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    Moving forward without looking back, but landing on the mountain top..

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    This episode is about pushing forward towards the cross, never looking back at the past, but landing right on the promises of GOD, we often times get afraid in taking these new steps, which is the right directions in the ways of GOD that leads us, but because of fear or pride we end up leading ourselves in the wrong path and directions not acknowledging nor seeking the lord in all our ways, change is always good. Tonight, Mrs. Candace L. Bowe will be sharing with us abut her past struggles and how she has yet climb, climbing and now landing on the moutain top.. Please stay tune in.

    Luke 9:62

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    Looking Forward

    in Self Help

    We are talking about living a life looking forward in hope and action.

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    Looking in the Rear View Mirror

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    It is widely said that "looking in the rear view mirror" of your life is not a good thing.  It is also said that to move forward you have to avoid looking at what's behind you and only look at what's in front of you.  However, this saying has a two-edged sword because though it is not good to look back when you are trying to go forward it is as equally bad to not look back to evaluate, conduct an inventory and even sometimes celebrate things in the rear of your life.  Today, we will look and explore the benefits of "looking in the rear view mirror' determining those things that can be used, things that can be stored until needed or some things that just need to be disgarded all together.  Wherever you may find yourself today you will discover that everything in the rear view has front seat your life whether you are willing to see it or not..

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    E.E.R.S: New Year's - Looking Back, Then Forward

    in Pop Culture

    Thursday at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's The Ernest Experience Radio Show.

    In a special 90-minute edition of E.E.R.S., Ernest and Ms. Teri look back on 2014, and what were the highs and lows of the year.  THere's no Listening Lounge tonight, but there's plenty of conversation, NPR news, & Accuweather forecast for everyone.  The phones will be open at 1.347.989.1942.

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    Astrology Readings - Looking Back at 2014 & Looking Forward to 2015

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    This Week on Living Astrology Radio:  Astrology Readings - Looking Back at 2014 & Looking Forward to 2015

    Today's show is all about the story of YOU.  We'll start by taking a look at some of the most important astrological transits of 2014 and how they effected you personally, and then look forward to 2015 to see how the story continues.  So much happens to us over the course of a year that sometimes it is really good to look back in order to see where we want to go forward - or to see where the energy is propelling us. 

    If you would like a reading during the show today, please email me your Birth time, birth date, birth place to janet@living-astrology.com by 3:00 pm Pacific time.  That gives me enough time to get your chart ready by air time.

    Here is the call in number for Thursday's show:  1-347-205-9869. 

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    Dr. Wayne Anders Looking Forward To It

    in Spirituality

    We invite you to listen to the Word Of God and be blessed!  We will begin at Romans 15:28 and go thru to Romans 15:33.  Some of the topics are:

    Let Us Pray,  Paul's final Journey.  We will be closing up Chapter 15 and beginning in Chapter 16 Topic is A Fond Farewell.  So tune into the program Monday morning and the Tpoic is Paul's Final Journey. Have a Blessed week!

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    Spring Forward with Father God!

    in Religion

    Greetings!  Join me, Doctor Dayciaa Smith, for a spiritually energizing episode of Divine Experience on Sunday, March 8, 2015 @ 5:30 p.m. CST.  I'll give personal updates, talk about P.O.I.s for the week and share the most popular vacation destinations for Spring Break and how they can bring spiritual rejuvenation.  Our featured topic for today will discuss how we as Christians can spring forward with Father God into a more enriching, fulfilling Christian journey in our personal and professional lives.  Tune in; don't miss this fabulous episode.

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    Scottscope Talk Radio 1/3/2015: Looking Forward!

    in Entertainment

    On this week’s edition of Scottscope Talk Radio, we look forward to what’s in store for 2015!  What movies will be coming to North American multiplexes?  Which ones will be the best of the bunch?  How many of them will live up to, or possibly exceed, our expectations?  How many of them will disappoint us?  Will Star Wars: The Force Awakens take first place in the 2015 box office race?  Will Avengers: Age of Ultron be the ultimate victor?  Could both of these films disappoint?  Could Ant-Man be the debacle that finally undoes the mighty Marvel cinematic empire?  Can it be considered a wild card, given all of the preproduction turmoil that plagued the production after the departure of Edgar Wright?   Join us as we gaze into our crystal ball and attempt to see what 2015 holds in store for fanboys and fangirls alike!    

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    Through The Looking Glass With Kinia, Welcomes Multi-talented Sherri Rabinowitz

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    I'm so excited to have a very special guest this week, we have Sherri Rabinowitz.  She is the Producer/writer at Sherri’s Playhouse. Host of Chatting with Sherri at BlogTalk Radio, And a Teacher at the Learning Annex in California.  She's definitely a very busy woman but I'm so excited that she made time for our children and their families!   Sherri is sharing her book "Different Is Beautiful: A Love Note To The Children Of The World" . 

    Sherri Rabinowitz and Anja Gruber has found a unique way to encourage self-esteem in little ones while helping them develop a sense of appreciation and respect for everyone and everything in the world around them. A portion of the proceeds will go to anti-bullying charities.

    Please join us as we have tons of fun with free gifts, including signed books donated by our wonderful authors both past, present and even future guests!







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    Outside Looking In w/ Bruce Negrin

    in Current Events

    Listen to the show that talks about the issues that emanate from Montgomery County, MD and beyond!  It is two way talk radio so your opinion counts.  If you have got something to say give us a call becuase no one is gonna say it for you.  

    Tonights Topics

    The Miracle On Ice 35 years later and its lingering impact
    Transportaion Crazy - so many projects in Montgomery County - If you build it will they come?
    Digital vs Print - The choice is clear ( at least for a group that might surprise you)
    No, food allergies really did jump exponentially in the past decade.  A cure for peanut problems? 
    Virginia Battles the Bake Sale and federal overreach

    Call in to speak with the host at (773) 897-6423

    Facebook Page - Outside Looking In w/ Bruce Negrin  https://www.facebook.com/brucenegrinradio


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    Looking For The Blessed Hope

    in Religion

    Prophetic events are now shaking the world! Tonight we tie Russia into the Bible along with the war in Gaza! The prophetic verses are leaping off the pages with these events! Be a part of the show and learn what is happening.

    This is just a reminder that tonight at 9:00 PM EST is the radio show. If you cannot attend, blog talk archives the show. You can also call in at (619) 996-1655. Please, come and join us. The Hauser brothers will join me.

    War in Israel with Hamas! Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. Why not be a part of the show? Tonight we are discussing events taking place events taking place in the Middle East with the creation of the caliphate. I will tie Obadiah’s prophesy into these events! Bible prophecy is now in high gear! We will discuss these topics, plus the coming of the Lord Jesus for His bride. Please join us tonight.

    I also recommend that you listen to the Thursday night’s teaching by Pastor Fred Peipman on the Psalms. It is full of great idea concepts from the word. He teaches in the first hour.

    Also, on Monday night at 9:00 PM EST, is my Discipleship Course. The King James Bible is always used.

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