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    Africah Harrigan Lives Life Like a Tourist

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    Travel with Africah, the newest of the endeavors of Africah Harrigan, is a weekly blog that features activities, events, and fun things that she has done while traveling. Throughout her years of traveling, Africah has often found that people are a lot more enthusiastic to explore or try new things once they venture out from their hometown. However, they are the same people, who often overlook the beauty and attractions of their hometown and will probably opt to remain homebodies or follow a daily routine.

    Whether you are a traveler or not, her philosophy is to “Live Life like a Tourist!” No matter where you are. By this, she means to explore new activities, attend a variety of events, or tantalize your taste buds with a new delicacy. Each place is unique. For instance, you can drive on a highway in Portland, Oregon that is parallel to snow-capped mountains, or drive alongside the aqua blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the waterfront in downtown Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands! Sit back, relax and join the journey with her.

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    Africah Harrigan is a television personality who has hosted several television programs, recorded voiceovers for radio and television commercials, and has represented businesses as an on-camera spokesperson. When she is not working, she enjoys sharing her travel experiences.

    To find out more visit www.AfricahHarrigan.com

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    Do you have a SIZE FRIENDLY health provider?

    in Entertainment

    Tune in January 22nd at 7pm. Pacific time as I interview Jen McLellan, founder of Plus Size Birth and Plus Size Mommy Memoirs.

    This topic is NOT just for pregnant women and women planning to get pregnant. This is for all adults who are over a size 12 that want to learn how to advocate for yourself and make sure you get the great care that you are entitled to.

    I am going to interview Jen about her tips for how you can find a size friendly provider.

    Did you know that you can refuse to get weighed when you go to the doctor? Wouldn't that take away some of the anxiety from your well woman exam and if you wanted to go to urgent care for the flu or something similar? No worrying about someone yelling out your weight to the nearby nurse. SHEESH that use to tick me off.

    Feel free to call in with your questions, too.  We will be live from 7:00 until about 7:45pm Pacific time, so set your reminders if you want to call in with a question. You can also feel free to submit questions to my email at  blissconnection at gmail dot com before the show. Tel  646-668-8836


    Thanks, Chrystal Bougon


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    Friendly Radio

    in Comedy

    The topic for today is FRIEND,S,.how many of us have them?Onse we can depend on.So befor we go any further let,s be friends.:)

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    International Friendly: USA At Colombia Post Game Show

    in Sports

    Join me and my panel as we recap the international friendly between the USA & Colombia as the match will be played at the Craven Cottage which is the home of Fulham Football Club of the Championship League of England.

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    How to Create a Woman Friendly Auto Business

    in Women

    With women influencing 80% of buying decisions, purchasing 50% of new cars and 48% of used cars it’s no wonder that the automotive industry is taking notice. Smart automotive businesses are reaching out to this fast growing market with initiatives aimed at attracting the attention of female shoppers. By creating family-friendly environments, re-positioning their brands and developing programs designed to understand and accommodate the needs of women, automotive companies can build establishments that not only appeal to women but to all consumers. This week's show speaks to strategies and techniques on ways to build woman friendly auto businesses.   

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    Change-Friendly Leadership

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    Bestselling author Rodger Dean Duncan shares nuggets of wisdom from his book, Change-Friendly Leadership: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance. Listen in to hear what Dr. Duncan calls the Four T's: key leadership behaviors that drive change.

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    Live:Deejay Jamaican icons Kojak and Mama Liza chat live from Jamaica

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    Kojak (b. Floyd Anthony Perch, kingston, Kingston, Jamaica, began his career chanting on various sound systems under the guise of Pretty Boy Floyd. He adopted the gangster image that had proved successful for Dennis Alcapone and Dillinger.He change stage name to Nigger Kojak. His debut, ‘Massacre’, proved a local hit. In 1978 Dennis Brown had an international hit with the remake of ‘Money In My Pocket’, which was followed by ‘Ain’t That Loving You’, featuring Kojak And Liza performing ‘Hole In De Bucket’. The partnership led to conflicting reports as to the identity of Kojak’s fellow artist, as there were in fact two Mama Lizas, Beverly Brown and Jacqueline Boland. His female partner was always labelled simply as Liza, which hindered the women’s careers,. The duo performed ‘Fist To Fist Rub A Dub’, a tribute to the soft drink Sky Juice, the modest ‘One Thousand Gal’ and the festive ‘Christmas Stylee’. By 1981 Kojak And Liza had become well established and the unprecedented success of ‘Nice Up Jamaica’ was endorsed by the Jamaican tourist board. The song, although on some pressings credited to the duo, was actually a solo from Floyd Perch that verged on the surreal. By 1982 he became known as Papa Kojak and was a featured DJ at the acclaimed Skateland show, recorded live as A Dee Jay Explosion. By 1996,  performing ‘What Time Is It’, was met with enthusiasm. The song was included on his distinguished comeback album of soul cover versions, which featured backing vocals from Nadine Sutherland, J.C. Lodge, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt. The paucity of female DJ performers has often been criticized, along with the fact that early performances were only in a supporting role. The pioneering efforts of the two Lizas have since been acknowledged on record as influencing the likes of Sister Nancy and Lady Saw.call in 661-467-2407

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    Fun and Friendly Introduction to "Sharing The Truth About Vaccines"

    in Health

    Today, at 3:30 pm (central standard time) I will be introducing my new Blogtalkradioshow.  I am very excited to open the show with my best friend, Stephanie Hartley.   Everyone will have the opportunity to get to know me.   I will be sharing my experiences and opinions.  I hope to open the show in a fun way and would love for you to tune in.   OXOX

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    Clocks Off - The Uncle Larry Show - Tell'n it Like it Is!

    in Automotive

    Uncle Larry (Mr. Fellowship)...telling it like it is and bringing truth and brotherhood to game. There is no shame in the game when fellowshipping with the brotherhood and no facts to hard to find. So call in and be welcomed by your friendly host Uncle Larry. Just remember in the world of Clocks Off / No-Times racing be there or be square, and closed mouths dont get fed. So press the "1" button.

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    We Win - Marriage Equality in Alabama

    in Politics Progressive

    Join us this Sunday at 4 pm as we discuss the victory for marriage equality in Alabama. This is something that effects all of the people in our state. It will have a dramatic influence on our state being able to attract new business and tourist, as well as creating a better state for our children to live in. Our special guest will be Patrick Scarborough. He is the Former  Vice Chair of the Equality Alabama Board. Mr. Scarborough is a native of Alabama having grown up in Dothan. He is a graduate of Auburn University earning a degree in chemical engineering, he also has a MBA from Samford University. He married his husband in a ceremony in Boston just last year, after years together they were finally able to be married. Patrick has been fighting for the rights of the LGBT community in Alabama for years, and in his role with Equality Alabama he has given the folks here in our state hope that a better day is coming. Join us for his interview. We will also have progressive news you can use, and of course the most important thing- You.

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