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    An Open Investigation Of Gospel Singer James Fortune!

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    Today on CFR Radio we will take a really close look at Gospel Singer James Fortune and how the church as ignored his domestic viloence victim. Read article on James Fortune on PimpPreacher.com

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    Out of the Cookie, Into the Fortune with Susy Pujiro

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    Susy Pujiro's life dramatically changed when she moved to America from Indonesia, with a fairytale love story and was living the American Dream. Susy and her husband, Jake, built a successful real-estate business and had 4 beautiful children and then everything changed.....after twenty-two years of marriage, her world was suddenly shaken and turned upside down as her marriage fell apart. 

    In Susy's book, "Out of the Cookie, Into the Fortune", she shares her life story, her journey through the divorce tunnel and how she emerged as an overcomer, shining brightly for God's glory. Her hope is that, "you will find little nuggets in this book that will encourage and inspire you to not only find your destiny, but the fortune that is hidden in your heart."

    Susy truly believes that, "although things in life can alter your dreams, when you make the decision to walk in your destiny, God is with you and He will direct your path. His plan is to prosper and bless you, and His ways are so much higher than we can think or imagine.".

    Through the healing power of Jesus Christ, Susy is spreading her wings for the next exciting chapter in her life as she pursues the passion in her heart in writing! Her blog is read in 48 countries and 6 continents as she expounds on life's issues and shares God's wisdom and love.


    Blog: susysthinkingplace.com
    Twitter: @susypujiro
    Email: susysblog@gmail.com

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    Fortune & Future

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    Talk Radio

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    "Faith" Healers and Fortune Tellers! What Do They Have In Common???

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    What do the vast majority of so-called FAITH HEALERS and FORTUNE TELLERS have in common? Well, both groups have spotty records! Now, in the case of the former—the FAITH HEALERS—please do not think, without listening to today’s ‘cast, that Dr. Williams DOES NOT believe or teach that God can/will not heal the sick, or even raise the dead for that matter! He merely asks some penetrating questions that any and all that desire to be cured or healed should ask prior to parting with their hard earned cash! In the case of the latter, when it comes to Fortune Tellers, sometimes their predictions are RIGHT and in other instances they are WRONG!! Why is that???????? Should you place your faith in them—Biblically speaking or otherwise? Be sure to listen in on today’s ‘cast of The Word of God in Every Day Life: Str8 and Uncut!

    If you would like to hear our past ‘casts, or listen to this ‘cast LIVE, just click on this link Blogtalkradio.com/drmsw54—You’ll be glad you did!!!!!!!!!!!

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    50 shades of fame & fortune Angie Bowie with Valery & Holly

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    Angie Bowie style icon, author, performer, counselor, former wife of David Bowie and role model for outsiders everywhere She was only five when she first realized she felt different to other people, but says: “I liked it and I think I adjusted to being an outsider more and more as the events that formed my life unfolded.As well as good looks, Angie is blessed with fierce intelligence. She is well read and well informed, independent and self-sufficient. The foundations of her cosmopolitan perspective were laid during her early life, particularly when, at the age of nine, she was sent to St George’s School in Switzerland. It is an international school, full of wealthy girls from the ruling elite. Angie learned how to survive and flourish, despite her significantly different socio-economic background. Angie is truly one of the great outsider icons of the present age.Angie came to England in 1967 to study at Kingston Polytechnic, a college renowned over the years for producing figureheads of the avant-garde.  Although only on a student visa, Angie got caught up in swinging London and somehow contrived to stay. She met David Bowie in 1969, when she was 19 and he was a fledgling rock star in his Space Oddity phase. They fell in love, married in 1970 and had a son who they famously called Zowie.She has often been referred to as the power behind the meteoric success. The cultural impact of David and Angie Bowie in the 70s and beyond cannot be over-estimated.&a

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    PIJN News: Remembering Truett Cathy & “God Revealed” with Fortune 100 CEO

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Remembrance and honoring the passing of 93-year-old founder of Chick-Fil-A and Christian philanthropist, S. Truett Cathy.
    * Interview with Fred Sievert, CEO of a Fortune 100 company, who explains how God can be revealed.

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    American Idols: Get Rich or Die Trying (FORTUNE)

    in Self Help

    This week we are starting our new series American Idols! And no, this doesn’t involve Simon Cowell, J Lo, Ryan Seacrest or any of the American Idol wannabes. However, we are going to talk about some of the idols that we have created in America, and the strongholds that they have created in our lives, even as Christians.

    What is an idol? An idol is simply a false god. That person or that thing that you think fills you, completes you, provides for you, makes you happy, etc. It is anything that puts a barrier between you and the one true source, which is God. How do you know if something is an idol in your life? That person or thing that you can’t let go of, that you refuse to give up, that you rely on outside of God, etc. Those things are idols. It can be people, substances, feelings, material things…whatever. We use these things to fill voids that only God can fill, and that He wants to fill.

    In this 2nd episode we are going to talk about the idol of FORTUNE. Why are we so pressed about becoming rich?! Do we really know what it means to be rich anyway? We've tried to place dollar amounts on it, create classes and statuses around it, and store up as many material items that we can to prove that we have it, but it never seems to be enough. People are willing to lie, cheat, and steal their way into possession of it...so the Bible is right when it says that the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil!

    We're going to explore what the Bible says about chasing after fortune in Proverbs 23:4-5, and allow God to reveal to us that we really don't have to chase after something that we already have.

    Get your pens and pads ready to receive God's word!

    Don't forget to connect with me, and purchase my book, Destined to Fly: The Pursuit of Purpose here: www.ariannemockabee.com

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    Make Others Happy and Make a Fortune

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    There are lots of services everyday people need to have done. Most times they just can't do it themselves. Other times they can't afford to pay someone those too high prices. There is a way for you to make money and for your community to receive much needed help. Listen in today. I want to encourage people who need a job to make money almost immediately. Not to leave out those who are working and need to supplement their income. Americans have to stop doing without because we cannot afford the cost of companies that are charging too much for their services. If you can provide services that home owners and business owners could use the you should consider doing work for others and make a fortune.

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    Author of "Riding the Waves: The Price of Fame & Fortune," Selena Haskins

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    Tune in for a special edition of That's Entertainment as I welcome back author, Selena Haskins.  Selena will be stopping by to talk about the sequel to her first novel, "Riding the Waves: The Price of Fame & Fortune."  Join me on Wednesday, July 9 at 7:30pm ET as I talk with independent author, Selena Haskins.


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    Barbara Graver - Angel Practitioner of The Month and Book Club: Fortune Stellar

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    TODAY, on The Angels Monday Show!, its' our FIRST Angel Practitioner of The Month! Barbara Graver! Taking your Calls for FREE Angel Messages & Readings....

    In Hour Two - Spirit Talk, Host Cadella and Shera hold their FIRST monthly Spiritual Book Club! This month's book: Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs To Know by Christiana Gaudet!


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    What Would You Sacrifice For Fame & Fortune?

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    Tonight, on It's Real Talk Radio, we're gonna be taking an angle we have yet to touch on; Fame & Fortune. What would you do for it, and how far are you willing to go to receive it? Some glorify fame and want it by any and all means. The same goes with fortune; some people will do anything for money and I do mean ANYTHING! Even go as far as signing their rights away, their freedom away, or even signing their name in blood (which you may know as selling their souls).

    This is what's believed to have happened in the Entertainment Industry. From rappers, to singers, rock stars, pop stars, producers, actors, directors, basically any big name person you can think of who is in the Entertainment Business. There's a lot of speculation going around that some of your favorite super stars have sold their souls for fame and fortune, and it's believed that that's the only way to guarantee success, wealth, & longevity.

    There are tons of blog sites, forums, social media sites, and YouTube videos that speak on this topic to the point that every day you can find new information including what's believed to be satanic symbols from some of your favorite stars. Of course you have both sides of the coin, as many believe that people are envious of the fame, success, and wealth of these superstars; therefore, they've made these preposterous allegations, that anyone with fame and fortune has sold their soul.

    Well the question we're asking our listeners is what do you think? Do you think that the only way to have fame & fortune is to sell out (sell your soul), and how far would you go for fame and fortune yourself? You'll be hearing perspectives from all our hosts along with our Director of Operations "Jay Styles". This is gonna be a good one, so don't miss out!


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