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    CR Live! for 7/23/14: North American Union, Mark of the Beast, Four Horsemen

    in Politics Conservative

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Tonight's topics include:

    The Malaysian Air Curse
    Mark of the Beast in Iraq
    Leading Ebola Doctor in Africa contracts Ebola
    Supermoons 2014: Is There a Connection Between the Blood Moons Occurring this Year?
    Lou Dobbs onThe North American Union
    The Amero
    North American Union in The New World Order
    The Great Border Lie
    Labor and the Corporatist Border Surge
    Fema Camps Mystery Answered
    Ten Kingdoms
    The Daniel Project
    End Times Role of the Super Caliphate
    The Anti-Christ Stirs into Motion
    Has the End Begun?

    and much more....

    CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

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    The Beast from the Earth

    in Religion

    And I saw one of his heads as IF it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed. And all the world marveled and followed the beast. So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?"

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    The Beauties and The Beast Show

    in Entertainment

    This show is for MATURE audiences. If you are not 18+ please do NOT tune it. We do not cater to young minds.

    COME ONE, COME ALL!!!! Come join The Beauties & The Beast (also known as The Bitch and The Thirsty Ass Wolf Show) as we have fun over the airways of Interface Radio! Do you have something on your mind? SAY IT WITCHO CHEST!!! Want to say "hello" to the Beauties or the Beast? SAY IT WITCHO CHEST!!! Irritated with someone at work or just want to vent? Then come SAY IT WITCHO CHEST!!!! You never know who may pop in to say "hello" or simple just say "fuck you", so be sure to tune in and catch all of the action EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT! What's the number to call in? I thought you'd never ask! It's (516) 531-9975. We are on EVERY Friday night at 6:30 PM PST/7:30 CMT/8:30 CST/9:30 EST. Hope to see you there!

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    in Religion

       The mark of the beast is a subject that need to be taught because the time is drawning near and we are the book of Revelations Chapter 3:14 Church Age.  We are the last Church age there shall be on the earth.  We are fast approaching the formation of one world government and one world church. They are just waiting on a big enough catastrophe, either man made or natural, so that we can go alone with giving up all of our freedoms and enter into a world dictatorship like no other.  One headed by a false christ and a false prophet who will be able to perform signs and wonders.  However, The false christ could not be the Christ, because Jesus the Christ shall not set foot on the earth again until the battle of Armageddon.  This beast has a mark that is to be placed on your forehead or on your riight hand in order for you to buy or sell.  Once you accept this mark and worship the beast you will be dammed for ever and receive the same reward as the beast and the false prophet who deceived you.

        What could the mark of the beast be.  Could it be a tatoo, or a microchip, or some form of permanent paint other than a tatoo, or verbal acknowledgement of receiving it?  I don't know.  However, I do know that it is the time for us to press into God and prepare our hearts to overcome to the end.   Revelations chapters  13,  14, 16, 19, Rev 20 and 21. : .

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    in Entertainment

    On the very first episode of the Fantastic Four podcast, we are joined by the voice of Doctor Doom himself; John Curcio! I have had the pleasure of working with John on numerous projects in the past, where he gave life to another famous supervillain; Lex Luthor. And I'm thrilled as always to be working with him. John will share his take on Doom and what we can expect from him in the series. Join us live and feel free to call in and speak with John to ask him your own questions.

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    in Religion

    LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU!   Ye must be BORN AGAIN!    NOTHING OF THIS OBLIVIOUS WORLD CAN SAVE YOU or ANYONE ELSE!     For NONE of the partial and perverse MISorientations of this WORLD can SAVE man WHOLE!   Under this WORLDLY MATRIX where SAVING TRUTH is HID there is NO PLACE CLEAN! (Isaiah 28-32)   Blessed thus are they who by FAITH will EXCEED the SNARES of WORLDLY ILLUSION knowing to AWAIT the RETURN of the SAVIOR who sets men FREE by exposing ALL PRETENSE! (Isaiah 40:27-41:4, Mal.2:16-3:4)   NONE enters the KINGDOM of YAH being BLIND to the WAYS of the KING! (Psalms 95, Hebrews 3-4)   Therefore the LAW of YAH in a BINDING REQUIREMENT upon ALL the NATIONS! (Isaiah 42:1-4)    NO NATION is ABOVE HIS LAW!   ONLY in proving STABILITY, REASONING SANITY in REVERENCE for the CONSTANCY of DIVINE CONSCIENCE REVEALED is man FAVORED unto HOPE of JUSTICE as pleasing before YAH!   
    Joh 8:23  And Yeoshu said to them, You are from below, and I am from ABOVE; you are of THIS WORLD, but I am NOT OF THIS WORLD.  24  I told you that you will DIE in your SINS; for unless you believe that I am HE who is promised from ABOVE, you will DIE in your SINS. 



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    The Beauties and The Beast

    in Entertainment

    Want to laugh and forget about some of the stresses you had during the day or week? Want to lose a few calories and get a mini workout in w/little effort? Well come exercise those cheek & stomach muscles and loose calories by listening to The Beauties and The Beast! You can laugh with us or at us, but you WILL be laughing! Forget all of your worries and stress for at least 2 hrs and just have fun!! We guarantee that you'll at least chuckle at the antics of Daryl and Uncensored Saks along with special guests Jayson: the author Black Beauty; and other guests for the show. Catch us live EVERY Friday night at 9:30 EST (6:30 PST). You can listen online or and call in to interact with your crazy hosts (516) 531-9975.

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    The Beast of Revelation 17

    in Christianity

    Tonight I will be presenting a message on the Beast of Revelation 17

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    Moor Light Radio Presents: the language of the beast/ tricknology

    in Culture

    Tonight were going to look at the trick, lies, and deception of the beast. Bro black Messiah myself and family will go in on his tactics. In our second half were going to discuss the negropeans gatekeepers that help him. We're also going to show you how to identify them and how to watch out for them plus moor. Tune in 6pm ct 7pm et lines are open to build

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    Source Material #013 - "What If...? Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four"

    in Books

    Happy Holidays!

    Tonight I will bring you the first in a series of "mini-sodes" to pass the time away over the next 2 weeks.  I have decided that a quick glimpse into Marvel's "What If...?" series could provide us some great content.  And where better to start other than Volume 1, Issue 1, "What If...? Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four."  A series that dealt with the limitless possibilities out there that if one event had or had not happened in the Marvel Universe... just how changed could things be?


    Prepare yourselves.

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    INSPIRING your own Success can sometimes be difficult...especially if you are just starting to realize how GREAT you really are. Mel "BEAST" Jones has evolved into one of the internet's highes-rated motivational speakers with a special gift that will be treasured for many years to come. This College graduate, entrepreneur, loving father, and "Beast-Mode" Personal Trainer is ready to #smooch our listening audience with sound insight, passion, and details on how he he lives his L.I.F.E. Tune in and join our live chat tonight to make one of the most important connections this year with a  Thank God I'm Financially Free Fridays Presentation Broadcast wit Purpose-Filled Personality MEL"BEAST"(See you at the TOP)JONES...smooches!

    Twitter: @melbeastjones Facebook: Mel Beast JONES Youtube: Mel Beast Jones




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