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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of Alatri, Italy, 1228

    in Religion

    This miracle has extensive documentation, including fromPope Gregory IX. The most authoritative testimony regarding this miracle is found in the Bull Fraternitas tuae (March 13, 1228) written by Pope Gregory IX in response to Bishop Giovanni V of Alatri. The text reads:“Gregory, Bishop and Servant of the Servants of God, to Venerable Brother Bishop of Alatri, greetings and Apostolic blessing. We have received your letter, dearest brother, in which you informed us of a certain young woman misguided by an evil woman, who, after having received from the priest the Most Holy Body of Christ, held the Sacred Host in her mouth until the right moment to conceal the Holy Eucharist in a cloth. After three days, she discovered the same Body which she had received in the form of bread transformed into flesh, as everyone has been able to verify with their own eyes.

    Because both women have humbly revealed this to you, you desire our opinion regarding the punishment that should be imposed upon them. First, we give thanks with all our strength to Him Who, though He always operates in marvelous ways, in this case repeats miracles and produces new wonders so that He calls to sinners, converts evildoers and confounds heretics while strengthening faith in the truth of the Catholic Church, sustaining hope and reigniting charity.


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    The O.T.A. does SOMA in Austin and 4th Degrees in Atlanta

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    On Thursday November 6th, 2014 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon
    will report on our visit to Austin Texas' Avalon Lodge and participation
    in the recent S.O.M.A. magical conference there along with initiations
    and our Mot Mass.  The next week we were off to visit Atlantis Lodge
    in Atlanta Georgia there to deliver a lecture at the Atlanta Masonic
    Center, do another Mot Mass (our Halloween cermony honoring our
    ancestors) and confer fourth degree Ordo Rosae Crucis initiations on
    our Texas and Georgia Lodge Masters. Very. Honored. Fraters Heracles
    Avalon and Osiris Atlantis will both be our call-in guests. Their
    hospitality in Texas and Georgia was wonderful and for V.H. Sor. Zandria
    and myself it was more like an extended vacation than a fraternal
    business trip although we all worked hard to make all these events
    successful and rewarding. Members came from all over the United States
    to help and participate. We thank you all and consider ourselves honored
    by your support. It was a magical adventure we will remember always, so
    if you want to catch up on our nation-wide progress be sure to tune in
    and be informed.

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    MOVIE MONDAY - Box Office Hit "THE BOND" with Rick Dumont

    in Entertainment

    It's MOVIE MONDAY on the Brian The Hammer Show Brians Guest today is:
    -Rick Dumont, Filmmaker, Sweaty Turtle Entertainment. After nearly 20 years as a police dispatcher Rick became a reporter covering the New England Entertainment world. In 2001, an accidental experience with the fairly new band, the Dresden Dolls opened his mind to the possibilities that I too could be an artist of some sort. Since then Rick teamed with his wife and horror writer Jason Korolenko to write and direct "The Bond" which is being released now to Indie Theaters around the country and soon online and dvd. Rick has now wrapped his 3rd feature "Fraternitas" this year and prepping in pre-production of his 4th feature producing live art events to benefit local domestic/sexual violence support groups and animal shelters. Rick is also working on a couple of television shows and promotional videos for businesses and concert video for Bands. Rick is bringing copies of "The Bond" and "Brothers in Communion" to give away. 
    -Headline News; Government Shutdown, Obamacare and more
    -The latest at the Box Office and Entertainment, Celebrity News
    Join us LIVE at 10am pacific - 1pm eastern time - call in and tell us if you saw a film over the weekend and give us your review 646-595-3032
    Sponsored by:
    -MVP On Demand, Featuring "LEAGUE OF REDEMPTION"
    -Midway Marketplace
    -Sassy Lady'z Boutique

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    House Of culture with Ivan Andres Romo

    in Culture

    House Of culture with Ivan Andres Romo World Cultural Non-profit Organization with a social projection in 18 countries in the Americas and Europe
    The HOUSE OF CULTURE of the Magna Fraternitas Universalis Foundation, Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, non-profit Corporation, is a House of High Culture, consecrated to the study, research, dissemination and veneration of Culture. • Be a worldwide and cultural institution that unites science, philosophy, art and didactics into a public mission, for an intellectual re-education and spiritual perfectionment • Partner with associations, institutions and organizations that are humanitarian, philosophic, scientific and artistic  • Promote cultural investigations and re-education • Create a more peaceful, harmonious and integrated society, by means of the two previous objectives • Work in favour of society’s identity and its integration into the future • Promote, develop and apply the principles, objectives, methods, norms and systems proposed by Doctor Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière through his Literature, Circulated Letters and Letters sent to Doctor David Ferriz Olivares for his exegesis.
    We are located in the first floor of a residential house where we do several activities throughout the month including: Yoga Classes: Wednesday at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am Cinema Forums: Fridays at 7:00pm Introductory Piano classes: By appointment with the piano teacher Alice Romo for half an hour or one hour sessions  http://www.magnanet.org and Face Book

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    The Cosmic Citizen - Upcoming Events Summer 2012

    in Spirituality

    Cosmic Citizen radio program this week will be covering several events happening this summer. www.blogtalkradio.com/cosmiccitizen If you have an event you would like to share Please call in to our number 646.716.8158    Some events to discuss:   Living Faith Conference in Berlin, Germany Fri, 07/06/2012  - Mon, 07/09/2012   http://www.urantiaeurope.org/   Truthseekers -  Taos, NM                                Sat, 07/17/2012 - Thu, 07/22/2012   http://truthseekersquest.com/event-registration/   Youth and Young Adult Conference - Chicago  Sat, 07/28/2012 - Thu, 08/02/2012   http://urantianow.com/join-us-for-summer-in-chicago/   The Urantia Book Fellowship Summer Study Session - Chicago, IL Wed, 08/01/2012 - Mon, 08/06/2012  http://www.regonline.com/builder/site/Default.aspx?EventID=1030571   The Heart of the Mountain Retreat - Valle Crucis, NC   (for Southeastern US, Urantia Book Students)                                                     Fri, 08/17/2012 - Sun, 08/19/2012  http://www.retreatnetwork.com/offerings.php  

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    Significado del Viernes Santo

    in News

    QNN news at 10! Noticias de hoy: VIERNES 6 ABRIL 2012 -Lo que significa para el mundo Cristiano este Viernes Santo.
    -Disminuye la tasa de desempleo en EEUU.
    -Mitt Romney Avanza y Santorum insiste.
    -Avion Jet se estrella en vecindario y explota en llamas.
    Como es costumbre este viernes se llevan a cabo diversas representaciones sobre la Pasión de Cristo, y en las que se describe a detalle el momento de la aprehensión, el interrogatorio de Herodes y de Poncio Pilatos, la flagelación, la coronación de espinas y la crucifixión. News at TEN a las 10pm Hora del Pacifico. Eduardo Quezada Online

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    Behind The Veil of Mystic Societies With Nathan Chamberland

    in Paranormal

    The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, more commonly known as the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, is a non-sectarian body of men and women who study the elusive mysteries of life and the universe. Since 1915, hundreds of thousands of students have used the Rosicrucian teachings, carefully preserved by mystery schools for centuries, to find their inner light and wisdom.

    Nathan Chamberland will be my special guest to day to talk about this very old and very mystical secret society called the Rosicrucian Order of which he and his father are members. If you enjoy author Dan Browns books on the shadowy world of secret societies then you won't want to miss this show.

    Come explore this ancient craft and talk live to one of it's members.