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    Guest: Wendy Scharfman, Founder, Coaching for Effective Communication

    in Business

    Wendy Scharfman, Founder, Coaching for Effective Communication

    My company helps executives, non-profit leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with articulating their real value to their clients so they can achieve actionalble results and profit.


    Wendy Scharfman is the founder of Coaching for Effective Communication, a business she created to help her clients become dynamic, confident communicators who can inspire action with unique style and a powerful strategy to achieve visible results. She is an Adjunct Professor at the SUNY/Levin Institute in NYC where she teaches entrepreneurial business and at New York Institute of Technology where she teaches speech communication. Wendy specializes in Leadership Training and Team Building, Public Speaking Competencies, Message Refinement and Media Training.



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    Guest: Obioma Martin, Founder, OMART Training and Development

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    Obioma Martin, Founder, OMART Training and Development

    OMART Training and Development helps aspiring teachers who lack credentialing in order to work in an early childhood education setting with children age five and under and need employment.


    Obioma Martin is a Serial Prenuerer/ Early Childhood Educator/Consultant/Author/Professor EDUCATION: A graduate of the Philadelphia School System with advanced credentialing, Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System Certification (PQAS), AAS in Early Childhood Education, Pennsylvania Child Care Director Credential, 2010 BA Degree in Child Care Management from Chestnut Hill College, Master’s Degree In Early Childhood & Leadership at Arcadia University 2014. 12 years of certified professional early childhood education, childcare training, and business consulting services.



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    Guest: Dorothy Potter Snyder, Founder, Dorothy Potter Consulting

    in Business

    Dorothy Potter Snyder, Founder, Dorothy Potter Consulting

    Dorothy Potter Spanish helps non-profit and for-profit businesses craft books, blogs, articles and educational materials that deliver focused messages to people, and people to each other.


    I am a writer, editor, teacher, and curriculum developer. I provide editorial services, translation, and content development to clients in both Spanish and English. I lead nationwide webinars to professional groups on Hispanic language and culture, and have served as a consultant on a variety of media projects relating to Latin America and Spanish language. I develop Spanish language training curricula, focusing on professional communication goals, and I help clients "strike the right chord" in both languages.



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    Guest: Andy Young, Founder, Big Apple Bites Back Productions

    in Business

    Andy Young, Founder, Big Apple Bites Back Productions

    Big Apple Bites Back Productions helps business owners who struggle with creating corporate identities and developing marketing products by designing unique logos, producing distinctive/compelling videos and developing innovative websites that reflect your passion and captivate your audience.


    Andy Young is a burst of positive energy with a flair for the creative. Her skills include acting in theatre, film and television, directing/editing/producing/shooting and creating multi-media projects. Her experience in the entertainment, marketing and legal professions, makes her a natural fit for corporate videos. With Andy’s help, business owners can now share their uniqueness and "passion" with the world, attract new customers and expand their markets. Andy is bi-lingual (English-Spanish); world-traveller; rollerskater/iceskater; and, Panamanian.



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    Inside The League, founder Neil Stratton

    in Football

    Founder of the Inside The League Neil Stratton talks about the services (ITL) his company provides for those eager to accomplish their dreams of being successful in the world of football. Regardless of what dynamic you’re looking to make your make in concerning being an agent of financial planner his vast experience and jump start a new career or help a veteran continue to stay on top of the business.


    The opportunity to play professional football can take both parents and players by storm. Inside The League can also provide a comforting and most importantly knowledgeable one-on-one dialogue to help families discuss the vast amount of question that present themselves when their son is reaching the point in his live where playing professional football takes center stage.

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    Interview of the founder of FlexAware, Steven Shafarman

    in Spirituality

    Join host Randy Goldberg on his new show Science of Light as he interviews the founder of FlexAware, Steven Shafarman. FlexAware® is

    • A new approach to fitness and exercise,
    • Effective gentle movements that feel good,
    • For people of all ages and all health conditions,
    • Grounded in science, including current neuroscience,
    • Based on the way young children naturally learn and move.

    Whether you are fit and active, mostly sedentary, disabled with chronic pain, or a professional athlete, you can benefit from FlexAware.

    FlexAware movements are pleasant. There’s no equipment, so it’s easy to begin and easy to resume after a break. You can do it anywhere and anytime: on the floor or a bed, sitting or standing at your desk, walking down the street. FlexAware is a sustainable approach to fitness.

    A few minutes can bring real benefits:

    • Relieve pain,
    • Recover from stress,
    • Be more alert and focused,
    • Improve breathing, posture, and walking,
    • Increase flexibility, strength, stamina, and vitality,
    • Enhance skills in sports, dance, yoga, and other activities

    More info at http://flexaware.com/

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    Interview with Founder of Skye Alexandra House

    in Motivation

    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences with others. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their purpose. Join Debbie every Tuesday at 8:30pm GMT with special guests. Joining Debbie on today's show is Sherica Spence the founder of Skye Alexandra House. After Sherica Spence had an encounter with a young lady who at the time was living in a semi independent accommodation. Sherica saw the supported care need’s that was lacking, in providing and equipping this young lady in basic living skill’s and decided that with her own life experience and the insight of this young lady experiences within the care system that she was going to open her own home that provided the help and support that young women needed on their journey to womanhood and thus Skye Alexandera House was founded in the summer of June 2013.

    I look forward to you joining me Debbie and my special guest Sherica Spence for Pure Inspiration.

    D x

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    Teresa Wright Johnson, Founder, Mommy Care, Inc.

    in Women

    Tune in Monday, March 3rd @ 12 Noon Eastern as host and business success coach, Trina Newby interviews featured guest, Teresa Wright Johnson, Special Needs Advocate and founder of Mommy Care, Inc., a company that helps moms balance parenting and life.

    She is also creator of Making Money Out of the Box, a workshop that teaches moms how to make supplemental or full-time income from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule.

    Know as "The queen of balance", she has worked at places like Parent to Parent of GA, DFACS, Georgia State University, SCIES Program, Women About Biz, Mocha Moms and more.

    She is now using her energy to travel the U.S speaking and encouraging women to step forward and pursue their dreams. When she is not speaking she is advocating for and mentoring parents with Special Needs Children.

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    Nam Mokwunye - CEO/Founder of PublicVine

    in Entertainment


    Our guest is Nam Mokwunye founder of PublicVine

    PublicVine is the online and mobile social video marketplace where video vendors—festival and filmmakers—and consumers can connect, transact, and get paid—anytime, anywhere, any device. They do so using our patent-pending social invite and viral revenue sharing systems within a social apps environment. PublicVine was designed by Founder/CEO Nam Mokwunye while a visiting scholar and social entrepreneurial fellow at Stanford University. Thus, PublicVine is built on the principles of opportunity, transparency, and fairness—for the video content industry.

    Film makers and anyone in the film business should check out the site at: www.publicvine.com


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    Exclusive 2015 NWO Truth Radio Founder Reunion

    in Blogs

    Exclusive 2015 NWO Truth Radio Founder Reunion - nwo truth radio's late night live! Hosts Brandon C. Wes R. Deviant Topics: The U.S.S.P. united states space program
    Commercial TerraForming of Mars as well other other events shaping the world we live in today!
    Replay @ https://www.youtube.com/user/nwotruthradiomedia
    Wed. 9 pm est Conspiracy Corner http://www.blogtalkradio.com/conspiracycorner

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    Adina Silberstein, Founder and CEO, Queenie’s Pets, LLC.

    in Business

    Adina Silberstein, Founder and CEO, Queenie’s Pets (R), LLC.

    Queenie’s Pets(R), LLC helps busy, loving pet owners that struggle with reliable, trust-worthy, top-quality care for their pets when they can't be with them so they can enjoy worry-free time away from home, and focus on either their work or relaxation without worrying about their pets or their home safety.


    Adina is the founder and owner of award-winning, Philadelphia-based professional pet sitting and dog walking company, Queenie’s Pets(R), LLC. She is a Canine Nutritional Consultant and Certified Canine Massage Therapist. Adina is committed to holistic, positive reinforcement-based care and training for all household pets. Through years of study, Adina educates and supports her clients and communities about alternative, preventative, holistic healthcare for pets. Adina is an active member of professional associations, including Pet Sitters International, National Association of Profession Pet Sitters, Women in the Pet Industry Network, Business Association of Mt. Airy, the Pet Professional Guild and more. Adina is a writer for national and local pet-related blogs, such as Dogster.com, Catster.com and thephillydog.com. A graduate of Central High School of Philadelphia and American University, Adina returns to both alma maters to provide ongoing leadership and entrepreneurial advice and is committed to helping women and urban business owners thrive and succeed. Adina lives in Philadelphia with her three rescue pets.



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