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    Soul City features Cornflower

    in Music

    Cornflower is a vocal-instrumentalist who lives for the moment. His music is a mix of many styles and genres, yet it is unique and is too elusive to label. Most importantly, his music has a purpose... like a time capsule from the future, here to help bridge the gap between our world and what is to come.

    Cornflower's music emerges intuitively through an 'accapella scat' that is very familiar and tribalistic. He uses 'vocal-percussion' aka Beat-boxing that is not meant for spectacle but to serve as a foundation to his soaring melodies and atmospheric sound effects that bring a depth and richness to the sound wanting to be birthed. Last, but not least, he uses a Loop station that allows him to layer these many vocal-instrumentations into a symphony that if your eyes were closed, you wouldn't believe it was being created solely using his mouth.

    Cornflower has collaborated and appeared with many artists, musicians & luminaries including: Bobby McFerrin, Victor Wooten, Kenny Loggins, Jeff Pevar, Chris Deckker, Wisdom, Dubconscious, Freebo, Scott Huckabay, Bohemian Soul, The Rogue Suspects, James Twyman, Elemental Harmonics, Phillip Daniel, Amy Steinberg, +Elijah- & the Band of Light, K.J. and Quetzatl.

    Cornflower has studied with ten-time Grammy Winner, Bobby McFerrin and was a guest leader at the annual 12-hour Circlesinging event called “Singing for your Life 2005” with members of SoVoSo.

    Cornflower creates memorable musical grooves and inspirational mantras that lift you up while getting down!

    Cornflower has performed at Earthdance in Laytonville CA, Emrg+N+See Festival, Mystic Garden Party, Peace Village Festival and MidSummers Dream Festival as well as The Cascade Theater in Redding CA opening for Kenny Loggins, The Mobius, Historic Ashland Armory, Siskiyou Brew Pub and at many private House Concerts in Ashland OR, 4 Daughters in Medford OR and the Georgia Theater in Athens GA. Cornflower has also performed overseas at the Byron Bay Community Center in