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    corruption rules the day in dc,,peadophiles,frauds,,extortion rackeets

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    cheney was ceo of haliberton,,bush ran security at wtc 911,bush ran orphans to barney franks hse in "operation brownstar",,bankers launder drug cartel cash....



    and you pay taxes to this criminal mafia enterprise????

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    Is a Lawyer in the House? Malpractice Claim Against The Cochran Firm Frauds

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    Our guest for April 23 at 9pmEST claims being another victim of The (Johnny) Cochran Firm fraud on "Human Rights Demand" channel. Call-in number is 347.857.3293. Mr. Vance alleges the law firm defrauded him and worked behind his back for his defendant, a physician. The cancer survivor hired the deviant Cochran Firm attorneys to file lawsuit against his doctor, who misdiagnosed his condition, causing his cancer to reach stage 3 by the time another doctor checked him two years later. Vance seeks an attorney to file a malpractice lawsuit against his corrupt former attorneys who he feels deliberately threw the fight for justice against his negligent former doctor. This show was originally scheduled for April 6. If you've ever been defrauded by your attorney, especially The Cochran Firm frauds, please join the conversation tonight. We know there are genuine attorneys who hate what unethical frauds are doing to disgrace their profession. Please listen and prepare to help Vance by filing a malpractice case against a law firm that seems to defraud people of color intentionally. Many other lawsuits against The Cochran Firm are listed at the below url.

    Johnnie Cochran's Last Dream: A Lawsuit for Slave Reparations


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    BlogTalk Radio may or may not air this show tonight, if you can not hear the show please read the byline. So we can proceed with the subject matter. This is one Poem of Garvey called THE TRAGEDY OF THE WHITE MANS INJUSTICE...."

    Under the canopy of Nature's law
    We shall unitedly and bravely draw.
    On the plains of God's green Amphitheatre,
    Swords, in rhythm with Divine Meter:
    Jehovah's Day will have surely come,
    With Angelic strains and Seraphic hum:
    The Guides of Heaven will direct the way,
    Keeping us from wandering far astray.

    Like around the high walls of Jericho,
    March we, as Rio speeds through Mexico:
    Trumpets loud will the Guiding Angels blow.
    As scatter the enemy to-and-fro:
    Heaven will have given us a battle cry:
    'Oh Brave Soldiers you shall never die':
    Rally to the command of Heaven's King,
    As Cherubim to Him your tidings bring.

    See the deadly clash of arms! Watch! They fall!
    There is stillness!-It is the funeral pall!
    A sad requiem now is to be sung!
    Not by Angels. but in their human tongue!
    The cruel masters of yesterday are done!
    From the fields of battle they have run!
    A brand new world of justice is to be!
    'You shall be a true brother unto me!'

    This is a forecast of God's wrath:
    White man, will you turn from the evil path?
    There is still hope for you, among the good:
    If you will seek the bigger-brotherhood:
    Stop your tricks, frauds, lying and stealing,
    And settle down to fair and square dealing;
    If not, prepare yourself for gloomy hell,
    As God announces the sorrowing knell.


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    Ronald Stoute, old robber, robbed! Chickens coming home to roost in Barbados!

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    Chickens coming home to roost in Barbados!   Sheri Veronica

    Today, we can explore the wayward violent ways of the youth of Barbados, the minister of taxes and taxation, unheralded plea to the international debt management specialist, for forgiveness of debt to indebted Caribbean countries such as Barbados, st Vincent , st kitts, Jamaica and others in the region, as we touch on other matters of interest.  Rawle Maycock, Political Correspondent


  • MaryLovesJustice: Immaterial People Catch Hell

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    NNIA1 welcomes guests to speak on air by calling 818-572.2947.  Hackers would not allow this Blogtalkradio host to schedule our "Johnny Strozier Keeping It Real" broadcast at "Human Rights Demand" channel tonight, Aug., 15, 2015. I promised G+ followers I'd broadcast at NNIA1 at 11pmEST, but I was not allowed to schedule any show for before 11pmPST (which is 2amEST). That is why this broadcast will explore what it is like to be an "immaterial" American, which all people in the working class or on fixed incomes in the USA are considered to be. I believe the hackers are angry because The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm is possibly going out of business, having been declared nonexistent as "a law firm" by USDC, Central District of CA on May 12, 2015. See "Sam Dubose Bad Dream Team: Zimmerman's Lawyer O'Mara, and Wright from The Cochran Firm Frauds" 
    http://maryneal.hubpages.com/hub/Sam-Dubose-Dream-Team-Zimmermans-Lawyer-OMara-and-Wright-from-The-Cochran-Firm-Frauds  >> This is a case of 'blame the messenger.' I only report the numerous lawsuits against The Cochran Firm frauds. I do not cause partners to repeatedly violate the Code of Professional Responsibility and get sued by their former clients, attorneys, partners, and partnering law firms who allege fraud, malpractice, racism, and sexual discrimination against the firm that misuses Johnnie Cochran's name. When it comes to runing one's own good name like Cochran Firm partners and associates have done, "Nobody else can do this for us" (MLK).

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    Indie Cypher Show (Lyricist Frauds)

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    Join Perfect Ego & Baby Doll 08/20 @ 9pm EDT to discuss Lyricist Frauds. Some of the most popular rappers and singers are being sued for stealing lyrics. Do these favorited artists really have talent? Or have they fooled the masses by being Fraudulant Lyricists? Tune in to hear the ladies expose these lyrical biters......It's     About     To Go     Down!

    While Perfect Ego and Baby Doll give the best of sarcastic satire and disrespectful love tap opinions on current events and juicy gossip, the show focuses on revealing the best of Independent Entertainment as a whole, plays music and interviews the best independent music artists, producers, film directors, models, freelance photographers, writers, actors, etc. 

    For the latest in news, entertainment, & more check us out at www.TheGrid10.com!

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    Live Everyweek with Judge Curry @ Troy Mathiesen Andy Peacher @ Neelu

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    SHOW PROMO - Judge Steve Curry of www.4cd.org & Troy Mathieson of www.itnj.org expose the frauds of legislative laws and discuss remedies for all using natural laws, universal laws and divine laws based on our honour, of honouring us and demanding honour from all public servants - this includes deeming public servants acting outside their oaths (which they must produce upon request) as Treasonous.  Listeners will be able to give a brief summary of their grievance in an email, having exhausted the man-made laws, for a general discussion about the possible remedies available to them within man-made laws and outside.  This is an international platform so listeners from all over the world are welcome to email in.  Email freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com with your case summary, landline number (anywhere in the world) and Andy Peacher will call you if we cover your case and we require further information from you.  We regret due to time individual cases will not be covered unless serious national or international crimes by Governments acting with mass dishonour.

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    Exposing the scholarship of the AMEN RA FRAUDS

    in The Bible

    Come join us as we do a recap on the Amen Ra frauds scholarship put forth on July 22, 2014 dealing with the merenptah stele

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    Valentines, Obama, Religious Frauds, and Yeezys!

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    Well, another week of ISIS murdering innocent people yet nobody seems to really care. Even though they decapitated 21 Christians, even Christians don't seem to. Does anyone know what's important anymore? I have people who will stop being my friend because I don't believe in God yet won't say a thing about innocent people, women and children, being raped and killed. Shameful. They are more worried about a poorly attended and even more poorly reputable "Club" than actual Human Life. This is why ISIS is winning.

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    Operation Bumblebee & Ice Cream Cone: Psychic Frauds?

    in Paranormal

    Friday, February 20th

    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT


    Did a California skeptic group perform a sting operation that exposed certain psychics as being fraudulant? Anthony and Luci will speak with the head of this skeptic group - Susan Gerbic - to find out what details went into the operation as well as what their findings were.In no way are we condoning or negating the actions of these skeptics. Everyone is free to discuss this topic and come to their own conclusions. We are in no way stating any facts on behalf of Paranormal Revuew Radio. We are simply discussing the operation and finding out what went on. You can make your own conclusions. Responses & reactions from the news of this operation were made public by atleast one psychic online.

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