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    The Fertility Code and Divine Fragrances

    in Lifestyle

    Join MsBlue and Ester as we chat about Fertility  and Divine Fragrances . New creations own your own terms and other fresh thoughts.Contact for MsBlue: question4blue@gmail.comKYM Oracle Psychic Deck: www.msblueblast.com/cardsKYM Audio Workbook: www.msblueblast.com   

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    Ladies have you ever wanted to know your personal blend? The wait is over.

    in Christianity

    Greeting Ladies, I hope everyone is having an amazing day. I am excited about this opportunity to have for the first time Sue Phillips as she joins the family From Insanity to Sane.Ladies have you ever wondered about your DNA of Fragrance? Have you ever wanted to design your own special blend? We'll the wait is over.

    ~~President SCENTERPRISES, Sue Phillips has had a distinguished career in the Cosmetic and Fragrance Industry, and has held senior positions at Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, Paris and Tiffany & Co. As Vice President of Marketing for Tiffany & Co., she developed and launched the first Women’s and Men’s Fragrances, TIFFANY and TIFFANY FOR MEN throughout USA and International Markets.

    ?Phillips formed SCENTERPRISES ™ a global marketing & branding consulting company in 1990 and has developed innovative fragrances for companies such as Avon, Banana Republic Home products, Bath & Body Works, Burberry, Trish McEvoy, Origins and others. Sue’s company, www.scenterprises.com presents Custom Perfume Seminars & Workshops and multi-‘scentsory’ events for Corporate Teambuilding, Customer Appreciation Programs, Bridal Events and Perfume Parties.  These are fun, interactive, innovative, informative and creative, and listed as one of the BEST places to create your OWN perfume by CBS!  http://newyork.cbslocal.com/top-lists/4-best-places-to-make-your-own-perfume-in-new-york/

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    Poetic Patterns ~ Fragrant Expressions

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to another poetic interlude with Avril and Jane. Do tune in. Come as you are, in your cozy slippers, wellies or dancing shoes. Express your unique note to enhance our fluid composition....

    This week we get inspired by the fragrances used with the 8 extraordinary meridians from Almine. Lily; Luxor; Blue Lagoon; Arabian Nights; Magnolia, Papyrus; Secret of Nefertiti, and Hathor. Diving into the alchemical songs the oils bring to experience and share tones of expression that colour our moments.

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    Poetic Patterns...surrender and trust to the potential

    in Spirituality

    Jeanne Temple is our guest today...Hurrah!

    We dive into some alchemical fragrances and how they can be expressed live on the show. 

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    Mid-Term Elections...Do You Give A Damn?

    in Comedy

    So, who did you vote for and why? Call in and let me verbally kick your ass and tell you that you were wrong either way.

    Brittany Maynard comitted legal, assisted suicide. Not much funny going on there.

    Jenna Von Oy had another baby...and her ass gets a new sitcom on NBC.

    Michael Sam isn't playing in the NFL. One writer thinks it's because Sam is gay. Right! No...he's actuall the lead character in the play, "The Sound Of Music," and upcoming "The Nutcracker."

    Would you prefer directions from a man or a woman?

    Tom Brady is a friggin robot. Peyton Manning who?

    The San Francisco Giants won another World Series...their 3rd in 5 years. And still, not many people know who plays for the Giants outside of San Francisco.

    I'm getting braces. I want the old style, with the headgear, rubber bands, and special toothbrush.

    Ken Shamrock says he deserves to be in the WWE hall of fame. That's like Mozart wanting an MTV award.

    Paris Hilton has stopped sucking peckers on camera, and went full blown into selling fragrances. Her new line of "Ball Sweat" for men I hear, is pretty awesome.





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    A Path with High Heart

    in Spirituality

    Today, Anna joins Noor and Marc to share about her very rich experience of the activated high heart, the role of the spine and nervous system, alchemical  fragrances and god hormones.

    "Beyond the Cutting Edge" is a one-of-a-kind spiritual radio show, exploring the material of the international renowned mystic and empowering contemporary teacher, Almine. The show is hosted by Noor Milekpah and Marc Peycker. The new information that is received by Almine, probed by their sharp and heartfelt inquiries and questions, bring us into state-of-the-art spiritual territory, taking us ‘beyond’ the limits of today’s existing paradigm, beyond what is currently known to man. In this way, the information explored and discussed is always fresh, enriching, deeply metaphysical, and stimulating for both heart & mind. Join us live Sundays at 9 AM PST(/12 PM EST/5 PM GMT/6 PM CET) for an inspiring show, taking us all on a mystical voyage: Beyond the Cutting Edge.

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    Celebrating The Simple Joy of Autumn

    in Moms and Family

    The kids are back in school. Summer is slowly winding down. time to turn our thoughts to Autumn & the busy time of year ahead of us. No time to panic! Simply let Jean Ann Duckworth help you celebrate all the joys Autumn (& the rest of the year) has to offer! In this episode, Jean Ann shares a selection of fragrances that help you relax, offers an extremely easy recipe for cucumber pickles (no cooking involved!) & shares tips to help you save money on clothes this fall. This program may be short but it is packed with information to help you life a Life of Simple Joy!

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    Sisterpreneurs: "Desirable Essence Fragrances"

    in Family

    As we continue to highlight women in business, here's another great entrepreneur on the rise! We'll be talking with Kizzy Anderson, owner and creator of Desirable Essense Fragrances.
    Desirable Essence is your place for Organic Handmade Skin Care and Hair Care Products. Come here her tale of why she began this business and why. If you're thinking of stepping out and starting your business, LISTEN IN!
    Call in with any skin care and hair questions you've been dying to get answers to!
    You can visit Kizzy and Desirable Essence Fragrances at http://desirableessencefragrances.com or on FB at http://facebook.com /EssenceofDesire

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    Sound off: What is the value of Black life in America?

    in Entertainment

    This week we have seen protests,riots and more in the city of Freguson, Missouri following the death of  unharmed 18 year old teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer.  We have seen a number of cases where black people, particularily black males have been gunned down under dubious incidents in the community without consequence in some cases. Which brings us to our Question of the Day: What is the value of Black Life in America? Do images and propaganda in the media, music & more help to devalue the African-American life & experience? Call in this Saturday and join the conversation. Plus, we will have our Dream Maker segment  where we talk to people who are making their dreams come true. This week our Dream Maker is Marilyn Jones who is creator of Bfragranced, a line of fragrances and perfumes.  So tune in this Saturday for a great show & discussion.


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    How to Create your own Beauty Business with Ginger King

    in Business

    Ginger King has been passionately creating beauty products from concept to finish for over eighteen years. She is well versed in innovative concepts, creative product formulation, advanced technology applications, ergonomic package development and impactful competitive analysis. Ginger has developed over hundreds of products from hair care to skin care, and sun care to color cosmetics. Her claim to fame products include the revolutionary first to market Joico ICE SPIKER, water resistant hair glue,  Freeze 24.7 Ice Shield, SPF 15 face wash and Avon Advance Techniques Color Protection series.  Her Avon True Color Eye shadow and Daring Definition Mousse Mascara have also been selected as the finalists for CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) for 2005 and 2006 respectively. Ginger holds several patents in cosmetic formulations.

    Ginger loves to make and sell cosmetics and was once a beauty consultant for Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and Men’s Fragrances. She is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese and some Japanese. Ginger travels extensively in Asia and is aware of the Asian cosmetic trends. She was the key note speaker for Forte Skin Care launch in Taiwan and has spoken at HBA conference on product development, as a beauty expert for New Beauty Magazine Tea time chat, beauty expert on Beauty Press as well as a guest speaker for Rutgers MBA school on Marketing & Branding.

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    Carolyn's Corner ~ LOA Success with Lorna Levy

    in Spirituality

    Join Carolyn Bennett Sullivan as she chats with Lorna Levy of http://www.lawofattractiongps.com

    22 fast facts about Lorna Levy
    22. I always have my dancing shoes in my car. 
    21. I've driven a Rolls Royce - no, it wasn't mine. Yet.
    20. I lived in Paris, France for two years. 
    19. I can bend a spoon with my mind
    18. I make my own soap and pancake syrup
    17. I have made beer, but it was awful
    16. I am a member of Mensa 
    15. I have been kissed by, and danced with, the Phillie Phanatic 
    14. I am an ordained minister and a licensed Religious Science
    13. I learned to sail without ever learning how to swim 
    12. I have a cat named Twinkle
    11. I wanted to be a ballerina until I was about 18 
    10. I dance oldies and soul line dance every weekend 
    9.  Also ballroom and waltz
    8.  I have an MBA and credits toward my Ph.D. 
    7.  I can speak dog! 
    6.  I know where sweet woodruff grows in West Philly
    5.  and where there is a herd of deer living in the city
    4.  I used to be a herbalist - and had a thriving herbal business
    3.  I eat pizza with a knife and fork 
    2.  I surround myself with bright colors and lovely fragrances. 
    1.  I love to laugh.


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