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    Franchises 101

    in Business

    Entrepreneur Magazine has listed the top 500 franchises in the United States for 2012, including Subway, 7-Eleven, and Servpro. The number of franchises continues to grow; however, there is a lot to know before investing money, time, and effort to own a business and ensure profitability.
    The Strategy Sessions welcomes founding partners of Arnold Sai Law Firm LLP, Justin Arnold, Esq. and Sai Pidatala, Esq., to share insight on the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing a franchise; operational issues that impact businesses; and, what businesses should do to closeout 2012. The Strategy Sessions radio show is hosted by Washington, DC entrepreneur Kesi Stribling.
    Call (347) 539-5143 with questions or comments for our guests, email talkback@ksgsc.com, or Tweet your questions @KesiStribling. For more information about our guests, including their bios, visit www.ksgsc.com/thestrategysessions.

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    The Year of 1997 Destroyer of Franchises

    in Podcasting

    Between 1995-1997, MK was still on a roll. But with the 3rd video game sequel. The sub par film sequel. And an forgettable Animated Series. There would be a somewhat Fatality... JT From Saskatoon, wanted to join in. And gave his own thoughts. So you're not seeing double. You're hearing thoughts from different guests...FREAKY MAN!!!! FIGHT!!!!

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    Data Security for Small Businesses and Franchises

    in Technology

    This week we'll discuss data security with John Martin and the team from First Watch Technologies!

    John will share best practices in keeping your brand and business safe from data breaches and other technology threats.  Join us Wednesday at 8pm ET! 



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    Episode 8: Top 10 Game Franchises of All Time. Part 1 10-6

    in Entertainment

    Tim and Tom discuss the first portion of their Top 10 Game Franchises of all time!

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    Episode 7: Top 10 Movie Franchises featuring Joe Diesel Part 2

    in Entertainment

    Join Tim and Tom as they join forces with Joe Diesel from the Half Hour of Power to discuss their Top 10 Movie Franchises of ALL TIME!  Can it be done?  Join us and find out!

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    Episode 6: Top 10 Movie Franchises featuring Joe Diesel Part 1

    in Entertainment

    Join Tim and Tom as they join forces with Joe Diesel from the Half Hour of Power to discuss their Top 10 Movie Franchises of ALL TIME!  Can it be done?  Join us and find out!

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    sunday on monday

    in Politics Conservative

    Crestone Religious Franchises, Gay Muslim Imam, Dem voter fraud rampant, Muslim Invasion, Immigration Lying by Omission, Sjippyism, foreign mystery meat,

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    AUTHOR OF The Matrix and The Terminator Movie Franchises - Sophia Stewart

    in Spirituality

    AUTHOR OF The Matrix and The Terminator Source Work - Sophia Stewart - LIVE HERE



    Writer of the Terminator and Matrix movies

    In 1986 Ms. Stewart answered a magazine advertisement for a science fiction script that the Wachowski brothers were going to make into a comic book. Years later, Ms. Stewart contends, her vision hit the movie screens on March 31, 1999 in the form of Matrix. In fact the Wachowski brothers used a verbatim quote from her book to introduce the film which was later removed after an FBI investigation into the criminal copyright infringement was initiated.
    When I first spoke with Sophia Stewart a few months ago in April 2012, she was most gracious with her time and forthcoming with the complex details of her lawsuits. The legal documents involved could make your head spin. She shared some of them with me.
    When Stewart saw the Matrix, she recognized her work right away and called the legal department at Warner Brothers on April 1, 1999. 

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    One On One With The New Owner of ActiveRain, Ben Kinney

    in Real Estate

    This week Vija and Ben have the opportunity to talk LIVE with real estate professional and entrepreneur, Ben Kinney.  On June 18 Ben announced that he has acquired ActiveRain, a real estate blogging platform and social netowrk for real estate professionals.   In addition to fielding questions from Ben and Vija, Ben will answer questions posed by Dianna Kokoszka, CEO of KW MAPS. After only 10 years in the real estate business, Ben now owns and operates one of the top 25 producing real estate teams in the nation from all brands.  He owns and operates multiple Keller Williams Realty Franchises that includes over 800 agents cross seven locations, servicing over six counties.  This episode, featuring true real estate power houses is NOT to be missed.

    This is a weekly show where we talk about what's buzzing in the Puget Sound real estate market and across the nation. Vija Williams is a well known real estate agent in the Seattle area and her husband co-host is also a Realtor in Seattle. Vija and Ben discuss consumer and industry related topics in a fast-paced, witty and entertaining way every Monday 9-9:30am PST live on air from the KKNW 1150AM studios in Seattle. Their show is simulcast on BlogTalkRadio/ViaVija

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    June 18: Winning Through Defeat

    in Sports

    Champions have been crowned. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo go toe to toe, discussing how the championships were actually won. 

    Despite a remarkable heroic effort, LeBron James failed to lead the Cavaliers to the NBA title. Did Golden State win or did Cleveland lose? LBJ became the only player in NBA Finals history to lead BOTH teams in points, assists, and rebounds throughout the series. Should LeBron have been named MVP, even in a loss? If the Cavs are at full strength, would they have won? Will David Blatt be fired? Can Cleveland retool in hopes of another run at a championship? Mike relishes in another Cleveland failure and explains why the curse will last forever. Where do the 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors rank among the great teams of the past? 

    The Chicago Blackhawks complete their dynasty. What led to Chicago's third Stanley Cup in six years? Would Tampa Bay have won with a healthy Ben Bishop? Does three rings make Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews now better than Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin? Is two franchises hogging five of the last six Stanley Cups good or bad for the NHL as a league? 

    With the NBA and NHL postseason now over, Major League Baseball has control of the sports world for a few months. Have the St. Louis Cardinals finally met their greatest threat, the FBI? #HackGate

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

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    What's Hot: Steelers minicamp fight, Bradshaw vs. Staubach and much more

    in Football

    The weather is warm, the Pittsburgh Pirates are streaking, and it's getting even closer to football season.

    Steelers OTAs have also heated up, exemplified by a scuffle earlier this week between defensive linemen Clifton Geathersand the Steelers offensive line. In this edition of "What's Hot", hosts Bryan DeArdo and Chris Carter will discuss the incident-the second one involving Geathers and the Steelers O-line- and discuss whether or not these skirmishes are good for the team.

    The show will also discuss the recent comments of defensive back Shamarko Thomas, who recently said that the secondary will need to "lay the licks" for it to be a feared unit in 2015. Speaking of units, NFL.com recently ranked every current NFL backfield as well as the greatest quarterback franchises in league history. Find out where the Steelers landed in each ranking, as well as whether or not their rankings were accurate.

    Speaking of units, there's one unit that hasn't garnered many headlines although it might be the best unit on the team. Find out which unit that is, and why their success is so vital to the Steelers' overall success in 2015.

    Last but not least, the hosts will debate between who they'd rather have starting for their team between Terry Bradshaw andTom Brady in this week's installment of "Select a Steeler". '

    This week's show will air Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET. To listen anytime, search "The Standard is The Standard" on iTunes to listen in the podcast section. The podcast will also be featured on Thursday here on BTSC.

    Fans are encouraged to call in at (347) 850-8581 and let us know which quarterback they'd want patrolling their team between Bradshaw and Brady, along with any other questions and comments Steelers related. Enjoy the show!