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    Women Who Rock With Success

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    Long ago, their were times in which I didn't like the thought of a purse, didn't want to carry one, didn't have a need to be bothered with a purse. I always tried to find a way of carrying and cramming everything into my pockets. No thief is going to rob me right, because I don't have a purse. But as I got older, I found out, hey, these things are pretty neat. So I began to fall in love with purses, some coach bags, and many other designs, still not a huge fan of them, but hey! it will work for now.

    So a few years ago as I began to start a new pitch in life; all types of ideas and entrepreneurial thoughts came to mind. So this is what this blog is actually about, not the purse that we carry around, bu the purse we carry inside. Whats's in your purse?, What's in your passions?, your dreams?, your DNA?, your career life?, your goals?, what you have accomplished?, what you have achieved?, where do you see yourself this time next year? So many times we plan goals for the next five years, but technology is rapidly changing, your goals need to be every year now, not five to ten years down the road.



    My purse contains essentials in which I can provide more to my business, my clients, my networking circle, and its not just locally, it's globally. I want my purse to say more than what my business cards and websites can speak for me. At the start of our business, I was always scrambling for words to tell people about our vision and mission of the business. Of course this will take time as you are growing towards your potential. But the more I worked effectively on the business, the mission became a reality to me and no longer had to think, scramble, or figure out what or who I was in the business, but I knew.



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    The Forgotten : The Cases & Causes Black America Forgot

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    the revolution of the mind continues ...

    The MadMen continue to fight to help you take back and keep your righteous mind.

    This week we take a look at what "the forgotten". The cases and causes that were conveniently forgot about once the new TV season began or when the media waved a "red flag" in front of our faces to distract our attention from real change on American soil.

    Call in and let us know what cause you think everyone forgot about...

    Won't be home? No problem. Text "WYMS" to 76000 and get the listen in number sent directly to your phone 5 minutes to showtime.

    Tuesday 10pm - www.whyyoumadson.com

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    Talking with Gary Knight, author of "Forgotten Brothers"

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    What if Christopher Columbus owed his success—maybe even his very life—to two brothers who have been almost completely forgotten in the annals of history?

    Forgotten Brothers is the story of Martín and Vicente Pinzon, and their instrumental role in the eventual success of Christopher Columbus’ mission. Columbus invited Martin Pinzon to join the expedition, but the two men would eventually become bitter rivals. And while heartbreak was the fate for the Pinzons, Columbus returned a victor, and history regards him as a hero.

    Based on many long-neglected historical treatises, some as many as 140 years old, this book presents a different picture of the facts of the voyage—facts today’s history books fail to reveal.


    Gary Knight is a descendent of Spanish immigrants (on his mother’s side) and has heard from his Spanish cousins for years the story of the Pinzon brothers, highlighted in his historical novel Forgotten Brothers. For 10 years, Gary tutored English and writing to aspiring high school students and was an adjunct professor at a community college for 5 years, while he continues his book writing.  He is a member of the American Independent Writers group and writes on-line book reviews for them.



    Mr. Knight is a life-long sailor, has owned five boats on the Chesapeake Bay, and has participated in the Marion to Bermuda cruising race. He and his wife Brenda, who is a retired financial analyst for the Federal Reserve Board and a hypnotherapist, live on the water on the Chesapeake.  Each has two grown daughters.

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    Who Killed John F Kennedy

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr. Jerome Corsi discusses his new eBook, Who Killed John F. Kennedy?  The eBook is a continuation of his bestseller, Who Really Killed JFK?  Corsi reports on the most important recent research into the JFK assassination, establishing irrefutable evidence documenting the assassination as an organized coup d’etat, not the act of a lone-gun assassin.


    By summarizing the most current cutting-edge research on the JFK assassination, Who Really Killed John F. Kennedy? – new Research into the JFK assassination sets the stage for 2017, twenty-five years after the passage of the JFK Records Act, when the National Archives is scheduled to release the final, yet classified government documents on the JFK assassination. This will hopefully include over 1,000 documents the CIA still withholds from the public on national security grounds.



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    Love Thy Enemies: A Forgotten Precept Among Israel

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    There are many black Hebrews that outright teach we should HATE our enemies even though the Bible teaches the exact opposite. They teach that the white race is the enemy and therefore should be despised and exterminated. They even teach their followers to hate and wish death upon other black Hebrews who don’t share this belief. Sadly, even the black Hebrews that don’t promote hate have little to nothing about loving our enemies. Today (Sat.11/29/14) LIVE at 4pm EST, tune in to hear “LOVE THY ENEMIES: A FORGOTTEN PRECEPT AMONG ISRAEL.”

    -What does the Bible say about loving our enemies?

    -Is “love thy enemies” a concept that started in the New Testament?

    -Does loving our enemies mean we have to be around them?

    Discover the answers to these questions and many more TODAY LIVE at 4pm EST on “The Absolute Bible Truth” radio show! To listen in dial (646) 716-8249 or go to www.blogtalkradio/absolutebibletruth. See you there!

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    SANKOFA can mean what translates to "REACH BACK and GET IT" (san - to RETURN; ko - TO GO; fa - to LOOK, to SEEK and TAKE BACK) .. or .. TO GO BACK FOR THAT WHICH YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN!"

    Many are the "Afro-centrists" who say they soon will celebrate what is called SANKOFA.  Yet the real question is this.   Have they sought wholly to LOOK, to SEEK back FAR ENOUGH to be able to TAKE BACK ALL in RETURNING unto ALL that has in DIASPORA been TAKEN FROM US?   Have we exercised DIVINE POWER unto the FULL REMEMBRANCE of ALL FOREORDAINED to be OUR EXPECTATION till ALL has come to pass as LONGED FOR unto TRUE PEACE from the BEGINNING?  Have we sought the MOST HIGH that we discern beyond ALL that has been the pluralist FALLEN STATE of mankind?  They who would preserve the diversitudes among us which are OBSTACLES against FULL POWER of REMEMBRANCE; do they REALLY TRUTHFULLY HEAR our MOST ANCIENT AFRICAN MOTHER who LOVED US?   NOTE!  IF indeed our CIVILIZATION in AFRICA or for that matter anywhere in this world were NOT SPIRITUALLY FALLEN, would the NOAHIC FLOOD have had need to come? (Genesis 6:5-6, Malachi 2:17-3:4, Luke 17:20-<26-18:8)   What then of the CONSUMPTION that soon willl encompass the WHOLE EARTH? (Isaiah 28)

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    Finding Who You Are

    in Motivation

    Its challenging for people to discover themselves in a world that is so quick to tell you who to be. We live in a world today where people tell you who to be and how to act. Lets change this today by communication. Parents and kids need to have conversations about their future. This is how.

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  • They who will not accept...

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    They who will not accept the Second witness of the Father wiho is Messiah Ben Joseph, Will not be accepted by the First witness of the Father who is Messiah ben Judah... and no man cometh unto the Father but by him.

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    Music Monday: Antibalas - Who Is This America

    in Pop Culture

    Monday at 8pm ET on Ernest Radio Network, it's Music Monday.

    Who:  Antibalas

    What:  Who Is This America

    When:  2004

    Where:  Daptone Records

    Who Is This America Dem Speak Of Today?
    Pay Back Africa
    Big Man

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    Who Is God

    in Education

    Last week we discussed "Who and what in the hell is the devil?" And it would only be fitting to discuss "Who Is God"......Join us as we have an open discussion called the "Round Table" where we open the call-lines for everyone that would like to participate, to sit in a conference, parliment or summit styled episode; therein we will delve into the perceptions and conceptions of who God is......

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    Finding Who You Are

    in Motivation

    Its challenging for people to discover themselves in a world that is so quick to tell you who to be. We live in a world today where people tell you who to be and how to act. Lets change this today by communication. Parents and kids need to have conversations about their future. This is how.

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