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    Live Smash mouth football talk , NCAA final four , playoff picks

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    Live smash mouth football talk , Playoff picks, NCAA final four football pics OREGON, FSU,OHIO STATE, ALABAMA, DId TCU and BAYLOR get screwed? Whats you call?

    Showdown in Philly ....Cowboys vs. Eagles......Can boys pull of an upset?

    Quarterback Carousel in Washington who will get the start?

    Who's in the playoffs and who's not?

    Vince Lomardi .....he's the greastest coach in Football history but how come nobody coaches like him?

    Denver mile high ...can anyone stop them?

    Seattle soaring to new heights can anyone stop them?

    Is this a rematch of Super Bowl 48?

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    That's right folks...The Saint is back tonight and ready to throw down. Tonight will be just some music to make you groove, to make you sing,and to make you dance...and maybe get a lil something going on in the romance department.Some new stuff, some classic stuff, and of course the Independent stuff. Join The Saint as he returns back to the airwaves and also some special stuff coming up for the Four Aces Presents Team....

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    The Saint is in the building to drop some music to get you through that cold winter night. so bundle up next to someone or that blanket and feel the vibe of that nice vibe of music as only Four Aces presents can deliver. There will be a mix of all kinds of tunes, but these tunes will be what you can definitely feel....

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    West Coast Bias Episode #10 S06

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    On this week’s episode of West Coast Bias the guys will be taking a look at Double K and Mr Suaves favorite NBA basketball team. That’s right we will be looking at the Golden State Warriors and their shot at a NBA Title this year. Can Steph elevate his game and become the best point guard in the game today?? After giving Klay the extension that he deserves, Can he now live up to the expectations of being half of the best back court in the league?? All these questions will be answered and the boys will take a look at the bowl picture and the College Football Playoff final four and who will have the best shot at winning the title. As well as the NFL action from this Thursday and Sunday right here on Sunday at 3pm on the 4ACES Network on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    DAY FOUR- "Motherhood" AUDIOBOOK... LIVE on "Dear Prudence" Radio

    in Self Help

    Franz Kafka, undoubtedly one of my favorite Surrealist novelists... once wrote There are two cardinal sins from which all others spring; Impatience and Laziness.  A winning duo, don't you think?  And I am guilty of both of these... especially impatience. By listener request, may I humbly Introduce To YOU Day 4 -Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF: A Metamorphosis.   A LIVE READING, entry by entry... from the horse's mouth! Please Tune In and ENJOY!  'Dear Prudence' Radio - Life Advice to Help YOU Cope!"

    Please join Amanda Grieme, Author of “Dear Prudence,” Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF: A Metamorphosis, and former English/Creative Writing Educator. Amanda LIVES with Bipolar Disorder choosing writing as her catharsis and creative medium to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, self-medication will lend listeners invaluable, often quirky life advice. Tune in to share in life’s struggles, folly, laughter, tears… idiosyncratic oddities… cradled by eclectic music selections.

    “Dear Prudence” Radio – Life Advice to Help YOU Cope will provide you with entertaining and informative fodder about life stuff, backed by research, justified by public opinion… and humbled by ill-experience. Check Out the NEW video trailer:







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    Four Blood Moons and the Shimetah

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    Are you excited?  We are!  We are living in historic challenging times.  God is giving the world another chance to get it right.

    As I as preparing for this session - I remember what Barbara McCaffrey shared at the Church in the TV Studio on Sunday that God didn't spare any details in creating this universe, humans or everything we now enjoy.  He is a God that has a plan, purpose and every detail to the minute DNA that runs through our bodies was created by Him.

    As you stand on the hillside looking over the beautiful valleys, lakes, oceans, it is impossible to think there was no intelligent force behind all of this.  God makes beautiful.  Mankind makes ugly.

    It's really time for us to realize that it is no joke.  The sleeping giant is beginning to wake up.  Although there are very tough times, times of judgment there is always a remedy.  

    Tonight again, the year of the Shimetah began in September 2014 and ends next year in September 2015.

    What is our nation going to do?  Are we going to forgive the debt of the people?  Are we going to bring God back into the picture?  Are we going to as leaders, political and religious, repent on behalf of the wrongdoings of our nation or are we going to sweep everything under the carpet as if nothing is wrong?  

    America the Beautiful as Dr. Carson says - we want it be beautiful again!

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - The Four Agreements

    in Lifestyle

    Join us for a discussion on the transformative book by Don Miguel Ruiz entitled:  The Four Agreements.

    This book reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.  Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

    Our passion is to help you Get Real and bridge the gap to a joy-filled passionate life with good health and vitality.  This amazing book, is a short, wonderful book that can help you.

    Mark and Kally Efros

    Indigo Mountain:  Wellness, Toys & Gifts

    Connect with on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

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    Fall 2013 (Final Four)

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    Fall 2013 (Final Four)

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    TRUNEWS 12/02/14: "Ebola and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"

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    Detroit goes dark…Drudge and WND websites down this morning….FBI warnings about cyber-attacks….what is happening? Are you ready? Rick’s guest today is Sharon Gilbert, author of Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

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    Can You Survive Without Your Hair?

    in Lifestyle

    Join the Elements in a conversation about men and women's hair and the impact it has on our psyche.

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    Double K's Classroom Episode #06 S04

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    This week in the Classroom Double K will be hopping back on the gridiron again as he will take a look at the final standings in the College Football playoffs just days before the final 4 are announced on Sunday Dec 7th. Also we will be taking a look at the NFL Playoff picture as it shapes up. Are the 49ers any closer after this Thanksgiving Day matchup with the Seahawks?? Who is in the lead in the pathetic NFC South?? All these questions will ba answered and He will also be updating the status of his Fantasy Football Leagues he is in this year. So tune in on Friday at 8pm PST right here on the 4ACES Network on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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