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    CandidFrankLive NLL Talk #3.02 with Freeland & Groob

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    CandidFrankLive's Lacrosse Talk @ 9-10pmET, Week Review with Aaron William Freeland, Jarrett Harris, Gary Groob, Justin Warner & Frank Stanisci.  NLL.Com provides great info and opportunity to purchase tickets to see your team live. On the show we discuss the teams, players, coaches in the league including, history, stats and opinions.  CandidFrankLive is always looking for cohosts, fans and contributors. You need not apply, just call in on our LA phone #, but if you want message CandidFrankLive Stanisci on Faceook, leave me your number and we will call you on the Air to give us your opinion, comment or question and we will do our best to get you on the air.  THIS IS SHOW IS FOR AND BY THE FANS OF THE NLL, SO DON'T BE SHY AND ENJOY SHARING YOUR OPINONS. We talk Lacrosse outside the NLL as well after all this is a Lacrosse Show. looking for fans of the NLL to take part and talk about their teams, players and games. I hope you accept our invitation, or at least give us a listen..... We love lacrosse, decades ago I was the Toronto Beaches Lacrosse play by play man for many years on Rogers with the Late Producer Steven W. Spice (miss you my friend)

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    Chrystia Freeland on her book, Plutocrats

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    Chrystia Freeland, the author of Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else and the editor of Thomson Reuters Digital, will join us here on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 7 PM ET for a live chat to answer your questions about her book.

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    Kenneth Canty PE, CEO of Freeland Construction Co.

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    Mr. Canty is a Professional Engineer and his company has an Unlimited General Contractor License in several states. Mr. Canty is the CEO of Freeland Construction Company, Inc. established in 2001, with offices in Charleston, SC Columbia SC, Bowie, MD and Savannah, GA. Mr. Canty is responsible for managing operations for Business Development, Construction Management, and Financial/Accounting Management. He develops, implements and manage the Company Business plans as well as determine and implement Company Policies. He is responsible for all contractual commitments as well as all budgetary and financial disbursements.

    Some of the company’s projects are: Transportation Sales Tax Program, Charleston County, SC; Demolition of the Cooper River Bridges, Charleston, SC; Arthur Ravenel Bridge Replacement Project, Charleston, SC; I-93 Ramps and Viaducts North of the Charles River, Boston, MA; Fuller Warren Bridge Demolition, Jacksonville, FL; Long Island Expressway Reconstruction, New York, NY and the Woodhaven Bridge Rehabilitation, NY, NY;

    Mr. Canty has been awarded the U.S. SBA - Regional Minority Business Person of the Year – 2011 and the MBDA - South Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year 2011.

                              843-722-1740   *  www.freelandconstruction.com                                 

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    Like Mother, Like Son, The Kidnapping, Torture Toddler

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    Michael Brown's mother accused in armed robbery of Ferguson vendors selling t-shirts commemorating her son's death

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2824034/Police-report-identifies-Michael-Brown-s-mother-attacker-armed-robbery-Ferguson-t-shirt-vendors-selling-t-shirts-commemorating-teenager-s-death.html#ixzz3ILDtLW1E
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    Found! How FBI saved Philly nurse after a citizen reported litter at kidnapper's hideout - and thanks to a GPS tracker that was put on his car because his credit was so bad

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2823104/Abducted-Philadelphia-woman-rescued-man-arrested.html#ixzz3ILFKW6pU
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    Mother and her boyfriend 'laughed as they tortured her three-year-old son for weeks, hanged him by his feet, whipped and hit him with a frying pan until he died'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2824121/2-charged-death-boy-hung-feet-beaten.html#ixzz3ILFXUI7C
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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Gay Marriage in Idaho is causing 2 Pastors to either marry gays or go to Jail. Also Indiana has a serial killer who has addmitted to killing 7 women in Gary Indiana. Also several bombings in Baghdad Iraq kills 21 by ISIS. Also the Hadith says the Jesus is returning to Damascus and will lead the war against Israel of Gog and Magog. Also Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is under 24/7 guard as she has been threaten by ISIS. Also Pope Francis will visit Turkey and the "Blue Mosque". Also Toys "R" Us is selling Breaking Bad Dolls with crystal meth , bags of cash, and guns to little children. Also Pastor Jim Freeland host of the "Latter Rain Revival" in Morgantown, West Virginia will be Pastor Paul Begley's guest on todays show. Current events, bible prophecy, and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    Stalking & Other Line Stepping Behaviors

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    Stalking & Other Line Stepping Behaviors

    Support the Family of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither. It's just been reported that her credit card was used at an ATM in Maryland. Keep her and her family in your Prayers and she return home safely.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Pastor Jim Freeland from Morgantown, West Virginia will be a guest on Pastor Paul Begley's Live broadcast today. Also Jerusalem is "ON FIRE" with rage as Muslim protestors attack Jews on the Temple Mount and Israeli Police forced them into the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Also a Palestinian man runs over 10 people in the streets of Jerusalem and kills 1 then attacks Police with a crowbar. Also Jordan King Abdulla II pulls his envoy out of Tel Aviv and calls the UN to claim Israel is being over agressive on the Temple Mount. Also Russia test fired an Intercontinental missile from a Nuclear Submarine. Also a complete Ebola update, and Ukraine update, and ISIS and the middle east. These events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Restructuring Your Mindset: The rise of the new super rich...are you one of them

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    A common theme that I have come across while researching and studying on how not to be broke is this: the middle class is disappearing. Have you ever seen the movies Elysium, In Time, and Looper? If you notice (or if you haven't watched it) there is no middle class: there are only the rich and the poor.

    We, the middle class, are currently in a situation similiar to the frog in the boiling pot. We, like the frog, don't know know that while we are sitting in comfortable warm water, the situation will soon become unbearable and by then, it will be to late to save ourselves.

    On tonight's radio show, we will talk about the trends that point to this future, what the super rich are doing about it, and how our current action steps determine which class we will end up in. 

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    CandidFrankLive with Aaron W. Freeland & Tyler Honeywood

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    on CandidFrankLive 18+.
    Frank, Aaron and John discuss:
    Mayor Robert Ford and his travails, prior to any guilt established, but the concern by the Media that believes he has not answerd the question of whether he has done Crack Cocaine while in office.
    Dr. Morgentaler the man who protected and created the right for woman to choose abortion.:
    Dr. Kovorkian, short discussion
    NHL Playoffs with the last 4 winners of the Stanley Cup...4 great teams, will have the opportunity to prove they are the best in recent history.

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    Candid Frank Live WTF “FREE FOR ALL” with Aaron W. Freeland

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    Aaron and I, WTF (Welcome to Friday) Friday Free For All with Freeland......

    Surprise Topics

    Flying Glass in Toronto.....Stars

    Pamela Wallin Senate Lynch Mob gets her to pay $100 Thousand back

    Stephen Harper pipline push

    Jessica Biel now Jessica Timberlake, but no changes professionally



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    Episode 20 | July 31, 2014: No Rebuilding Mode Ever

    in Sports

    With just hours to go before the MLB non-waiver trade deadline, the Rockies appear poised to do absolutely nothing since, you know, they're only 19 games under-.500. This is in no way a rebuilding season. Nothing to see here. No need to panic!

    Anthony and Tyler talk this morning's big A's-Red Sox deal and banter a bit about what MLB's new postseason format means for the deadline, Tulo in the Banana Stand (Yankee Stadium), MLB.com's newly updated team prospect rankings, and much, much more!

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