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    Supermodel & Movie Star Veronica Grey to Appear on Women Who Rock with Success

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    Fresh off receiving her Special 2015 Humanitarian award with Leonardo DiCaprio, The organization of The National Extraordinary Professional Women and Women Who Rock with Success honors Supermodel Veronica Grey Activist of The Year. Grey and Di Caprio are featured in the multi award winning environmental documentary "Worst Shark Attack Ever." This offer healing solutions for the raping of our oceans. Veronica invented shark repellant swimwear and like Leonardo takes a break from filming to tirelessly slavage the Earth and its creatures. She has been invited by celebrity GURU Clint Arthur to speak during the Business Expert forum. This will be an awesome broadcast on today.

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    Forgotten Not Gone is a Las Vegas Based Organization. They provide Recumbent Trikes to veterans as a form of therapy along with other counseling and support services to physically and mntally wounded Veterans. This show is a must listen to. 

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    Have you every felt forgotten Ever frlt like the world has passed you by. like  friends and family have gone on to bigger and better things and you're just stuck .Ever felt like even God has forgotten you. keep doing what God has gifted you  to  do. even when we face difficulty,we can and we certainly should continue to use the gifts god has given us. How do we remain faithful when we find ourselves where we didn't expect to be.

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    Thanksgiving, is it Becoming the Forgotten Holiday and What are You Thankful For

    in Radio

    Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with your host:  Angela Thomas and Rodney Smith
    Our topic today is Thanksgiving, is it Becoming the Forgotten Holiday and what are you Thankful For?

    Call in at (347) 826-9600, press the #1 on your keypad to ask a question or comment

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    Bennett Freeze Tour by Navajo Nation President Begaye and Vice President Nez

    in Relationships

    Navajo Nation President Russel Begaye Posted on October 14th at 7:50 AM

    I am moblizing the entire executive branch to help the people of the former Bennett Freeze area. We've talked enough about it and now need to get things done. The preliminaries are in place and VP and I with our executive and division team will tour the area on Thursday and Friday... Have a great day and make a difference in someone's life!





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    What is the Bennett Freeze?

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    The Perpetrators of Violent Acts must first in thier minds De-Humanize a People in Order to Justify their Inhumane Acts.

    Many Genocidal Policies like the Bennett Freeze are pre-caluculated, strategically and mythodically thought out and executed over time. The Dine'  People and other Inidgenous Peoples' in the name of progress have experienced the desimation of a way of life that has sustained them for millineums.

    Structural Violence is perpetrated by Predators in two ways; vertically and horizontally by both Native and Non-Natives living on and off the Reservation.

    The Dine Pay the Highest Price for the Energy Production produced in the Southwest. The Energy Produced on Navajo Lands and its Water have Afforded the Dominate Society to Prosper and Yet the Dine' have been Restricted from Access to Electricity and Potable water across the Bennett Freeze.


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    Are You HIV Positive.....Who Do You Tell???? Let's Talk

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we are going to talk about, what the consequences should be if you don't tell a person that you are HIV positive.  Should you go to jail if you don't tell a man/woman you are HIV positive?  Does your status determine if you should tell or is it no holds barr?  Should there be any exceptions to informing someone that you are HIV positive?  Who has a right to know your HIV status?  What should be your punishment if you do not inform someone that you are HIV positive?  Tune in tonight from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation.

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    Doctor Who - Converting New Whovians

    in Entertainment

    This episode was hard for me to come up with, and there were so many ideas running around in my head that it was difficult to settle down on just one. Then, it hit me - I have recently introduced my wonderful man to the joys of Doctor Who and his recent conversion has proven fun to watch! As a person who had never seen the show, it was my love and zeal for the Doctor that prompted him to begin watching it and he has started to understand the madness that ensues from becoming a Whovian. Now that he is into season four (I know, still so much to go), he can have conversations with me about characters, writing issues, and how much we all love/hate Stephen Moffat. Tune in to hear all about Who from the perspective of an old hat watching a young Whovian blossom into all that we are.

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    How We Define Heroes in Present Day with Allan K Patch, Retired Captain, USN,

    in Lifestyle

    The Heroes and Heroines in the media today take all shapes and forms. Aside from Police, Firemen and Military who sign up to be in harm’s way, some are ordinary people who rise to meet extraordinary situations.

    Always more visible are the fictional characters portrayed by Hollywood celebrities; from The Incredibles to James Bond, from comic book superheroes to cinematic heroics, we are awed and entertained.  But what of celebrity mis-named heroes such as athletes – are their efforts heroic- or just inspiring…as well as entertaining?

    Ancient Greek and Roman History was so inspired by heroics that gods were created who not only had great power but were also greatly flawed.   In today’s world we bandy about the term hero without seemingly understanding the meaning of the word.  Football players, basketball stars, actors, musicians…all are referred to and refer to each other as heroes.  

    Retired USN Captain Allan Patch grew up in Plymouth, Mass where he developed a fascination with the heritage of our nation.  Adding sciences to his interest in history, Allan earned a BS in biology from Boston College and a DMD from Tufts University. He then spent over two decades in the Navy, deployed in both Navy hospitals and in active duty with the Marine Corps; and entered private dental practice while serving in the Naval Reserve.  

    Passage At Delphi is the first novel in a series exploring the confluence of the past, present, and future.  He invites readers along for the thrilling ride and explores the difference between heroism and celebrity in the context of past and present culture. 

    Author Alan Patch is here to talk about PASSAGE AT DELPHI, Apollo Series Book 1 the beginning of Lauren and Zack’s epic adventure. 

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    Men Who Desire to be Husbands

    in Women

    There really are men who desire to be married.  The number of men who desire to have a wife are higher than media portray.  We will be praying for men who are seeking the woman God created for them so they may have a successful marriage.

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