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    World Kitchen Holiday Entertaining Radio: Laura Frankel

    in Food

    Laura Frankel, executive chef at Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering in Chicago, explains the importance of the crock pot in traditional Jewish holiday cuisine. “It’s a paradox that part of the enjoyment of keeping the Sabbath is eating a hot meal. Yet you cannot turn on your stove and cook a hot meal,” she tells The Recipe Box host Barbara Howard. “In the old days in Europe and all throughout the Middle East, people arrived at the same solution, which was a long-cooked meal.  So Jews will frequently make what’s called the cholent, or Sabbath stew, and put it in a slow cooker. But before the days of slow cookers, they’d take it to the Christian bakerys—which had fires going 24/7—then pick it up on the way home from the synagogues,” adds the author of Jewish Cooking for All Seasons. “I personally use my slow cooker every day of the week. It’s good to brown your food the night before putting it in the slow cooker.  That gives it its rich brown color and hearty caramelized taste.”

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    World Kitchen Holiday Entertaining Radio: Laura Frankel

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    “I’m always coveting those turkeys on TV where they slather them with butter,” laments Jewish Shmooz Network host Lois Held. “We can’t have butter on our turkeys, so how do we make our turkeys moist?” Fortunately, her guest, Laura Frankel has all the answers. “I like to start with all good ingredients. I don’t want any ersatz ingredients. So instead of butter, I go with really good, tasty olive oil,” says executive chef at Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering in Chicago, who penned the popular Jewish Cooking for All Seasons. “I start with my turkey at room temperature and give it a really good rub with the olive oil.  Plus a little bit of lemon juice and some white wine. I even throw some cheese cloth in that mixture and drape it over the turkey, which is kind of like giving it a little bath while it’s roasting. That keeps the breast really moist and flavorful. But for the last hour of cooking, I pull the cheese cloth off the turkey so the skin gets brown and crispy.”

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    Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich with Dr. Lois Frankel

    in Women

    Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich

    Although Dr. Lois Frankel may be best known for her megahit, the business Bible for women, Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, her follow-up, Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich was also an international bestseller.  With her usual wit and wisdom, Frankel explores the complex relationship women have with money and the avoidable mistakes they make when it comes to accumulating wealth.  On our show she will talk about the ways in which women are socialized around money, some of the most common mistakes they make, and how you can get on the path to living a rich life in all ways.



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    Real Estate as a Profession

    in Real Estate

    Steve Frankel is one of the most successful realtors in Los Angeles.

    Consistently a Top Producer in sales and volume over the last two decades, Steve has built a reputation within the community as a consummate professional.

    A resident of the Beverly Hills area, Steve is keenly adept at marketing fine homes in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip, Hollywood Hills and the entire Westside. His extraordinary marketing skills have enabled him to provide both Buyers and Sellers with the highest level of service. Steve is a Director at the exclusive Coldwell Banker Previews Estate Division in Beverly Hills. He is a savvy communicator and tough negotiator who always works hard on behalf of his clients and possesses an intimate knowledge of the local real estate market.

    Steve’s unique marketing program combines skill with the latest cutting-edge technology in advertising.


    Steve Frankel 
    Estates Director

    Telephone: 310-281-3981
    Cell Phone: 310-508-5008
    Email: homes@stevefrankel.com 
    Website: www.stevefrankel.com
    Address: 301 N Canon Dr. Suite E Beverly Hills 90210



    Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA 
    President and CEO

    The Power Is Now, Inc.
    Corporate Headquarters
    3739 6th Street
    Riverside, CA 92501
    O  800-401-8994 x 703   |  D ? 714-361-2105  |  C 714-475-8629
    Skype: 714-845-7263  | Skype ID: frazier.eric
    eric.frazier@thepowerisnow.com  |  www.thepowerisnow.com

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    Episode #105 Dr. Michael Frankel

    in News

    Dr. Michael J. Frankel, senior scientist at the Penn State University Applied Physics Laboratory , is one of the nation’s leading experts on the effects of nuclear weapons. Formerly he served as Executive Director of the Congressional Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (the EMP Commission) and in 2009-2010 as Chief Science Officer for L-3 Communications/ATG. He has also served as Associate Director for Advanced Energetics and Nuclear Weapons, Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense; Chief Scientist, Nuclear Phenomenology Division, Defense Threat Reduction Agency; Congressional Fellow, US Senate; Chief Scientist, SDIO Lethality Program; and as a Research Physicist at the Naval Surface Weapons Center, White Oak, MD. In prior government service, Dr. Frankel directed significant elements of the core national Nuclear Weapons Phenomenology program along with major WMD, Directed Energy, and Space System technology programs at the Defense Nuclear Agency while coordinating activities between the military Services, National Laboratories, and industrial S&T organizations to address strategic defense technology needs. Also known for his expertise in directed energy and advanced energetic materials, he has made seminal contributions to key strategic defense programs, spanning both offensive and defensive systems. He has been active in international scientific exchanges in his role as Exec Secretary for the US – UK Joint Working Group under terms of the 1958 Atomic Treaty, and as Chairman of both the Novel Energetics and Hard Target Defeat working groups under the TTCP agreement US allies. He has delivered invited lectures, chaired national and international technical symposia, testified before Congress, and published numerous articles in the professional scientific literature. He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from New York University. 

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    That's Entertainment (The Friday Edition)

    in Entertainment

    Is Miley Cyrus masterbating on instagram?  Why is Bethenny Frankel adding marijuana to her brand?  Is Rosie Perez leaving "The View?"  Is Snoop Dog a grandfather?  And why Eddie Murphy might not film a "Beverly Hills Cop IV? Tune in to the Friday edition of That's Entertainment, with your host Tammy Jones-Gibbs, today at 1pm ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs.  Call in to listen at 347-637-2656  

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    ATG Radio presents "Spadafora-Frankel Pre-Fight Extraganza"

    in Sports

    Tonight on ATG Radio we present the Roy Jones presents Spadafora-Frankel tele-press conference extravaganza.
    On tonight's show we welcome former undisputed middleweight world champion KELLY PAVLIK as our very special guest co-host as we welcome fellow world champion and boxing legend ROY JONES JR.,who is promoting this Saturday nights mega event at the Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort in Chester, West Virginia.  This event is being broadcasted live on iPPV powerhouse www.GFL.tv
    Also joining us is the main event competitors of the evening, undefeated former world champion PAUL SPADAFORA and his extremely tough opponent for the evening ROBERT FRANKEL.
    Also, joining us is the undefeated junior middleweight prospect WILKINS "THE HISPANIC HURRICANE" SANTIAGO, who competes in Saturday nights co-feature bout.
    All this and much much more.  Listen to the replay anytime at www.ATGRADIO.com .
    Be sure to order this event this Saturday night on www.GFL.tv

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    Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions 2015

    in Paranormal

    (apologies for first 48 seconds only, of loud volume)

    December 2014, her 20th anniversary channeling, Summer Bacon in Sedona, Arizona allowed Dr. James Martin Peebles to proclaim,"It's energetics for the year 2015."

    Read from the pages of the Sedona Journal of Emergence Annual Predictions Issue are 12 channelers covering topics as nanotechnology, the physics of consciousness,"Wisdom Barrier", and the "High Heart Chakra" of spirituality. Backround music by Mark Dwane, "Atlantis Factor 8".

    In order of appearance: Lee Carroll, Robert Shapiro, Edna G. Frankel, Zintis, Arthur Fanning, Jonni Gray & Cheryl Margaret, Abby Isadora Haydon, David Reid Lowell, Carol Sydney, Heather Wallace, and Therese Dorer.

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    Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes with Chef Laura Frankel

    in Food

    Purchase Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes on Amazon
    Laura Frankel, a respected kosher chef and mother of three teenagers, shares more than 120 easy, delicious recipes for everyday and holiday meals--all conveniently prepared in the slow cooker--a staple of Sabbath cooking, which Frankel affectionately calls her ''Shabbat miracle machine.''

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    Find Your Passion - Bruce Frankel

    in Lifestyle

    Former Senior Writer and editor of People magazine, Bruce Frankel stops in to share inspirational stories from his newly released book, "What Should I Do With The Rest of My Life". In his book Bruce discovered average people of all ages and backgrounds who found their passion after the age of 60, and are now living active, successful, and extraordinary lives. Bruce also went through his own personal transformation at the age of 51, after serving for several years as the New York-based national reporter for USA TODAY, where he covered terrorism, organized crime, major trials and politics. From co-author in 2001 of the New York Times best seller, "LIFE: World War 2", to a prize-winning investigative reporter for Gannett Westchester Newspapers, Bruce's background is impressive to say the least.

    Caroline Leavitt's Boston Globe review of "What Should I Do with the Rest of My Life": Sometimes the pursuit of happiness can feel like a rat race, but a spate of new books can show you better routes to finding your bliss. Journalist Bruce Frankel’s “What Should I Do With the Rest of My Life?’’ ebulliently argues that joy doesn’t have an expiration date. At 53, Frankel got his master’s degree in fine arts and went on to become a poet, and his book is filled with inspiring stories of after-60 successes. From an 89-year-old psychologist to an 87-year-old woman who became America’s oldest park ranger, the stories celebrate people who refused to let illness, stereotypes, and assumptions about aging stop them from realizing their dreams. Our brains are plastic and can change at any age, studies show, and working longer and having a purpose not only can have a profound impact on happiness but can make you feel as if you’ve tapped into a fountain of youth. Even better, this wise and inspiring book hands down an important message: Happiness is abundant at any age, and only you can limit your options.

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    Coach Talks: December 1st Show with Ken Frankel

    in Business

    Jack invites Ken Frankel on the Show every Wednesday 3-4pm