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    Free PARRking - 1/12/2016 - Beers and Cheers

    in Sports

    Join Amos and Ryan tonight at 9pm EST to listen to the first ever Beers and Cheers show. The boys will be covering news from all over the world of sports. They will be taking calls at 405-562-5463. We also have two ways to text the show 1) text 77948 and the first word has to be 'text' followed by your message or 2) submit your message here http://jockjournal.com/fps/.

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    Lifestyle, Entertainment and News

    in Art

    The value of Friendship

    New York Botanical Garden

    In the News

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    Computer America - Autodesk's Ralph Bond!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Both Hours:  Ralph Bond.

    It's time for Bond...  Ralph Bond joins Craig and Ben with computer news and special topics.  For many years, Ralph was Intel's Consumer Education Director.  Ralph is now with Autodesk and he is an official Computer America correspondent.

    This week's Topics include: Vibrating pen makes it easier for Parkinson's patients to write, robo butterflies could be the future of flying drone factory workers, The first viable product made with 'wonder material' graphene is about to hit stores, How spiders might inspire the 3D-Printed Industrial Revolution, Expanding Wheels Cover Every Type of Terrain, California biohackers create night vision eye drops, YouTube Testing 60 FPS 4K Videos and so much more!

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    Horror Play 24 (F.E.A.R.)

    in Video Games

    First Encounter Assault Recon. That's what F.E.A.R. stands for, not that the title has to be an acronym for anything. Fear could easily be the word used to describe this scary first person shooter. Released in 2005, this scary shooter became an instant hit and spawned several expansions and sequels years later. We play F.E.A.R. to give us a break from all the indie and third person horror games we have recently been playing. Join us as we rate and review this classic.

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    FPS LIVE Tonight!

    in Science

    Evan Pedone-Founder of the Florida Paranormal Society will be live on the Radio to discuss his novel Expedition Everest!

    Expedition Everest is an action adventure novel, whose sales have been great this year. Evan, looks to go over some of the unique theories that were demonstrated in his novel, and how they could pertain to the real world.

    Evan Pedone is an adventurer, cryptozoologist, explorer, and the founder of the Florida Paranormal Society. He is a two-time published author, movie producer and director.

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    Horror Play 8 (Doom)

    in Video Games

    Oh my God! The gates of hell have opened! Time to grab a BFG and get to work! This week Jonathan Maas joins Kyle and John as they review and rate Doom.  One of the first FPS games has definitely left it's impact on video game history, but the question must be answered: Is the game scary?? Listen in to find out!

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    Florida Paranormal Society LIVE - Guest Arrowhead Investigations

    in Science

    Join Evan Pedone with special guests, Chad Saunders, Founder and Team Leader of Paranormal Organization, Arrowhead Paranormal Investigations along with Michael Johnson, the Team's Technical Director/Video Engineer. Arrowhead's team of Investigators have a passion for the 'unknown' and are seeking to prove the existence of life beyond the here and now using the latest scientific techniques.

    Their website: www.arrowheadinvestigations.net

    Twitter: @Arrowhead1945

    Facebook: Arrowhead Paranormal

    Florida Paranormal Society Radio is hosted by, Evan Pedone, author, cryptozoologist, explorer and founder of the Florida Paranormal Society. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, the Florida Paranormal Society researches the unknown and studies all paranormal activities ranging from cryptozoological entities to lost cities and everything in between. Where there is myth...there is truth, where there is the unknown...there is discovery. We are modern day explorers...We are the Florida Paranormal Society.

    The Florida Paranormal Society brings to the forefront new theories on Sasquatch, based on Evan Pedone's published novel, Expedition Everest.

    Visit us at http://www.floridaparanormalsociety.com

    Email Florida Paranormal Society at: info@floridaparanormalsociety.com

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    Best Of the FPS/RTS

    in Culture

    May is Best of Month here at GGR. This week we'd like to hear about your favorite FPS/RTS and why it's the best ever made.

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    #025-Seth Howell (Adrift)

    in Video Games

    Today's episode interviews another individual that is making his dreams come true via Kickstarter. In my interview with Seth Howell of Dying Breed Games, we discuss what makes his FPS exploration adventure game, Adrift, so unique. In addition, we discuss the power and affordability of today's game development tools, how open-world and remnants of linear gameplay are starting to colide, and so much more. It's a fascinating interview with an indie dev that is striving to make his mark on the industry, and is another episode you certainly will not want to miss!

    Hosted by Dusty Wright, Game Academy Radio is the official weekly radio show of GameAcademy.com.



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    Wild Wild Left Radio #215 World War "E"!

    in Politics Progressive

    Notice any pattern lately?  Things are getting strange in the homeland, and stranger yet abroad.  Unrest is everywhere, and the move for the kill is in!

    Its World War E©; only not from PlayStation™ but still rated rated E for Everyone!

    With Syria a jumble, Libya a mess, at least 9 countries we are droning, and Europe exploding from austerity adjustments, we're posing to go toe to toe with Russia over the Ukraine and plotting an invasion of Venezuela.

    WWE©, and your console will not turn off, everybody plays and only the 1% of the 1% will win.  It will be FPS - first person shooter, there will be RPG's - the ones you fire, not role play gaming, with actual RTS - real time strategy, in the biggest MMO ever:  Massive Multiplayer OnEarth.

    WWE©- a game everyone has to play, or die trying not to.

    Join me tonight, and together unplug the coders from our minds.

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    Florida Paranormal Society LIVE - New Challenges on Sasquatch Theories

    in Science

    On this show, The Florida Paranormal Society founder and host, Evan Pedone, brings to the forefront new theories on Sasquatch, based on his published novel Expedition Everest.

    Florida Paranormal Society, based in Tampa Florida, is a leading research society specializing in all facets of the paranormal, including cryptids, lost cities, apparitions, myth, legends, treasure, and the unknown. FPS performs expeditions and records them in a documentary style format.

    All our welcome to join the Florida Paranormal Society. Visit the FPS website at www.floridaparanormalsociety.com

    Founded by explorer, author and cryptozoologist, Evan Pedone.