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    The Importance of Foreplay

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    Join SmallChange and Kitty Elavase for another hot episode of Wet Wednesday as they dicsuss the importance of foreplay! Show will air live at 8PM PST.  Listen online www.blogtalkradio.com/elavase or listen via your phone 347-426-673. Call and share your comments or questions .  Press the number (1)  if you like to speak to the host and share what you have to say. Swing by www.kittykattkloset.com. Make sure you follow the show to get the latest updates week to week! Chatroom will be open.

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    Let's Talk About Sex XV: The Art of Foreplay

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    Yet another installment of the LTOS series as I welcome back DirtyinPublic.com author, Marrie Lobel.  Joining her will be a newcomer from the Little Shop of O's, Michele Schalin.  Tonight, we will be discussing the art of foreplay.  Foreplay is essentially warming up the engine before you decide to drive the car.  To some it can be very important and sometimes required in order to have a satisfactory sexual experience.

    The Show Legends and I will mix it up with my guests to determine some of the following questions:

    Why is foreplay so important?  
    Is it only important in relationships and not important in casual sex?
    Is there a such thing as too much foreplay?

    Those things and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!

    "No experts.  Just opinions."


    Show No. 429

    Scheduled for 120 mins.

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    Slowly Bring To A Simmer: Touch and Foreplay While Dating

    in Relationships

    Chris and Charlotte, The Pleasure Mechanics, are erotic touch experts. They teach foreplay mastery and couples massage through online video guides. They believe touch is the foundation of a fulfilling sex life, and are dedicated to teaching you how to unleash more pleasure in your bedroom! Join us to learn how to use touch and foreplay to spice up your relationships.

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    Fourth Show Foreplay on That's IL, Baby!

    in Education

    Coming soon! Lets take about disability relationship and sexuality myths, stereotypes, and "lay it all out there"

    Special guests Ali Kriofske and Nellie Placencia


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    Sexy Love Rituals and Energetic Orgasmic Foreplay

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    Join us for an intimate evening of sexy full moon conversation, about intimacy, love rituals, and energetic foreplay, right here on Erotic Talk Radio. Call in at 718-766-4008 to get in on this erotic discussion, or scroll down during this live broadcast and join us in the chat room for this juicy discussion.

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    Is cuddling married to foreplay?

    in LGBT

    I met our guest Brian Blonshine via comments posted to this HP article titled "93 Percent Of Straight Men In This Study Said They've Cuddled With Another Guy" 

    Brian's thoughtful comments and replies inspired me to wonder, is cuddling an act most folks associate with foreplay?  Can two souls cuddle without any strings attached?

    Join us as we explore feelings and thoughts on the topics of affection, sexuality and sensuality. 

    Brian was born in 1969 in Tampa Fl. He moved to Western Pennsylvania in 1975 where he lived until 1996 when he moved back to Florida. After a miserable 9 months Brian moved west to Arizona where his mother had recently relocated to. He lived in Phoenix from 1997 until 2000 when work took him to Seattle, Wa. Three years later, work took Brian back to Phoenix where he  lived until 2006 when he relocated to Chicago. After 5 cross country moves in 10 years, Brian decided to make the Chicago area home. Brian met his in 2008. After almost 6 years together, they  plan to get married later in May 2014. Brian's partner gets his fluent and frequent sarcasm, and in return Brian get 3 adult kids, 2 adorable granddaughters and another one on the way.  

    Click this link to contact Soul, your host, to be on this show!  Or, click to send us a 3-5 minute .mp3 file on a topic you'd like to share with our listening audience.

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    What is considered foreplay?

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    Join The Librarian and guest @DevilInANuDress as we discuss what is considered foreplay, how long is too long to have foreplay, and is foreplay better high, drunk, or does it even matter? but remeber THIS IS A LIBRARY! SHHH!!!

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    Let's face it fam. No one is being fully HONEST with themselves & their mate(s) when it comes to Sex in the Bedroom. Women are faking ORGASMS & men are lying about their sexual prowess. This equals to a lot of people going a lifetime suffering from either mediocre or horrible sex.

    Let's all agree that FOREPLAY is a beautiful thing. It's a key to start the Fire of Intimacy burning. What if you were able to have FOREPLAY ALL DAY? Sounds delicious doesn't it?

    Join Me & my co-hosts best selling author Jasmine P. Rain & Mia Miata of Goddess Talk Live for another EPIC discussion with Montique Stephon of www.StrokeSkills.com & Zenity Fitness about this topic. He will be talking about the ALL DAY FOEPLAY method.

    Sexpert Blogger Glamazon Tyomi of www.GlamErotica101.com will be doing her 'Sex Position of the Week' segment.

    Real talk for Real adults. Cum put some CHAMPAGNE in your CAMPAIGN!!!

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    Karma Sutra, Tantric sex,.Stimulating the body without touch..Never heard of it?? Then step your 4play game up.
    There is an art to sex, a lot of people lets say...have the right brush but don't have the proper stroke!! So we goin to hear from both sides to help paint a perfect picture you digg.
    Join us as we talk to the ladies about wht they want before the actuall act of love making.
    ~G.I.N. BOYz & Kandyce~

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    The Art of Foreplay- Is It Important?

    in Romance

    How big of a role is foreplay when it comes to a sexual experience? Do you need foreplay with every encounter? And what form of foreplay excites you most?
    Join us tonight as we discuss the art of foreplay. We will give you great tips to have intimate and sensual foreplay that works.
    Talk SeXcetra where the hot topic is sex! Right here on WXRP Radio, the station that listens.

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    You want me to put that WHERE....................?!!

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    Calm down....no need to fret my friend, we're talking oral sex this time, your anus is safe. For now :) This Wednesday, join us as we chit chat in the studio about our 2nd favorite "O" word......yes, ORAL! Sex that is!

    What's sex without oral? Can you be with someone who didn't enjoy receiving oral sex? Or worse, someone who didn't enjoy giving oral? And to be GOOD at oral sex, you have to actually enjoy it! Agree? Disagree? Are you willing to "try" it out, but not sure if you're doing it right? Can oral sex be taught? Do men actually cheat if they don't receive fellatio? What if he cums in my mouth? What if she squirts in my mouth? Or worse, what if they're not fresh?!.............................LOL I'v e been asked every single last one of these questions and MUCH more! Don't worry, this time I wrote them down, did a few screen shots (you're safe, no worries) and we're covering them all on the show! I really thought oral sex was a part of sex, like everybody was doing it; apparently I'm wrong. SO many women (and to my surprise, men) have hangups when it comes to oral sex. For whatever reason (religion, upbringing, lack of knowledge, sexual abouse, etc) we're here to talk about it! Hopefully by the end of the show, everybody will be eager to get on their knees! LOL just jokes, just jokes :)

    Who better to have on the show than Mr. #LivFre himself, Maurice Destined for Greatness! A South Florida native now living the LIFE in Amsterdam (can you sense my jealousy in the text)?! Determined to live life without limits, Maurice believes "no matter who or what, one should live true to their personal destiny. Life is about the experience of living it." #LivFre Be sure to tune in with an open mind!



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