparedness industry since his best-selling book, Making the Best of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook was self-published in 1974. Now in its 13th edition and with more than 30 printings, his book has sold more than 800,000 print copies, thousands of CD's, DVD's, and digital downloads in 46 countries. 

    Doctor Prepper, with Rich Fleetwood, another consummate prepper, and owner of the largest collection of online preparedness information ever amassed , discuss the many facets of prepping: living Preparedness principles as a lifestyle, General Prepping, new and effective Preparedness Products, how to practice Urban, Suburban, and/or Ex-Urban Homesteading, interviews with prepper Authors, reviews and interviews with active Preppers about common sense and reasonable Prepper Resources.

    No hype, no histrionics, and no hysteria––just trying to enlighten, not frighten!

    Great information and meaningful dialog. Helping America prepare––one family at a time!    

    Freedomizers can get a 50% discount on the all-time, best-selling preparedness handbook ever @ www.MakingtheBestof Basics.com. Just type present in the Discount Code box at check-out.

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    What is the mark of true friendship? According to Proverbs 17:17(NLT) "A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need." Some translations use the word "...loves at all times" The bible teaches that true friendship is Jesus who laid down his life for a friend. 1 John 3:16 states it plainly. So let's not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. 1 John 3:17-19. TRUE FRIENDS ARE READY WILLING AND ABLE. 

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    What is Real Friendship and Why are Real Friendships so Important?

    in Motivation

    Just because we are close to another soul, does it mean we are friends? What are friendships and what do they mean to our lives? Friendships come and go. Some stay for a very long time and some stretch like a rubber band, thin at times and full at other times. What is a real friendship and what keeps a friendship in tact over the years of our lives? Does simply loving another soul make for a great friendship? Tune in and Join the Conversation Wednesday Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    Mayweather Sparring Leaked. Garcia-Broner Business Before Friendship

    in Sports

    Seems things are changing and the way your grand parents recieved their news is a thing of the past. Mayweather-Pacquiao is so big when some footage of Floyd Sparring is leaked we need to bring it to you our listeners. thanks to Instagram and one of Floyd's honeys we have it tune into the youtube/thaboxingvoice to watch sparring live on show. In other instagram News

    Adrien Broner had a very intriguing Instagram post recently containing a picture of him and junior welterweight titlist Danny Garcia facing off. The picture, posted above, shows Garcia making a “throat cutting” gesture with his hand as he and Broner stare each other down in a vaguely intense manner.

    The post had a message from Broner that read as follows:

    “This is the next mega fight ME vs. Danny Garcia… ‘Business Before Friendship’… #ABonNBC #AboutBillions… But I want to fight Amir Khan first den Den (then) my homie Danny next! #ToBeTheBest you have to fight the best!!!! #NothingPersonal #ThisFightComingSoon.”

    We will without a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can express your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Nestor Gibbs at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date with the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world.   



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    Friends With Benefits: Can you really maintain a friendship?

    in Relationships

    Spring is in the air and along with the blossoming of flowers is the blossoming of new romance, friendships and possibilities. We will discuss friends with benefits, does it really exist? Can you maintain the friendship after sex?  Have you ever found yourself thinking about someone all day, every day? Did you tell this person how you felt? Your Bare It All team is here to share their experience on being vulnerable and open with self and others. It's time to tell him/her how you feel. What do you have to lose?

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