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  • Forgery Faux Fathers, Reality TV Roundups, Netflix & Chill

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    Tune in to the Ice Cream Convos Morning Show at 10am to get your delicious scoops of Entertainment, Celebrity News, and Hot Topics.

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    America's Deadly Sins - Let's Call the News (Alabama thru Georgia)

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    Every day, family court beats us all up senseless.  A judge has been taped, saying we have no constitutional rights in family court.  Kids are taken from good parents and given to bad ones.  Children are stolen by the state, and judges side with them, always.  Mouths are gagged, innocent people are jailed, and hearings are confidential, and according to some states, not recorded to preserve justice.  And the news, unbelievably, is silent.  No one returns your phone calls.  Very few report, and if they do, it's for 5 minutes, and the story is buried.

    N.S.,(YOU FOLKS IN THE CPS CIRCLES KNOW WHO I MEAN)  the poster boy for family court victims, has garnered the help of a major mainstream news station to take his story and make it public, while he files a few multi-million dollar lawsuits for his 4 year stint against the corrupt family courts in North Carolina.  We wanna ask the news WHY...

    Why do people have to suffer years at the hands of these corrupt courts before the news takes notice?  Finally, we want to know who it is that keeps THE TRUTH from being told?  Fraud, kidnapping, forgery, falsifying transcripts and records, destroying evidence, conspiracy, collusion, perjury...all of these are prevalent in our family courts, and yet, no one reports these cases.  Well, tonight we begin asking them why, and we'll be giving each of the 50 states' most popular stations a call, LIVE ON OUR SHOW.  If we can get them to agree to it, we will be providing them with the names of 1 or more or victims in each state that they can interview for a whopper of a story.  Tune in every day this week, and let's take advantage of Mr. Shelton's good fortune, and let's EXPOSE THE CORRUPT!  SPECIAL TIME:  4:30 P.M. CENTRAL TIME.  DATE:  11/02/15.  GUEST CALL IN NUMBER:  347-324-5146

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    Forgery, Elder Abuse & Foreclosure

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    Listen in on another tale from the foreclosure trenches, in this case you hear about notary fraud, forgery, elder abuse and the foreclosure that is being pursued live from a victim battling her own lawsuit in pro per.

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    My guest this week is Mike Zullo, Chief Investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse of Maricopa County, Arizona. He recently made a public presentation clearly outlining the evidence against Barack Obama in this criminal case that is overwhelming and undeniable. The only identifying document that Barack Obama has ever presented to the American public is a 100% verifiable forgery and fraudulent document. It is a criminal offense to use fraudulent documents to gain political office - much less the office of POTUS and Commander-in-Chief. 
    Why then is there a resistance on the part of prosecutors, the courts, the national media, both houses of Congress and the Republican Party to uncover the truth?  Why are they ignoring the fact that we have a president who is not who he says he is? The sitting president of the United States, with help from the Democrat National Committee, has committed several federal crimes by using forged documents to become president. Mike Zullo will give us an update on the csase.

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    Special Guest Gabor Zolna Will Discuss Many Topics Including Obama's Forgery

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    My name is Gabor Zolna, i was born in Hungary Budapest, I moved from Canada to the
    United States in March of 1983, resided in Southern California for over twenty-eight
    years.  I am well travelled, having worked for Rockwell International as the
    Managing Director of the Pacific Rim, I had over one million miles on American
    Airlines alone, and I flew on all of the major carriers.  i travelled extensively
    throughout the Orient, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and Australia for my
    employment.  I also travelled to Rio De Janeiro, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany,
    Holland, Switzerland, Germany, England, and countless other countries throughout
    Europe, and I visited every Province in Canada, and every state in America, other
    than Alaska, which is on my,”Bucket List.

    I am an avide outdoorsman, I ride motorcycles, I am a private pilot, both
    high-performance, and acrobatic certified.  I spend a great deal of my time at the
    range, shooting one of my many weapons, both rifle, and pistol, I also have a
    Patriot Ordanance AR- 15, that I greatly enjoy shooting.

    I became politically involved in 07, when the,"Chosen One,”surfaced and eventually
    Barack Hussein Obama stole the Oval office.  Western Journalism posted eighteen to
    twenty articles that I wrote, and submitted to them, they also posted hundred’s of
    my YouTube video’s.  On YouTube under Gabe Zolna, I have 464 video’s posted that
    have been viewed 0ver 178,000 times, under Gabor Zolna, on YouTube, I have posted
    over 8,200 video’s, I have 3,511 subscriber’s, and have been viewed 1,865,972 times.
     Google has been viewed close to 2,000,000 times as has my Facebook account.

    The video’s I post are all of a political nature, Democrats beware.


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    Guest: Chief Godwin Oyedokun President of ACFE Nigeria Chapter

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    With excellent qualification and experience as the President of Association of Certified Fraud Examiner Nigeria Chapter, but tough tasks ahead, Chief Godwin Oyedokun was asked as a Board member how to help the rights of the poor, and how does he think the poor people in Nigeria can safely report the corruption? He has spoken in the recent The Guardian, ‘We need collaborative efforts to end money laundering, fraud’  impact negatively on the effort to transform Economic, therefore, economic transformational leadership must ensure they observe the components of transformational leadership”, he stated. ( http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/2015/08/we-need-collaborative-efforts-to-end-money-laundering-fraud/indulgence )  

    Chief Oyedokun is an experienced Chartered Tax Professional, Certified Forensic Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Forensic Investigator, Chartered Accountant, National Accountant, Chartered Banker, Chartered Manager, Insolvency Practitioner, Chartered Economist, and Financial Analyst of good repute. He is a registered Professional in Nigeria with the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRC) and also holds a certificate in International Financial Reporting (CertIFR) of Association of Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA).


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    The Free American

    in Education

    John Kaminski and Clay Douglas give you the proof that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is Not A Forgery or a lie! And what is the truth about the refugees flooding into Europe and America!

    The NWO I have warned you about for 20 years is rapidly approaching. This is nothing less than the same Communist System that has killed more than a billion people in Russia, Cguba and dozens if other counties around the world. That is why, inaddition to my guests, I put on shows with the history you can't get off your TV. Makes a donation here: www.freeamerican.com - for libraries www.crdouglas.com - to order my books or films www.shop.freeamerican.com

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    Soldier Engraver Forger: When Art History and Genealogy Meet with Deborah Child

    in History

    Art historian and genealogist Deborah Child joins Jane today to talk about her book Soldier Engraver Forger: Richard Brunton's Life on the Fringe in America's New Republic. Find out how art history and genealogy were used to tell the story of 18th century counterfeiter Richard Brunton -- a deserter from the British Army during the Revolutionary War and one of the first makers of engraved family history registers. Deborah will talk about how she researched Brunton's life and his work as an engraver and painter.

    Order the book: http://shop.americanancestors.org/collections/american-history-and-culture/products/soldier-engraver-forger-richard-bruntons-life-on-the-fringe-in-americas-new-republic

    Find Deborah: http://www.deborahmchild.com/

    First image: Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Lois Foot. She died Dec, 23 1802 age 40 /  In love she liv'd; in peace she died/her life was asked and was denied.

    Silver medallion, 2 1/16"  x 1 9/16"   

    Illust. William L. Warren, “Richard Brunton.” Art in America 41, No. 2 (Spring 1953), page 71. Photo caption “Mrs. George H. Decker, Watertown, CT.”  Current whereabouts unknown

    Second Image: 

    Family register of Charles Raynolds & Hannah Bidwell

    Rev War Pens and Bnty-Land-Warr App W17528, NARA

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    President Obama's Birth Certificate is a 'Forgery'

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    In this edition Paul Preston discusses the events of March 1, 2012 in which you have the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart at 12:18 am and the press conference of Sheriff Joe Arpaio at 12:00pm who reports that President Obama's long form birth certificate is a forgery. After 2200 hours of investigation by the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse into whether Obama's long form birth certificate is a forgery the conclusion reached by the Posse was yes it is a forgery along with the President's draft card.  The Maricopa County Sheriff states that there is "probable cause" to believe the documents are forgeries and that crimes have been committed by the White House.  In particular the Sheriff has two individuals in the White House he called "persons of interest".  Paul says March 1, 2012 may well be one of the most epic days in American History yet we don't realize its significance....yet! 

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    Douglas Vogt exposes Obama forgery

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    Who is in the White House? Who has their hand on the nuclear button? Listen tonight as Douglas Vogt explains how we have been victims of the worst crime in American History. A conspiracy of Marxists and Islamists conspired to put one of their own in a President of the United States to destroy the country from within and convert our Republic into a socialist police state.

    The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news.

    The hosts will always leave the audience more informed yet wanting more. It can and does get lively at times, as they don't always agree on matters of intent and motive!

    This is a listener supported show. Only if you have the means and and would like to help you can donate here. If you cannot contribute financially like many people in the struggling US economy please spread the word about the show and keep us in your prayers. Real information. Real truth. Less hype.



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    Obama, 2016, Lawlessness, Immorality & Bible Prophecy

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    Consider all that could happen between now and the national election in 2016. Consider the many dire predictions and ominous overtones associated with the September-October 2015 time period, especially in the context of the Shemittah, the blood moons and tetrad. Many have stated that conditions are right for an economic collapse in the United States, leading to a global economic “reset” and perhaps, a new world currency. Still, others have stated that conditions are right for global and domestic unrest. Will anyone be able to step in and save us in 2016? Or claim to be able to save us? Will we even have that ability if such dire events unfold?

    Few would argue that our nation is in a state of lawlessness and immorality. Without question, lawlessness is on the rise, and immorality has been “legitimized” by executive fiat and judicial activism.

    Now consider the meteoric rise of a virtual politically unknown leading up to the 2008 election. Despite assertions to the contrary, precious little is known about the true background and lineage of Barack Hussein Obama. Additionally, it is a fact that there has been no truly authenticated legal documentation submitted by Obama or his legal representatives that his legal name was changed back from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama; his Certificate of Live Birth has also been proven as a forgery by members of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse. This calls into question his constitutional eligibility under Article I, Section II of the United States Constitution, and his allegiance to our nation is also questionable. In reality, how much do we really know about Obama aside from the “official narrative?”

    This brings us to our topic as Nathan Leal joins us to discuss the various prophetic implications that could very well involve Obama or his predecessor. For ow, however, let’s stick with Obama and look closely at what biblical prophecy might reveal.