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    The Social Nerdia Show!#14 - Facebook takes over FriendFeed, 230 MPG Volt and Dutch Toilets

    in Technology

    @jestebanc, @somerlea and @jonsterp discuss the tech news (Facebook acquired FriendFeed), not-so tech news (Dutch people love toilets), upcoming movie releases (Time Traveler's Wife), and the randomized topic of the day (JetBlue's all-you-can-fly).

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    Bad Hair call-in

    in Podcasting

    A special call-in show to discuss the acquisition of FriendFeed by Facebook

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    Widgets and Plugins for your blog

    in Blogs

    Learn about some widgets and plugins that will get your blog ranked higher in the search engines.

    Some will even help your promote your visitors blogs! What better way to thank them for visiting your blog?

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    Quick-n-Dirty Podcast 12

    in Business

    During this week's show, Aaron Strout (@aaronstrout) and Jennifer Leggio (@Mediaphyter) will feature Friendfeed co-founder, Paul Buchheit (yup, the one that just sold his company to Facebook). We'll also revisit social network, Foursquare, describe why we love featured Tweet, @nenshad and have a special point/counterpoint this time.

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    Learning All About Eric Goldstein and Amplify.com

    in Business

    Eric Goldstein is the CEO and founder of Amplify. Prior to Amplify, his first venture in social media begin in 2004 with the development of Clipmarks.com. Before devoting his career to social media, he majored in finance at Lehigh University and then went to law school at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

    Amplify is a service for engaging in conversation about news, thoughts and ideas that people share. Not all conversations can be had in fewer than 140 characters, so while Twitter is an amazing place for keeping up with what's going on in the world, Amplify is the place to talk about it.

    Whether it's sharing a clip from an article or blog post you're reading, or simply sharing a URL or posting a quick thought, Amplify lets you share your take without restriction and provides a user experience and interface that prioritizes conversation. We do this not only because there is so much to learn from engaging in conversation with others or because it is enjoyable, but also because of the uniquely powerful ways in which conversation can enable people to get to know each other and form deeper connections.

    In addition to engaging in conversation on Amplify, everything you share here can also be auto-posted to Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, Friendfeed, and more so you can easily share with your friends and followers all around the web.

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    Social Media, New Media and Marketing for Photographers

    in Photography

    Please join us for this monthly panel discussion, meant MAINLY for photographers wanting to know more about social media, new media and traditional marketing methods. Typically there will be 2-3 experts on the panel who will answer questions that have been emailed in, sent through Twitter (#LF35-social), come in through live Chat, or from people who call into the show. Interviews, case studies, what’s new, best practices, social media awards, monthly polls and a tip of the month are all part of the show schedule.

    Guest Hosts for this weeks show are: Rosh Sillars, Jack Hollingsworth and Lindsay Adler.

    Topics for Discussion in this show: Working on them now! – plus the questions that you Email, Twitter, Chat, Call into our voice system AND live calls answered.

    Future Show Topics: Twitter, Facebook (profile and pages), LinkedIn, Flickr, FriendFeed, Google, ebooks/e-junkie, Podcasting, SEO, Search, video blogging, HD/DSLR, Branding, Marketing, Email Marketing, Doing Workshops and Tours, Publishing, Portfolios, Wordpress/Blogging

    If you have a question that you want to ask, please email editor@lensflare35.com, otherwise you can visit the Show Page for LensFlareLive. In addition, if you’d like to call in and leave a VOICE message containing your question, it will be played on the show. Please call 315-628-1214 to leave your message.

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    Interview of Eric Goldstein CEO/Founder of Amplify and Clipmarks

    in Technology

    Joe Hackman interviews Eric Goldstein the founder and CEO of amplify.com and Clipmarks. Amplify integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Friendfeed and more so you can keep your friends and followers all over the web updated with you latest findings and invite them to discuss them with you. It is a friendly, vibrant and growing community. In this interview we'll learn more about the evolution of an idea to one of the more innovative and user friendly tools in Web 2.0/Social Media today.

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    Relationship Ladder - Rung #3 RESPONSE

    in Marketing

    To experience Solutionz Media's Visual Radio™ show, powered by iLINC

    click HERE
    Then at showtime, press PLAY on the show widget.

    You fully understand that rung #1 of the ladder is spamming and you've gotten past rung #2, noise.

    You get it -- that in order to really make a dent in the social grid, you have to get folks engaged. You need to get a response -- to get noticed.

    Quite often, the first step is following the big boys, the leaders of the social media pack.

    You read their blogs, you comment, you try to get noticed for your clever observations. You join Digg, Disqus, Reddit, Newsvine and others and post your comments and even check that you want to "follow the dialogue". But the transom is silent.

    You "retweet" their posts on Twitter. You shift your strategy to retweeting the posts of people that you know and follow.

    You comment on their YouTube videos and even venture out into doing video comments.

    Perhaps you are bold enough to launch your own blog or post articles on eZine.com. You even add a Google FriendFeed to your blog to give the hordes a way to signal their response.

    While you are pursuing relationship and engagement, which is better than noise,
    at this juncture, what you are still doing says loud and clear, "Listen to me! I matter!". It simply isn't enough to just talk or to hope that you can elicit a response.

    Getting past the response stage takes time and energy. Getting to dialogue isn't easy, but the good news is that it is possible.

    Stay tuned. We're going there next.

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    can’t build a strong personal brand without a web presence

    in Business

    All the different elements of your web presence feed from each other, which means that you can leverage your content in many different ways. For example, you could:

    ¦Craft your elevator pitch and use it in your About Us page, or as your LinkedIn summary.
    ¦Take a Twitter post and expand the idea into a full blown blog post.
    ¦Take the pictures you use on your blog posts, and use them in presentations you can then load to Slideshare.
    ¦Bundle several blog posts into a PDF eBook that you can offer for download on your site or publish it on Scribd or Slideshare.
    ¦Take a good picture of yourself and crop it in several different sizes to create avatars for your different social media profiles.
    ¦Slightly modify blog posts to turn them into articles you can upload to article clearinghouses (you can then use your elevator pitch as your bio at the bottom of your article, adding a link to your website).
    ¦Set your Facebook profile so that you can autopost content from your blog or other social media sites.
    ¦Summarize the main takeaways of your blog posts in less than 140 characters and publish them as Twitter posts. Then, use those tweets as slide titles or takeaways in your presentations.
    ¦Film yourself reading your blog posts aloud to turn them into video clips and upload them in YouTube.
    ¦Gather all your Twitter posts for a week and bundle them to create blog posts.
    ¦Write book reviews on Amazon and use them as blog posts.
    ¦Aggregate your content from different social media sites by auto-posting it on platforms like FriendFeed or Tumblr.

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    Robert Scoble, Building43 and the Future of the Internet

    in Marketing

    The Friday, August 14 edition of User Friendly Thinking features none other than Robert Scoble, better known as the Scobleizer. We're going to discuss a number of things including Facebook's acquisition of Friendfeed, Robert's latest venture , Building43, and get his insights on where the Internet is headed.

    The will be a fun visit with an Internet technology icon. Join us Friday, August 14, at 3 p.m central (1 p.m. pacific).

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    Twitter: What's The Big Deal? - Corvida Raven, SheGeeks.net Mastermind

    in Lifestyle

    Corvida Raven, the 21-year-old mastermind behind SheGeeks.net, a Consumer Web 2.0 Application Reviews & Social Web Conversations blog is taking the technology world by storm. Fast Company Magazine called her in their Jan. 09 issue, one of the most Influential Women in Technology for a reason. As a former writer and community manager for ReadWriteWeb & The Industry Standard, she’s now the new Blog Editor for Mr. Tweet, a Twitter User recommendation service, and co-manages projects such as EverythingTwitter.com and TheSocialGeeks Roundtable Podcast. You can follow her on Twitter @corvida or see what she’s sharing on FriendFeed (Corvida).

    The world is now driven by technology! Hear what one of Atlanta’s most in-demand technology writers has to say about Twitter and how you can get the most out of it.

    Ms. Corvida Raven is definitely one of the People You Need to Know!

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