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    Fractional-reserve banking is a type of banking whereby the bank retains only a fraction of the customer's deposits as reserves. The bank lends out most of the deposited funds, keeping only a fraction (called the reserve ratio) of the quantity of deposits as reserves of cash and coin in the bank's vaults or as deposits at the central bank.
    Pros? Cons? Good? or Bad?
    Let's Discuss...

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    Boat Talk Live! Fort Lauderdale Show Preview. Open Forum. Call in, Join Us!

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    We talk all boats all the time.  This is your outlet and community to discuss topics having to do with boat ownership, life on the water, governtmental issues regarding boats and waterways, Navigation, fixing, buying, selling maintaining and .... all things relating to boats.  

    It is your show moderated by, Andy Kimbel who has been in the marine industry since 1979 as a Yacht Dealer, Broker and marine electronics disitributor.  Andy is also the co- founder of Quartershare, fractional Large yacht Ownership.

    The Boat Talk Live show features expert guests and discussion topics that relate directly to the wonderful passion we all share regarding boat usage and boat ownership.

    You might be a sailboat racing enthusiast, an owner of a power boat, large yacht or small boat with an outboard, we'll cover topics that will interest and directly benefit you.

    The Boat Talk Live show features expert guests and discussion topics that relate directly to the wonderful passion we all share regarding boat usage and boat ownership. Call in and tell us what is on your mind regarding your life on the water. Want to discuss boat values?  We'll do that.  Want to discuss new boat deals and offers or have a boat to sell?  Tell us about it. We'll help with that too. Have a technical issue with an engine or component? We have you covered. Want to know the "don't miss exhibits" at the major boat shows?  Listen in. We broadcast live from the shows on both the East and West Coast and the major show in-between. .

    Of course we'll talk destinations galore, cooking on board, living on board, kids’ activities, fishing, sailing, racing, navigating the Inland waterways as well as coastal cruising and ocean crossings.

         Call in...  It's your house here on Boat Talk Live! 

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    Fractional Ownership: How It Works ...

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    Nathalie explore why fractional ownership ma be right for you...

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    Renaissance Revolution

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    Renaissance Revolution

      Today We will tell you how we treated bizzare knee swellings with essential oils and tuning forks, and saw the swelling disappear before our eyes! The majority of the show will deal with "The history of the money changers". The families that manipulate and control the money systems of the world, start the wars, play both sides, own the banks and corporations and countries, and how to break free from them, nationally, and until that happens individually.

      We are here to help You Become a Renaissance man or woman! So that you can take every area of you life into your Own hands and Ditch the middlemen. The host (Mary March Newell) homebirthed and homeschooled 6 souls, remodled her home herself, trades currency, is a vegetarian, Non-GMO, essential oil using, trained in Quantum Touch/ Energy Healing and Remote Viewing, Libertarian Leaning, Has escaped the belief system of her birth while maintaining her Spirituality :)

    SourcesofLightandTruth.com   To join the conversation call:347-324-3704 Make it a Great Day! Making common sense common once again... :)

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    Empire of Chaos: Monopoly Money

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    We suffered a silent coup, while we were comfortable, entertained and distracted; thinking we make choices while the corporatist machine tells us what to consume, for whom to vote, what to believe and whom to fear. An invisible game of political theater lulls us into a soft despotism under the guise of democracy, when in fact we suffer an oligarchy.

    Our national government’s policies seem contradictory, incompetent and often dangerous. If we don’t accept their machinations, we comfort ourselves with our precious votes; votes that mean little. In this land of confusion it doesn't mattter whether you pick the blue team or the red team; the end result is the same. After decades of voting the bums out and changing colors, we still have endless war games, monopoly money and a wide array of choices, so long as we choose to stay within the narrow confines of the false left-right paradigm.

    A massive paradigm shift is occurring; but, we cannot know what liberty we’ve lost if we prefer the ‘comfort’ of self-inflicted tyranny born of fear, lack of courage and psychological manipulation.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together to restore Constitutional governance by taking the right-wing of the duopoly and restoring sound money, free markets, religious and civil liberties, and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. Now is the last chance to stop those who perpetuate an empire abroad and a police state at home.  To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, the statists, collectivists, oligarchs, useful idiots and their fellow travelers especially the Democrats-first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

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    Working with exponential expressions using the seven exponential rules: product rule, quotient rule, power rule, power of a product rule, power of a quotient rule, zero exponent rule, negative exponent rule, and fractional exponents which gives us our radicals. The radicals result because the top , or numerator, of the fraction represents the exponent under the radical sign and the bottom, or denominator, of the fraction gives us the index. Long division and synthetic division will be discussed and reviewed.

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    AUG 15 El Paso Liberty Hour - "What is a LaRouche Democrat?"

    in Politics Conservative

    Join our wonderful hosts as they interview two LaRouche leaders!
    - What is a LaRouche Democrat?
    - What is their stance on foreign policy, impeachment, and Space research!
    Call in with your questions!

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    Episode #8 - Free Banking vs Fractional Reserve Banking

    in Politics Conservative

    Alex Merced discusses the Fractional Reserve Banking argument that tears the libertarian community at it seems at times.
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    Return Every Dollar to it's Creator and END THE FED in 2015 w/Jeff MacMullen

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    In this 2-hr Common Sense law sesh, we invite Master-At-Law, Jeffrey Macmullen to discuss the ways and means to END THE FED in 2015. Some topics to be discussed:

    ~The Conspiracy to Create The Federal Reserve Bank on Jeckyll Island
    ~The Criminal Activity of the Federal Reserve
    ~What is Fractional Reserve Banking
    ~Who Owns the Federal Reserve and Who owns the Owners of the Federal Reserve
    ~The Babylonian Roots of Fractional Reserve Banking and Lending
    ~The Common Subterfuge and Legal Chicanery Empoyed to Obscure the Fact of Fraud in Lending
    ~Presumptions In Law and The Nature of Jurisdiction
    ~Returning All the Money in the World to It's Creators- The Federal Reserve
    ~The Killing of Presidents and the Intimidation of Code-Breakers
    ~House Joint Resolution 192 and The Remedy for We The People
    ~Accepted For Value- A Viable Remedy

    ~The Impact of Crypto-Currency on the FED

    ~Freedom Processes that WORK~!
    ~The Path to True Sovereignty
    ~How to Deal with Police

    Please Share:
    Return Every Dollar to it's Creator and END THE FED in 2015 w/Jeff MacMullen

    : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/08/14/return-every-dollar-to-its-creator-and-end-the-fed-in-2015-wjeff-macmullen

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    Jimmy Williams - Owner and Artist of Chicago Based, Abstract T-Shirts

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    Talking with down home conscienceous and pulling no punches brother Jimmy Williams, owner and Artist of the Chicago based business, Abstract T-Shirts. We will discuss Jimmy's path to entrepreneurship in addition to the unfortunate current state of our home town Chicago, IL. We will discuss the root causes of the problem in addition to what are obvious solutions that not many people seem to be discussing. We will also discuss various topics and issues affecting the disenfranchised, the same as we both post on Facebook. Please tune in and call in. Share your perspective.

    I will also be giving away two tickets to the upcoming theatre play, bringing to life the dynamic best-selling novel of world renowned author Diane Martin, "Somebody Else's Baby", produced and directed by Diane and William Martin and being performed at Thornton Fractional South H.S in Lansing, IL on next Saturday 7/26 at 6pm. Tune in and call in to win!!!!


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    Diane Martin - Author of "Somebodies Else's Baby....and more

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    Our very special guest will be the author of the outstanding book “Somebody Else’s Baby”, the brilliant author Diane Martin...The story of “Somebody Else’s Baby” in now in production to be performed in live theatre on July 26 at Thornton Fractional North High School. We will discuss Ms. Martin’s writings, the upcoming stage play and also talk with some of the cast. 

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