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    Promo for January 31 "The Inside Drift", Ryan Sage of Formula Drift is the guest

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    A little about my guest for the Saturday, January 31 edition of The Inside Drift, Ryan Sage, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Formula Drift, the sanctioning body for professional drifting here in the United States.

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    Promo for October 16,17, Formula Drift Championship Weekend

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    Foprmula Drift'sfinal event of the year is this weekend at the famed "House of Drift in Irwindale, California and The Inside Drift and Live Blog Radio will be all over Championship Weekend. The Inside Drift will be on at a special time, 4:00pm PDT, 7:00E EDT. We will be on the air for 90 minutes during ghte Round of 32 as we set the scene for LIVE BLOG RADIO's exclusive live continuous coverage of he finals at 8:00pm EDT, 11:00pm EDT.

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    PROMO for April 4, Live from Formula Drift Preseason tech

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    This Saturday on The Inside Drift, The former leader of Formula Drift's most powerful team, Mickey Andrade, and motorpsorts journalist, Bill Wood join host, Gary Keith to handicap the 2009 Formula Drift pro drift championship. Listeners are invited to call in with their own analysis and predictions.

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    LIVE! with Cathi-Formula for Positive Change-2015

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    New updates...Local, nationaly and intetrnational...

    2015...we all have good intentions, but lousy on execution!

    Does this sound familiar, "I'm going to lose 25 pounds...I'm really going to be nicer to me and my family, words that hurt, words that empower...I'm going to exceed my sales by 15%.  I no longer am going to embrace TNT, toxic negative thinking and the list goes on and on and on.  This is the time of the year that resolutions are made and soon abandoned.

    Ze formula for POSITIVE CHANGE...OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW, BURY 2014, IT'S DEAD, GONE...FINI.  Get rid of everything that is unwanted.  Time to start fresh, wipe the slate clean.  Change your worn out  negative expressions that you sprinkled in all your converstions in 2014.  Forget how you  managed your money in 2014.  Strive to improve your finances.



    Be realistic...etc.

    Omit 'DON'T' in your...etc.

    Give yourself...etc.

    See it, Say it, Belive it...etc.



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    The Down & Dirty Show HOONIGAN/Formula Drift TAKEOVER!

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    Jim Beaver & The Down & Dirty Radio Show Fueled By Speed Energy are being taken over by those damn HOONIGAN's again! We will have the Brian Scotto and the HOONIGAN's on air, the voice of Formula Drift Jarod DeAnda on air, and house full of the best drifters in the world as Formula D Round 1 from Long Beach is this weekend! We will also have full coverage of Round 1 of The Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks Series, Supercross from Houston, and all of the latest from the world of Action Motorsports.  #GameOn!

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    Motorsports Unplugged: Formula One and What About NASCAR?

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    Formula One comes down to the wire this weekend in AbuDhabi with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes fighting for the World Championship. Is Formula One becoming les relevant? NASCAR ended it's season last weekend at Homestead Flroida with Kevin Harvicl taking the Sprint Cup tile under the new playoff system. Did it work? Join Michele Rahal and Gene Boyer to find out , right here on Motorsports Unplugged Radio!

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    LIVE! with Cathi-Formula for Better Health-2015

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    News updates...local, national, international...

    2015, about half of Americans set goals, make resolutions for each New Year.  Only 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions/goals. Why do so many fail and what's the secret to success?

    The start of the New Year is not powerful enough to help you make or change decisions.  You need to define the 'WHY' if you're going to make permanent change.  Remember to take BABY STEPS.  Change is the only constant in life, you need to know when to shift your strategies to accommodate change.  Change is difficult, but it doesn't have to be.

    To understand the 'WHY' ask yourself the reason for wanting to change your life.  Is it your mental and physical well-being, is it for a happier you.  Focus on small things you can easily implement that will compound to have dramatic effective on your choices and the 'WHY.'


    For better health choose...etc.

    Raw nuts keeps...etc.

    Move and grove daily...etc.

    Power of Omega-3...etc.

    Turn off electronics...etc.

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    The Magic Formula for Blogging Success: a Training Series for Bloggers

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    If you’re looking for the magic formula for blogging success, you’ve found it.  Ok, magic is a little bit of hyperbole, so we won’t portray it as magic. However, this formula produces impressive results if you follow the entire process, without trying to cherry pick its components.  So tune in and take notes as we as we explore how commitment can succeed when talent fails.

    At Working the Web to Win, we think of it as, “D.W.I.T.,” for Do Whatever It Takes.  We believe doing whatever it takes consists of 12 very important Elements of Commitment.  Together, they provide a system based on principles that always produce greater results when used together than when they’re cherry picked and used individually.   We believe these 12 elements create a synergy, which makes for powerful results.  Results don’t just happen; they’re forged into existence because their synergy exceeds the sum of their parts.

    If you're one of the millions of website owners who are looking for the fast lane onto the Information Superhighway, this is the show for you.  Hosted by professional Internet marketers Carl Weiss and Hector "The Connector" Cisneros, every episode is designed to cover topics, tips and technology that can make or break you online.

    The show also features guests who have developed software, apps, schools or sites that are designed to help you take your knowledge of the Internet to new heights.  Best of all, this show is interactive and listeners can call in live with questions for either the hosts or the guests.

    Tune in, Turn on and Blog your way to online success weekly, every Tuesday at 4 p.m. (Eastern).

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    Motorsports Apex with Glenn Locke

    in Sports

    Your home for all the latest news, highlights and insight from the Verizon Indycar series, Formula 1 and Formula E, if it has openwheels, we report it! Follow us on twitter @MotorsportsApex

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    The Formula for the Christian Walk

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    Daily God wakes us up and we should have a formula we follow to stay on the straight and narrow path. Thanks giving, prayer, and bible study should help us start our day and throughout the day we should reflect back on the morning scripture for the day. I call prayer and scripture reading a formula

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    Motorsports Apex with Glenn Locke

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    Your home for all the latest news, highlights and insight from the Verizon Indycar series, Formula 1 and Formula E, if it has openwheels, we report it! Follow us on twitter @MotorsportsApex

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